(Eric - New Hat Day!) #662

I’m solidly headed to 48hrs today. Wife now at the point she just asks are you eating tonight? Progress. When my cardiologist and PCP said fasting is good that helped.

I’ve got a small pile of salt in front of me and freshwater. I’m ready.

I always sleep less when I’m fasting and last night was short by mayb 45 mins. But I usually am not tired. Weird trend. Ketones maybe.

(Paul H) #663

I apologize! I understand and will try it next time. Thank you!

(Mame) #664

It is hell but good for you for pushing through. I am in the same boat and I loved your point that we don’t really have time to eat anyway.

I am at 36 hours, no longer feeling ill like last night, didn’t sleep super well (stupid work stress I want my easy sleepy fasting hours). But here i am, I did my weekly weight-lifting early this morning and I am ready to attack this deadline and I will eat sometime later today.

Last day of April! Thanks to all for all the support and community on this thread the past month. It’s been so great. And when I make it to 3 consecutive weeks of 3day ADF it will be partially due to all of you!

(Mame) #665

you are smart and I just realized I forgot mine as I am in a different location today for work. Darn it. Am I to shy to ask my friend for salt. She knows I do IF but it feels so odd…

(KCKO, KCFO) #666

16 hrs into a 36 hr. fast. I really have had bad mojo with my fasting efforts lately. But I have a new motivator, details over on this thread: https://www.ketogenicforums.com/t/cac-scores-not-0-add-your-knowledge-here/85515

Really want to feel good about my WOE on my 2nd anniversary that is coming up in May. Fasting is part of my WOE, but lately IFing is all I can seem to do.

I hope everyone else is having good mojo :slight_smile:

(Tamela Robinette) #667

I just hit 19 hours. I did my 1st ever (possibly, I don’t recall ever doing OMAD) OMAD yesterday, as well as taking a ginger capsule and some raw ginger and I was down 1.8 pounds this morning. The lowest I’ve been on this keto journey. I also broke ways with carnivore yesterday. I just don’t feel I’m eating enough, I miss variety and I don’t have any autoimmune or other diseases that carnivore would benefit. I really only tried it to see how it would affect my weightloss. I made it one week as a carnivore lol. So anyway, I easily made it 24 hours and through OMAD, and I seem to be struggling with anything beyond that so I think I am going to do OMAD for this week and see how that goes. Maybe do it Monday through Friday with 2MAD on weekends for social reasons? 22 days until my anniversary and my cutoff for wanting to hit my goal. 7 pounds to go. Happy fasting all!

(traci simpson) #668

Ok so I only managed to do 19.5 hours today so it looks like I’ll be doing TMAD but at least the second one won’t be as big as the first.


Feeling much better today, than I did yesterday, though still a bit congested. But just coming up on 20 hrs. & plan to do some work outside when I get home this evening, so hoping to enjoy the sun some.

No worries, it’s taken care of. You can always go back and edit, but we all do forget at times. :+1:

This is pretty much what I’ve done since I started Keto, when not fasting. (At least most times, or when I just stir things up to make things not so scheduled, including feeding times themselves.) I probably see the best results when I do OMAD, but after a week or two, I throw in a TMAD here and there. :slight_smile:


We’re so close. My not obese is 196. Except I’m much farther away from it than you are!

I’m midway on my 2-day fast, going until lunchtime tomorrow. I’ve been hungrier yesterday and today than I have been recently, but actually hungry rather than just craving food. So mentally getting past it is easier. Sometimes I just have what feels like an overwhelming instinct to eat, even though I’m not that hungry in my belly.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #671

I think 196 is my not obese as well. Hang in there. It has been a journey and there is still plenty of road to travel on.

I have this often. I just set my mind to fasting and try to adhere. Eating is for refeeding / feasting days. That is easier than OMAD for me. OMAD days seem optional in my mind for not eating. I know this is silly but that is how I’m wired right now.

Wishing you much success on your fast. I’m 45 hrs into a 48 hr fast and am super excited about getting this far. I’ve done a bunch of 42 to 72 hr fasts but my work stress is very variable and today has been shit for weirdness that is stressful. I am grateful that I have made it this far and know that 48 hrs is so doable now.


So this week is ADF (Today and Thursday). At least 24 hours each, but more likely will be 36+ hours each. Contemplating what I want to do next week, maybe 2:5.

(Mame) #673

Oh you tall people! my ‘not obese’ is at 171.6# and I am a good 2.5-6 pounds away from that. (my weight fluctuates a lot!)

I have come to realize over the past 8 months of fasting that I don’t know if I ever get really hungry in my body. It always seems mental to me when I pay attention to it. Of course sometimes my stomach is physically empty - but is that hunger? I could go 6+ months of famine with what is still stored on my body!

Anyway, made it to 42 hours, GKI = .73, broke my fast. Remaining committed to ADF this W and F. To be continued in May 2019 fasting chat.

fasting good wishes to all!


Damn it… now I looked up my “not obese” its 185. My God that seems so far away.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #675


That is a great GKI.

(Mame) #676

Thanks I am pleased when I am <1. I seem to reach it fairly easily, I spent half of April with my GKI<1. I hope it means I am healing metabolically because my scale and tape measure have not budged much, although the trend is down (shallowly). Of course it has been a high stress 2 months, so I am grateful I am making it through even with small improvements!


Well, I’m waaaay far away. If I’m very lucky, I might see 196 sometime mid to late summer. Writing down the specifics feels like it will jinx it and just invite a big ol’ stall.

(Herb Martin) #678

Two days done but I have no real plan.

Perhaps a week. My wife is going to the grand kids on Friday early to stay 11 days, so she’ll probably break the fast on Thu, so that’s the first real milestone probably. (3 1/2+ days then we’ll see.)

So this will close out my month with 21 + 2 days fasting of the 30.

Good luck everyone and HAPPY FASTING – see most of you ‘next month’.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #679

this can be a huge BS. don’t get too hung up on that. I would theoretically be morbidly obese with my hight and weight. what no one accounts for is that I have around 32 pounds more lean muscle mass than the avarage girl my age.

Yes I am a little shehulk gladiator, yes I take a lot of pride in that :laughing:
My goal is to fit into a size 10 or 8 high waist jeans (currently 12/14 depending on brand) … with whatever weight this might happen.

Ah, yes. and be able to do 1 unsupported full Pull-Up (I am a T-rex and have little weak flimsy arms.) XD

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #680

Opened the new months thread. See you over there guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(RossanaF) #681

I know what you mean…I had both total knee replacements on 2016 and a spinal fusion between L3/4 and L4/5 in 2017 and was on oxy for 3 years. I’ve been off for almost a year now. But since my L2 now seems to be getting worse and sometimes hurts I noticed that fasting completely removes the pain for me. It is better than oxy! in so many ways!

I hope I can be there, someday…Since finding this forum I have more hopes that I will get there, I’m at 238 today so not too far away.

I haven’t fasted in 2 weeks, yesterday took a day off and celebrated my mother in law’s 95th bday and had a slice of low carb cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and a coffee but today I am out of ketosis but fasting since last night. Hope to do at least 2-3 days. I’m actually up a couple of lbs from my lowest but I’m not worried. Looks we are all motivated and this group helps a ton to follow our fasting together! Happy May fasting everyone!