June 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Didn’t see a chat for June so here it is.

I’m going to be doing some OMAD fasting for the next few weeks. As the temps rise I find it easier to fast, especially things like OMAD or ADFasting.

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(Bob M) #2

I might not be here for a while, as I’m working from home watching a new (to us) puppy. And the family is now home every night (no dance class), so I’ll have to stay at work until really late.

By the way, here’s Mark’s (from Mark’s Daily Apple) take on IF:

(Jen) #3

I am starting tomorrow. I am reading the MDA post now. I used to be on his forums years ago.

Edited…my fast didn’t last long. I didn’t just give in, I gave in with a huge hunk of fudge and torilla chips with melted cheese :frowning_face:

(Joey) #4

@jenikinz Thanks for blurring your last sentence. For folks who are newer to keto, it could be triggering. :wink:

(Michael) #5

My orders have not arrived, so spontaneous fast today and maybe tomorrow. First time skipping a day in a while now. Glad to be back this month.


I go for ADF, if I mess up, I usually end up with OMAD experience. Luckily with the warmer weather, I find I can fast easier.

I’m aiming for 2 ADF per week now.


Weather has nothing to do with my desires. I always want fatty protein galore…
Never managed to lower my calorie intake even in summer… I eat so, so much all the time. Sigh.

Weekends messed up my timing again. I need to focus better (but I do get hungry way earlier quite often)… I had 2 TMAD days (yesterday was almost OMAD but I had a workout day with a smallish lunch and while not hungry, a late dinner sounded a nice idea… I barely could stop, it’s so annoying sometimes that eating makes me quite hungry) - but today I got home late and had a late lunch and ate a lot and hope for OMAD! :smiley: It has actually a huge chance. Or else I wouldn’t write it down and risking admitting my fail later. Sometimes I write things down to enforce them a bit though… But not now. I did well. Almost completely carni late lunch, nice and satiating! Should last for a day. Even if I can’t track.

I go for definitely no eating until 4pm* now and we will see! I very much want a longer term (usually) OMAD now. It would solve most of my eating problems I am sure.

*except if I get hungry or something but it has a small chance. Oh yes, lunchtime sudden hunger doesn’t count. I know better now.

(Michael) #8

Hour 47 atm. I will break tomorrow whenever I have time to eat, hopefully before too late. Best wishes to all.

(Bob M) #9

Don’t worry about it, we all have those times. Just try again. And if that was in your house it might be wise to get rid of it. :wink:


I still have so, so much keto stuff in the house… The non-carni kind, I mean. I try to use them up but it’s not easy. No way I ever would throw out edible food (unless I would be alone and a hermit. I am kind of one but not alone. a hermit with a high-carber SO who is willing to eat many things).
I understand putting bad stuff into us is even worse than throwing in out but as I wrote, I have a way to slowly using them up. Very slowly. And they aren’t even carby, just boring and not for me now. But I use some on my off times (off carni, not necessarily off keto though it’s hard to stay on keto when I go off).
And they are the opposite of tempting so my case is very, very different, I just got reminded of it.

IF wise… Well, I have a single big meal and some other bites not too far now, I try to clean it up. At least I stopped putting anything into my coffees in the morning. I should quit the stuff (in the morning at least… I planned not to drink any at least 4pm at least, it would help) but it’s not that easy. I actually avoided morning coffees for a while but I don’t focus for a little while and I go back to drinking the stuff all day. I had headaches and coffee felt nice. Now I figured out the reason (I need new glasses. I knew but waited as it costs much money. now I use my previous glasses, they don’t cause a headache and gets darker in bright sunlight, sweet!) and try to go for somewhat long water fasts (like 20 hours a day?)… We will see.

(Jen) #11

LOL I did get rid of it …in mah belleh

But seriously, living with other people who can eat what they want and not gain a pound can be tough. There is always junk in the house because that is all they want to eat and no amount of pleading to keep it out will change that, so I have to work around it.

