(Kelly Silverman) #20

Hi Herb, you mention carnivore and that’s something that I’ve been considering. I also believe you mentioned doing two weeks of it before. So your fat begin to slowly come off?
So you must like it if your considering trying it again, Correct?

I’m really thinking about it… at least for two weeks.

(William Shafer III) #21

Hi everyone! Still going strong with OMAD here. Been doing 23:1 for a few weeks now and slowly getting the hang of it. Hearing about the family issues makes me a little sad… I feel blessed, I was able to get my father on Keto and he even fast a couple days a week. As for mom, we can’t get her Keto but she has dropped her carbs low and skips breakfast most of the time. Anyway, best of luck with your fasting this month!

(Mame) #22

Happy first of May all. I support all of those struggling with family boundaries, so much hard there.

I am 14 hours into my second ADF of fasting this week. Feeling no hunger at all (not surprising with the amount of food I had last night GKI=4.4 this morning) but I have had an unpleasant headache for hours. Salt, brine do not seem to be helping. I am thinking the headache is from the deadline stress yesterday.

Sipping my first cup of coffee for the day. Hopefully headache will pass. I have a presentation to give this afternoon and an 80 mile drive to get there.

Keep taking care all!

(traci simpson) #23

Interesting read (thank you David_Stilley) by Dr. Benjamin Bikman - He recommends “people engage in time-restricted eating, which is a safer option to multi-day fasting. Essentially, this means eating all our calories between a certain time period (e.g. within six hours of a 24-hour time period) without restricting the caloric intake. Circadian biologists also talk about timing of meals according to our body clocks. Insulin release also happens according to an inherent circadian diurnal pattern”.

This is very interesting and answers a question I had when I saw people post that they do a 17-6 or something like that. So my 19 hour fasts (or however many hours) should/can be followed by a certain amount of hours eating and that’s it until the next day.

(Tamela Robinette) #24

Almost to 19 hours of day 3 of technically 23/1 OMAD. I don’t think I ate enough yesterday after calculating my intake. Gonna work on that for today’s meal :grin:

(RossanaF) #25

I know what you mean…I had both total knee replacements on 2016 and a spinal fusion between L3/4 and L4/5 in 2017 and was on oxy for 3 years. I’ve been off for almost a year now. But since my L2 now seems to be getting worse and sometimes hurts I noticed that fasting completely removes the pain for me. It is better than oxy! in so many ways!

I hope I can be there, someday…Since finding this forum I have more hopes that I will get there, I’m at 238 today so not too far away.

I haven’t fasted in 2 weeks, yesterday took a day off and celebrated my mother in law’s 95th bday and had a slice of low carb cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and a coffee but today I am out of ketosis but fasting since last night. Hope to do at least 2-3 days. I’m actually up a couple of lbs from my lowest but I’m not worried. Looks we are all motivated and this group helps a ton to follow our fasting together! Happy May fasting everyone!

BTW, I posted this in April and had not noticed that May was open, sorry if duplicated.

(Khara) #26

Ya. I know many people say 18/6. 17/7 is more accurate for me :nerd_face:. It’s intermittent fasting but I sort of think that’s a little bit of a goofy term. As a society, we used to eat in a shorter window and that was just normal. Anyway, it’s just a shorter eating window or time restricted like you already discovered above. Trying to rein back in. It has helped in the past and feels better. You might like the Fasting movie on Amazon.

(traci simpson) #27

Oh cool, I’ll check out that movie~!
Maybe I’ll just give myself 8 hours to eat something and fast the rest.

(Jody) #28

Adding this to my watchlist right now!


Broke at 46 hrs., since the wife already had dinner made when I got home. Now off to till the garden.

(Khara) #30

Hmmm. Low carb cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory. Storing in back of brain for future celebration reference.

(RossanaF) #31

Wow, 68 lbs in 6 months is amazing! Congratulations!

(RossanaF) #32

Thank you!

May ZornFast 2019
(Justin ) #33

Hey all, I am 67hrs into a 72 hour water fast. This is my longest fast yet because I have done some 44 before but broke because of social events but I planned this one better. I do OMAD daily and fasting is pretty easy for me just drinking himalayan salt water and one or two black coffee in the morning. I know I can go longer because I feel amazing and energetic but this was my goal so I am going to stick to it and refeed tonight. Keto and IF have been amazing for just over two months. I have lost 24lbs and have about 10 more to go before I start weight training and adjusting my macros. Good luck to everyone fasting and hope you all the best because I appreciate the support and information I have got here. Really excited to being the best shape of my life at 45!

(Virginia ) #34

Thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

(RossanaF) #35

Yep! 570 calories and 11-14 net carbs. Made with Splenda. (if you just scrape it off and don’t eat the crust you can reduce the carbs even more. BTW, BJ’s offers 2 dishes with zucchini noodles now! People are coming around…slowly but getting there.

(Jody) #36

What is BJ’s?

(RossanaF) #37

Ditto! :shushing_face::joy:

(RossanaF) #38

BJ’s restaurants.

(Jody) #39

Must not be in my area