(Eric - New Hat Day!) #1

Okay folks, kicking off the April 2019 thread.

Started what I hope to be a 72hr ish fast last night after dinner. Was up ~2 lbs overnight. I’m usually <15 grams/day and I think yesterday I was right at 20g. Maybe I need to go carnivore for a month and try that out. I’m not looking forward to that conversation with my wife. But I am looking forward to the food if I choose to do that.

However, I am really looking forward to several days of fasting. Still, get some hunger pains on day 1 and 2 but between the hunger pains, I feel so great and being empty down there is an amazing feeling if you know what I mean.

I’m on a train headed for no longer being obese. I have ~10 lbs to go and think 4 to 6 weeks will be there.

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(PJ) #2

Howdy. I’m at… let’s see, halfway into day 5 as of an hour ago. I’ll let my body set the end date. Aside from 2m of hunger on day 2 I’ve had none. I must have just reached some brain chemical since I spent the last 15 minutes more spiritual than I’ve been in months. (About time. Most people don’t have to starve to get there but some of us are more stubborn than others apparently.)

I weaned too quickly off 2.5 years of diuretics to be clean for the fast, and have been nearly incapacitated with lower back torso pain from my kidneys who finally had the drug boot taken off them and it seems didn’t know what to do with themselves after all that artificial pressure. I assume it will resolve and their function will improve and that seems to be slowly happening, fortunately. I’ve been pretty bored since I can’t physically do much till the K’s resolve but have felt just fine so far.

I have the weird inspiration to go prepare food to freeze that I could eat whenever the fast ends, but for all I know that could be two months (oy. Hopefully body will expedite its processes) so it seems unreasonable!

It sounds like you are doing very well Eric.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #3

That is awesome. It does not work for me that way. :smile:

I usually am asked to help cook for my family one day during my longer fasts. turn out that evening hunger is not so bad. This fast is going to be different. My wife is out of town and my daughter that lives with us can be self-sufficient for eating. I’m planning on doing the sauna at the gym tonight and maybe a little of the rowing machine.

Yes. Slow but steady. Still, have at least 25 lbs to go. Blood pressure is coming down but still on multiple meds. I feel great and other biomarkers are very good.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #4

Because I forgot we started a new month…


Checking in at 12 hours for what I hope to be an EF. I’m also going to go NO COFFEE this fast!! I haven’t quite finished the weaning protocol that @Shortstuff described, but I think I’m close enough for the little bit of caffeine in green tea to prevent a massive headache. I’ll let you all know :slight_smile:


I have that conversation quite often. :thinking: Just think how much more I would if I actually did go Carnivore? :smile: … It’s just that most of my meals ‘look’ like I’m pure Carnivore. Just like meaty meals. :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting this thread up.
Hope that train arrives in a timely manner for you.

I going to be doing IFing for a few days before jumping into anything longer.


I’ve been trying to do an EF for days but I keep nibbling. One day it was 6 black olives. One day it was a big spoonful of peanut butter. Several days it was Cheddar cheese. One day it was a couple of Boiled eggs. And I had coffee with my HWC every day. So really it’s just been a week of severe calorie restriction. I did lose 2lbs though since 3/26.

Today all I’ve had is 2T of HWC and I’m not going to have a second cup of coffee and since my fridge is finally empty then maybe, just maybe, I can survive an actual EF. I’ve done two, back-to-back week long water fasts before so I know I can do it. Don’t know why it’s eluding me this time.

Anyway, it’s April Fool’s Day. Good time as any to start! Happy Fasting to everyone!


First, congrats on your loss. :+1: … As far as snacking goes, it might be helpful to make sure you’re getting enough to eat when you do eat. (Not meaning eat until your stuffed, but simply satiated) This should help carry you to your next meal, without craving to snack. (Plus, keep in mind, when you eat anything, add those little things you mention along with a meal, so they will be part of it, and not snacks)

Also, plus make sure to blur any mention of foods when posting in any Fasting threads. They request we do this, since some folks don’t like to read about food whilst fasting. … Doesn’t bother me at all, but we do this for those who don’t like to read about foods. (Blur feature is found in the sprocket icon) :slight_smile:

(Roxanne) #10

It’s Mealless Monday, my new tradition as of the last 6 weeks or so. Sunday evening until sometime Tuesday for 40 to 46 hours or so.


:flushed: … I first glance, I actually read this as Meatless Monday! I was about to scream… WHY??? :smile:


Brilliant! I’m using this for now on. :purple_heart:

(Jennifer) #13

IFer here. Usually OMAD, and sometimes I do 36 hour fasts. I haven’t ventured anything longer, but we shall see.