(Robin) #12

@jenikinz My husband owns all the pantry space and 90% of the fridge with all of his crap. He eats it in front of me. It can’t be an excuse to step off keto.

As a former addict I learned that when a craving hits, wait ten/twenty minutes…. It will pass with or without giving in. But every time you eat those carbs, they take control again. And you start over gain.
The only thing you can control is your own thoughts and how you act upon them.

Either you are all in, no matter your surroundings, or not. Sounds mean and condescending, I know. but if this is your reality (being surrounded by bad food), you’re gonna have to deal with it.

You’ll get there. Or not. But it’s on YOU, not your roommates.
You can do this!!! You got this!

(Michael) #13

Broke fast after 58 hours. Was a super easy fast, no issues really Might do another next month as I am happy to have done this one.


I feel lucky now. I live with a high-carber but he easily and quickly gains. And loses and maintains if he wants but through hours of HUNGER every day! Nope, hunger isn’t for me. And he is more active so it’s not some unfairness :slight_smile: And he is health-conscious. It’s bad enough that a relative of mine is sick and eats not ideally. My tiny family must eat somewhat right and stay pretty much healthy for a loooong time.

I already wrote in your thread that one may get desensitized against common carby food in the house. It may take a long time and maybe can’t work with everything but I had success. Especially after carnivore, I lose interest in non-carni items pretty quickly for patient me, it’s crazy.

Health-consciousness and determination may help immediately, I lost interest basically in ALL very carby food when I went low-carb. (Except on my rare wild off days. I am not nearly as perfect as some people.)
I don’t want to eat bad food even if it has no effect on my weight… I want to be healthy and feel right. And be nice to my body (the smart, wonderful and annoying one that wants to stay chubby and if it’s cooperative, my mind isn’t but one day I will win…).
It’s so tragic so many people aren’t nice to their body. It works so heroically to stay okay and people just work against… As healthy food couldn’t be super tasty… (And health itself is “tastier” anyway, even I would choose it over joy from eating my food, good that I needn’t to choose.)

I feel SUPER lucky. I have monopoly on the small freezer. If it’s not meat, tough luck to get into it :slight_smile: I am actually nice and keep a tiny bit other stuff there… But if we go to a big meat shopping, I take them out. Turned out my SO doesn’t need the freezer while I totally do so it happened smoothly and without problems. We both are considerate I think, I am a bit more assertive but it’s fine as I am empathetic enough.
It’s more balanced for the fridge. And the food cupboards are almost the opposite to the freezer, no wonder considering what we eat :slight_smile:
And I bake and cook for both of us. Not just anything, though. Only what I eat or enjoy to make and what doesn’t trigger me at the moment (probably). It works well.

Too bad it doesn’t work for compulsions, just cravings… And one needs to learn to wait! Do you know how impossible that was for me for long? I wanted things immediately. I grew out of that I think/hope. Definitely moved into that direction.

@Naghite: Wow, congrats!

(Bob M) #15

I have the ability to ignore all of that stuff. I don’t know why that is. I simply don’t go near it. But, after reading Dr. Jen Unwin’s book, I realized I’m one of the few like this.

(Jen) #16

My husband pretty much owns all of the pantry space as well. I did ask if he would be willing to do this with me and he is not willing. I don’t expect him to keep stuff out of the house. I have asked, but it is his space too, and I respect that.

I completely own my choices, I made the conscious decision to do what I did and I didn’t really feel guilty about it, I was stressed and in the moment it worked and I suffered for it, which I don’t consider a bad thing, as it kept me from going further.

I am all in. I am doing my best, and personally, I think I have done amazing considering what I am constantly surrounded by. I am, however, still figuring out what works and what doesn’t, as well as adapting to all these changes.

This entire time I have been extremely stressed about many things going on that I won’t get into, call it an excuse if you will, but I don’t think EF is the right choice at this point in time. I do IF of 19:5 or 18:6 95% of the time, so I think I will skip the EF for now.

(Robin) #17

I agree… you have a good grasp of what to do. Hang in there.