Clotted Cream (by



True, thanks!

(Rebecca) #22

Thanks so much for posting this it look delicious. I had never heard of clotted cream and then in 2013 I went to Devon and Cornwell and had it for the first time and it was so amazing. I am definetly going to make this. Anyone have a recipe for keto scones?

(G. Andrew Duthie) #23

With the caveat that I haven’t tried either, here are a couple recipes I found on a search of “I breathe I’m hungry” which generally has (or points to) good recipes:

(I’m also selfishly posting these so I can look them up later, when I’m done with my Holy Week fast and can make some clotted cream :smiley: )

(Jessica) #24

Ooohh… Looks like Easter breakfast to me. Niice!

So, in the grocery store I can only get pasteurized cream. Will it still work?
Otherwise I could get farm fresh milk, that’s not pasteurized, but I’m not sure if the fat content will be sufficient (add butter…?).

(G. Andrew Duthie) #25

Based on the description in the video, it sounds like pasteurized should work…just not ultrapasteurized.

I don’t think using milk + butter would work, because it would likely be hard to get the fat integrated properly once having been separated.


That is the sexiest video I have watched for ages!

(Jessica) #27

Oh yeah :joy:
Also really pretty on the breakfast table. So the little bowl of clumpy fatty goodness was aalllll mine.


The last time I bought some in the UK I was not impressed so I am definitely going to try making it. The texture was not great but this stuff looks like what I would expect - that combo of silky smooth and then fatty clots - oh my! It is so good when it is good.

(Maha) #29

I made this clotted cream this weekend, and had it a short time ago. It is FABULOUS! It’s incredibly rich and there is a slight nutty flavor because of the caramelization. I also used a low carb scone recipe, but because we have a dog, and sugar subs tend to make me sick (except stevia in small amts), I used honey instead of xylitol. No matter, they still turned out wonderful and they were a little more cakey, probably because of the honey. I also made a no-sugar added nectarine jam with a few added stevia drops. If you haven’t made this clotted cream, I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it.

(Jewel ) #30

I’m so glad you posted your low carb scone recipe!! Just made this clotted cream and, obviously, need to bake some scones now. :):grinning: