Battered Fish with Tartar Sauce



Here is a simple and delicious way to prepare fresh fish…battered, deep fried, and then accompanied with tartar sauce! Delicious!

400 grams fresh or frozen fish filets (I used wild Sole…but you can use whatever you want, like cod, halibut, haddock, salmon, snapper…etc)
2 eggs, separated
Approx 2 cups lard or tallow for frying (or oil)
Approx 1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 medium pickle
1 tablespoon capers
salt and pepper to taste
a dash of Tajin spice mix (optional)
a few drops of Cholula Mexican hot sauce (optional)

First I started out with frozen fish filets (wild-caught sole). I put them in dish and waited for them to defrost

I cut them in half, to make portions that are easier to handle for battering and frying. I also added salt and pepper on both sides

I separated the eggs

I whipped the egg whites (only took 2 minutes by hand). You can use an appliance to whip eggs…but, I hate to dirty more dishes. I find it easier to invest 2 minutes time for manually beating the whites

I added 1 teaspoon of almond flour and about 1/4 teaspoon pepper to yolks. I then mixed them to make a well-blended yolk mixture

I then transferred the yolk mixture to the beaten egg whites

Using a folding technique and a spatula, I carefully folded the yolks into the whites. CAUTION: do not stir the mixture…you must fold to keep the batter light and fluffy

I added tallow to a pan and turned up the heat

While the grease was heating up, I spread the 1/2 cup almond flour on a flat dish

I then set up my “assembly line”: frying pan, almond flour, fish and batter

I took the first piece of fish and coated both sides with almond flour

I then coated the fish with batter

I added the battered fish pieces to hot grease. It took a couple of minutes for each side to cook. As one side turned golden brown, I flipped them to cook the other side.

When the fish wash golden brown on both sides, I immediately removed them from hot grease, and placed them on a dish lined with paper towels (for soaking up extra grease)

I continued the process with each piece of fish. This was what my beautiful stack of battered fish looked like.

I then started with the tartar sauce. First I got a pickle onto the cutting board

The pickle was diced into small cubes

I added a tablespoon of capers

And then I added approximately 1/2 cup mayonnaise (you can add more or less, to your preference)

I also added a bit of Tiajin Mexican spice mix, and Cholula Mexican hot sauce. This is optional. Go ahead and add any spice or hot sauce. as you desire. I blended the ingredients to make the tartar sauce

Here’s the plating of battered fish and tartar sauce

The perfect bite…

Onion Rings?
What did you Keto today?
What did you Keto today?
(Richard Morris) #2

Nice - I am doing a very similar recipe for the next podcast … but this one using @Brenda 's pork rind breading.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #3

You doing my 1 tablespoon mayonnaise to 1 egg dip? Then roll in crushed pork rinds? I like adding a dash of cayenne to the pork rind crumbs.

Yours looks FANTASTIC @Fiorella!!

(Tom Seest) #4

I now, officially worship you as a god. That is all.

If you could whip up a fried pickle recipe for me now, I’ll will personally bring you five pounds of bacon…Or ship it.


I’m always looking for lighter, fluffier keto breadings. @Fiorella to the rescue!

This almost looks like tempura…

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #6

I already asked her to marry me, I think after she created keto tamales.

Back off, she’s mine.

(Tom Seest) #7

I simply worship from afar. I’m happily married, but I like fried fish, fried pickles, etc…

I’ll back off.

(Sophie) #8

I wonder if this would work with chicken livers…I do miss my fried chicken liver! :slight_smile:


yes…chicken livers is a fast fry. Perfect for this recipe.


yes, it is very light…just like tempura


i will never refuse bacon gifts!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome! I’ve been searching for the best keto tempura.

(James storie) #13

This is of course, awesome!

(Sandra) #14

That looks amazing! Will be trying that asap! Thanks!

(Dana Brown) #15

I tried the fried fish and it did the trick! Next up, fried pickles and/or chicken. My presentation isn’t as nice. I ate most before I took the picture.


Wow…that looks delicious!!!

(Richard Kram) #17

Turned out pretty well, I opted for the fry daddy. I could have swore I read the macros somewhere in the recipe.