Since starting IF and Keto in January, I’ve gone from 238.2 to 204.6. Basically 33 1/2 pounds. Not bad for 3 months. And not every day has been keto, because (for me) the time restricted eating part of the equation seems to be more important than the keto part. Though, even on indulgence meals, it was usually chips and salsa or popcorn. Wheat is a no-go all the time, and I don’t ever crave sweets.

I’m debating doing a 48 hour fast this week, but we shall see.

(Cheryl Davis) #14

Great idea! (Too late for me today…I just finished my first meal of the day after a 20 hour fast–but might try starting that next week!) Thanks! :smile: Best wishes to you!

(Herb Martin) #15

My wife and I started together from last night so this is Day 1.

This is her first water fast, and first of any kind in decades so I am super proud of her, and NOT pushing.

I’ll stay on my fast at least as long as she does, which could be just through Day 1 or who knows, we’ve no actual target except “1 meal at a time”. (Her words.)

I’ll probably look at 3-7 days. (I did only a day late last week, decided to pull back and wait for her to start as we planned for today.)

On permissive carnivore my ketones had dropped to marginally by yesterday (0.4 then and this morning at 12 hours into the fast.)

It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to ramp up this time. I’ve lost a LOT of FAT, even though I gained back more than half of the scale weight from the prior 14-day fast (all the time staying ketogenic).

All of my clothes, pinch tests, and fat percent on my scale agree that fat is down.

(28% perhaps, though I don’t consider this number anything more than an estimate, just useful for relative tracking, and doing the math would put my “lean weight” lower than I believed, unless I kept that muscle I put on last time I boxed a lot – 14 lbs or so of muscle would have been required.)

As the weight & fat percent goes down they will converge on a more accurate value but for now this is close enough.

I don’t know how many of you follow Tim Ferriss, but he has a very interesting story in “The 4-hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss…” about a guy who tracked his weight and did NOTHING (literally tried not to change) except monitor it.

It makes the point that tracking numbers and “playing the game” can lead to amazinging results.

(Warning: Ferriss understands and supports keto but that he is FAR from a purist and has all sorts of carb rich diet ideas/tips.)

So again, I’ll be tracking though most of the numbers in isolation are pretty meaningless – it’s the trends and the fact that they lend motivation that’s really important.)

(Roxanne) #16

Well technically I guess it is a “meatless Monday” as well since I’m not eating anything. But rest assured, no inclination to avoid meat any other day! In fact I have steak AND pork belly defrosting in my fridge in anticipation of meals later this week :slight_smile:

(Heather) #17

Great job, everyone! I’m 45 hours in to my fast. I’ll see how long it goes. I’ve been exercising my “fasting muscle” quite a bit lately, so things seem to be getting easier. Day 2 is always the hardest for me…

(Tamela Robinette) #18

I am currently just shy of 43 hours of what I intended to be a 72 hour fast, but I started at 10 p.m. Saturday night, so that would mean breaking the fast at 10 p.m. at night. Not good. So I’m just going with the flow. Hopefully I can just go to bed tomorrow night and wake up and do my workout and then break my fast. I’ve only done one other EF, which was last week and I went 42 hours, so I’m beyond that right now and feeling fine. I’m aiming for autophagy and to lose this last little bit of belly fat. I’m still a little confused about what stops autophagy. I’ve had black coffee and water only today but yesterday I had ACV two different times before I got to thinking it may stop autophagy? Anyone know for sure?


From all I’ve read, Protein. … Though I only water fast myself, I have heard others mention that even coffee can somehow influence Autophagy? But again, I think it’s hit or miss, since there isn’t much said on it. But hear a lot of folks mention both Tea and Coffee, but plain with nothing it in.

A 68 hr. Fast looks just as good, and pushes the eating time back to 6pm. :+1: … This would be me, since I don’t like eating just before bed. I actually try to not eat anything past 6, unless we eat late. But that would no later than 7pm or so. :slight_smile:

Also, whilst Fasting, I do two KetoAides a day. 6am and 6pm. … I use 1/4 tsp. Morton’s Lite Salt, 1/2 tbsp. Magnesium Citrate, 1/2 Lemon Juice and 1 tbsp. ACV. … I do one of these every day, but two on Fast days. … The Lemon Juice does have carbs, but very, minimal for just 1/2 tbsp., so I don’t worry.

(Tamela Robinette) #20

So I need to break my coffee habit to truly reach autophagy maybe. I need to do more research. Yeah breaking at 6 p.m. might be my best option. Poor scheduling on my part.