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Unfortunately, I’m fasting and cannot make and post recipes on the forum. But, I saw this new video that came out on Food Wishes (love the you tube videos of his!!) and I wanted to share with all of you…how to make clotted cream. Brilliant video and brilliant recipe. I hope you try this and enjoy!

English double cream
Wanted to thank the dudes
Clotted cream
(Jacquie) #2

That was awesome! :slight_smile: I’ve never made it but bought it in small glass jars. It would be wonderful with fresh berries.

(brian) #3

Thanks for posting. I am definitely making some. I thought it was more complicated!

(Arlene) #4

Thanks for posting this video. I had no idea this stuff existed. I’ll bet this recipe even works in the dehydrator. I’m hoping it’s yummy enough to work into a fancy “special occasion” dessert, perhaps with some fresh strawberries.


Recipe and instructions are on the website: Food Wishes Clotted Cream

I love that it’s so simple though, only 1 ingredient!

(brian) #6

Step one done :white_check_mark:

(Jacquie) #7

Beautiful! :slight_smile:


That looks gorgeous :heart_eyes: !!!

(brian) #9

Awesome stuff!

Thanks again @Fiorella!


Omg. I love you, Brian! That looks so good!!! Thanks for the photos

(Henna Selnes) #11

This I must try…thank you!!

(Cindy) #12

(Excuse me. I was having a moment dreaming about clotted cream.)

So, what do we do with the leftover liquid? Is it more or less milk, which I wouldn’t want to use because of the carb count?

(G. Andrew Duthie) #13

Probably not quite as bad as milk, but I would assume it’s proportionally higher than the HWC that you started with.

Oooh! I wonder if you made enough clotted cream, if you’d have enough liquid left to make a batch of yogurt. I bet the result would be AMAZING.

(Cindy) #14

That’s a cool thought! Now, I have to think about making yogurt, too.


Has anyone tried this with Ultra-Pasteurized cream (which the post specifically says should not be done/ won’t work due to the heat treatment)? Sounds like it simply won’t work, but wondering as, at least at my usual grocery store, there are no non ultra-pasteurized options.

There’s also nothing higher than 36% milkfat, and no grassfed (though there is ‘organic’ cream). Those bits seem less essential though.


I put some whipping cream in the oven this morning and was looking forward to trying it tomorrow; however, I have decided to join the “mix-it-up” fast crowd and the Easter fast crowd.

Can clotted cream be kept in a jar for a few days before eating it?

(brian) #17

Mine is still good and it is a few days old.

(Michael Critchfield) #18



This went into the refrigerator this morning.

If I can not eat until Friday night or Saturday, should I just leave it in the fridge until then? I would rather scrape off the top layer tonight and put it into a jar to eat on Friday night or Saturday. Is that OK?

I’ll try making steamed milk for my kids with the liquid portion.


Wow…that looks awesome!!!

Probably a good idea to separate the top layer from bottom. I think the fatty part will last longer than the more watery part (the more watery part will likely go bad faster).