There is no keto rulebook



It’s in the downloads section.

Accidental Fast, maybe?
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On the burning Viking Facebook ship!


guess you missed my sarcasm. :wink:

(Tim Oboyle) #11

I love this post! I seriously doubt anyone on the forum adopted Keto as their first attempt at losing weight. We have dabbled, explored and tried every type of diet that works or doesn’t work. My approach was, well I’ve tried everything else, I guess I’ll give this a try… kind of the same process some of us have chosen careers. \

My point is we are all our own expert on what works for us. For most of us, Keto works and that’s why we are here. Most of us are here for two reasons; first to gain more information to make our own journey, second to help others do the same.

Thank you for this post.

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NOT at all!! It’d be funny if we keep sending folks to dead ends looking for the “rulebook” Lol!!


Ah, you mean, like the rule book Neil Armstrong left on the moon?

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs!
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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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add 2 Tbs of plain sauce to a recipe

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The only rules are @Brenda 's rules!

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And @larry’s rules and @carolT’s rules and @jfricke’s rules.

In other words N = 1!!!

(Kerri Hines) #18

So very perfectly stated!
I’m in a FB group that has the issues you discuss and I try to be a voice of reason there but I have to speak very carefully to avoid an all out attack from imaginary rule book carriers. :joy:


Thank you for this, @brenda. So many mainstream keto strategies don’t work for me…like bulletproof coffee, artificial sweeteners of any kind, lots of cheese in food, etc… They create stalls, cause inflammation/bloating, and headaches in my body. It’s important to note that n=1 is real. We all need to provide help/support to each other on this forum by sharing what works for us (n=1) but then back off and let the other person decide how and what to test and try.

(Tom Seest) #20

I’m eating a fat free, carb free, protein free Ketogenic diet today. Am I a bad person? Am I breaking a rule?

(Amanda Jones) #21

@tdseest You mean, you’re putting your body in starvation mode??? :scream:

(Tom Seest) #22



Me too. On day 2 of 7 fast. I did a 33 day fast in November and December. Someone told me I’m turning anorexic…this “pattern of not eating” as evidence that I’m becoming anorexic. Say what??? That’s not what anorexia is. And all the meanwhile I’m succeeding in bringing my hunger levels lower, breaking through very stubborn weightloss plateaus, and improving my energy levels!!

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So nobody made it to the grocery store at your house either, eh?


Preach @Brenda! Dirty keto 4 life! :heart::floyd::corn:
:corn: :corn: :corn: :corn:

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@Brenda, I agree with almost every word you have written!!! :sparkling_heart: “The only criteria is to remain in a state of ketosis” , and eat :bacon: :wink:

(Mark) #27

Thanks for saying what needed to be said, that will help a lot of people get over the fear of doing this perfectly, I’ve only been doing this a few months and and have tried lots of different protocols, involving types of foods,fasting, exercise, just tracking my blood sugar alone has made a huge impact because before that I never even knew what was going on in my body,I don’t use a fitness tracker,or fitness app or write all my food down but I do find the glucometer beneficial because I have seen the numbers inch up and I can adjust accordingly through,food ,exercise or fasting,and I can tell you say it like it is Brenda and if you want to see another person doing keto who gives the no nonsense approach to keto and has done all the different experiments on himself, go watch Scott the truck driver on YouTube,however I will warn anyone else ,if you are offended by foul language do not watch his channel,because he does love the F-word so be warned if you have virgin ears he won’t be for you,but he has done the testing on himself and has lost weight and improved his numbers,thanks for sharing your success with the forum Brenda