Blood Glucose Monitoring Protocols

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How to take more accurate blood glucose meter readings:

1.) “…Notes for Context & Additional Observations
Average readings of two or three blood glucose readings were taken for each blood glucose data point. From discussions with blood meter manufacturers I’ve learned that blood glucose meters have a high variance in their readings, so when you want accurate results you need to take several readings depending on the variance of the readings (two readings if the first two readings are < 0.5 mmol apart, or three readings if they are over 0.5 mmol apart). Researchers I’ve spoken to also follow this protocol to normalize readings. …”

2.) 6 Factors That Can Affect Blood Sugar Readings

3.) Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose: The Use of the First or the Second Drop of Blood

4.) The Effect of an Instant Hand Sanitizer on Blood Glucose Monitoring Results

5.) Skip the Alcohol Swab?

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Good information.

Insulin is the dominant regulator, but testing it is inaccessible. So we tend to focus on ketones. But blood glucose level is a better indication of what’s going on with insulin at any given moment. That’s why testing glucose is an extremely useful tool for managing a ketogenic diet for numerous reasons:

  1. Determining our carb threshold.
  2. Identifing idiopathic reactions to foods, like artifical sweetners.
  3. Checking on the state of lipolysis (if glucose is available it will be used preferentially over ketones).
  4. Monitoring change in IR over time.

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I appreciate this so much, thank you. These numbers get me down, every time I turn around I find out I’m doing something that makes me stall. Then I see all those pictures of people making incredible transformations with seeming ease. It’s driving me nuts, not nuts enough to make me give up, but nuts enough to make me sit on the porch and just stare for while.

Thank you again. I printed out all those articles and I will take heed.