April 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)

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Let’s all keep in mind this thread includes both IF and EF.
There are folks who do IF but don’t see the benefit of longer fasts.

It’s ok to say that in a thread that includes both types of fasting.
An opinion is not an invitation to a fight. If it were, We’d all be in trouble.


That’s perfectly fine. We didn’t have a problem with that I am sure.


OK big lad, whatever you think!
I’m not- I’m just saying what has worked for me, and I acknowledge that everyone is different.

I’m entitled to an opinion, OK?
In any thread.

I’m just saying what has worked for me.
Bloody hell. I meant no offense.

Just like you people claim what works for you. :slight_smile:


Yip. I thought all were welcome here:


At the risk of getting everyone’s wrath here, my buddy- and I like you!
But I still do don’t get it my friend. Keto worked for me.
But I understand everyone is different. I understand IF, just not extended starvation- 48hrs or more.
Look, I’m prepared to listen to the evidence…but gear heads ‘meth or other’ starve themselves regularly for days and they look like death not even warmed up.
Present your evidence, and I will gladly peruse it.


Hmm I dunno maybe try reading the replies in this thread: I think extended fasting is bad


No buddy! It’s not bad.

Neither is this one!

All the best!


I’ll read- this is news to me.


Please publish, thanks.

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Ok guys…. Enough back and forth. Let’s move on. The month is almost over so we could close this thread. But that’s just silly.
And may MAY be a new beginning.
(I hope someone is thinking up a fun title!)
We got this!




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June thread is here: