(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #1

New month, new Thread. Happy Fasting everyone :zipper_mouth_face:

(Khara) #2

Thanks. I’m at 7 weeks back on keto and just this week got to where I felt ready to get back to intermittent fasting. So I’ve been back to about 17/7 for a few days. It does feel better. Nice to get back on track.

(Herb Martin) #3

New month, start of 3rd day of old fast. :slight_smile:

“She-hulk gladiator with T-Rex arms” – the image still has me going. :smile:

Welcome to May, old friends and new ones.

Happy Fasting

(Eric - Less is more!) #4

Broke my 48hr fast last night with pork rinds and sour cream. Then had some ground beef on arugula with cheese. Got really full really fast. I still have my brain saying, “but dude you haven’t eaten enough”. I’m dealing with it.

I do love this thread. It is so helpful to hear what each of you is doing.

I’m finally plotting my weight, even fasted, to help me stay on track. It does swing a lot when fasting.

The green line is 1lb/wk and the red line is 2 lb/wk loss.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #5

Yeah, I am very bottom heavy XD Thats my latina roots for you right there… everything, muscle, fat… it all goes to my thighs and hips XD Planks are the death of me…

(Tamela Robinette) #6

Welcome back to fasting Khara!

I made it through 2 consecutive days of OMAD. Yesterday was an incredibly easy day and I wish I would of pushed through. I did not get hungry at all for the entire day until right around dinner time and it wasn’t an intense hunger. I could of easily pushed through. I was really hoping to see some different numbers on the ole smart scale this morning. At least some muscle gain as I have ramped up my strength training. I’ve increased my amount of weight on my bicep curls and deadlifts and the number of reps. I’ve concentrated on form and speed (slow) to get optimal muscle gain on every exercise. I’ve never worked with a trainer and don’t go to a gym. I have a commercial grade treadmill, a weight bench/set and several sets of dumbbells of varying weights. I know it takes time to build muscle and I’m loving the changes I see in my body but dang it’s so hard to nail the science of nutrition, weightloss and muscle gain. There is so much information out there! Anyway, I have found the morning after a hard strength training session I lose 2 to 3 pounds of muscle. Then the next day the muscle number bounces back. My scale says most days I am around 96 pounds of muscle. Today it said 93 :roll_eyes:. I do know dehydration can play a role in how the scale calculates things and I was really thirsty last night and could not drink enough water. I finally stopped drinking water close to bedtime, thinking I didn’t want to be up during the night to use the restroom. The “water” number was skewed a little this morning so I’m thinking the 3 pound muscle loss is a fluke. I have been tracking my weight and BF% but yesterday I started a log to track muscle. I’m trying to learn that the lower weight number on the scale is not the end all be all and that muscle is an important health component. I have a normally lean figure (when I’m not stuffing my face with junk and 50 pounds overweight) and I’ve always struggled with body image when at a normal weight. This mostly stems from being called names like “a carpenter’s dream.” Get it? A board? I know this is the opposite of what a lot of people deal with but what I am saying is when I’m unhealthy I have large(er) breast and a little plumper butt and I hide my gut, where I tend to put on the ugliest weight, with extra large clothing. When I lose the weight, the boobs and butt go away and people begin to say “you’re too skinny, you need to eat, stop losing” blah, blah, blah. When I know in my head I still have belly fat, they just can’t see it. I also feel so much better physically when I’m at a healthy weight. So my point is with this long post is I want to build muscle in my arms, legs and butt to give me a little more solid, healthy look so people will stop with the comments. I’ve gained some in the legs and arms but there isn’t much hope for the butt no matter what I do (thanks Dad lol.) So see we all have our issues with what our bodies look like and what we hope to achieve? Thank God nobody has to see us in our full blown nakedness and be able to hear our secret thoughts of what we think of ourselves. I know I’m my own worst critic. I also try not to make comments to people that would hurt their feelings concerning weightloss/gain. I’m sorry for the long rant and I’m not even sure what my point is other than we are all on our very own different journey here, it’s nice to have such a supportive, non-judgmental group to learn from and rant to. Happy fasting all. I’m going for another 24 hour OMAD.


Presently coming up on 38 hrs. and feeling fine with no issues. Planning to leave work a couple hours early today to try and till the garden finally. Between being sick and the weather, I’ve been trying to get this done for a few weeks now. … I still feel a bit wonky overall, but think this is still the meds and pollen, which I took the last bit of antibiotics this this morning, so hope this helps some now? - Not sure if I will be eating tonight or not just yet? See how the day plays out. :slight_smile: … Happy Fasting folks.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #8

Oh… wow… I feel you. It takes a lot to get rid of the stigma.

I am not even a full A cup and it took me years but I have embraced it. My friends and the occasional date or two say they envy me because they don’t get in the way during workouts. :laughing:

It helps to exercise and build confidence through selflove and compassion and acceptance. Because when you are confident and don’t care about the oppinion of others, most of them will stop. Mean abusive people start to avoid you then (in my personal experience).

Would you reject someone because of their looks/breastsize/haircolor? So why should others do this to you? and if they do. let them go. you don’t need those people in your life.
You are gorgeous just the way you are. That doesn’t mean you can not work on improving your health and fitness. But please don’t make it about pleasing other people or fit into any sick standards our society sells in their photoshoped magazines…

And I just measure muscle mass once a month because of natural fluctuation…

(Tamela Robinette) #9

@Hardrock_keto_chick thank you and yes you are correct I don’t need negative people in my life! The thing is I think some of them are well meaning but here where I live in particular most women are “thick” and they embrace it wholeheartedly. I too am an A cup now. I was a B before the weightloss. That really doesn’t bother me as much as the “stick figure” body type that I was born with. Over the years I have swung dramatically from one extreme to the other. I always go back to the SAD diet after getting tired of comments from family and friends. I know it’s an unhealthy pattern and I’ve decided this time to stay with keto no matter what they say. I’m not underweight by any means. I have a BMI of 22, whatever that means lol. My obese mother is the worst, she says I look like a “crackhead.” I have learned to love myself and wish I could teach my daughters what I’ve learned. One has the very thin body type and the other has a more muscular body type but they both struggle with body image due to society pressures. They’re both gorgeous, I promise I’m not biased. Anyway, how do you measure muscle mass? Do you use a smart scale? Or calipers? Measuring tape? I would like a DEXA scan but currently not working so can’t really afford it. I have calipers but not 100% sure I’m using them correctly.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #10

I have a “Smart Scale” but not one of the regular ones.
After long research I got an analysis scale with the handles on them

only found the german page, though, but it’s this one.

I do listen to a lot of smart feminist podcasts like unladylike to slowly but surely get rid of my internalized standards and adjust my personal values.
Show them stories of great women that bust out of every norm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have forbidden my mother to talk to me about weight and bodyimage. If she doesn’t, I warn her and walk away. I cannot change how she thinks about herself or me, but I decide if I expose myself to that or not. (and yes my mum is very obese and constantly sick and doesn’t want to change that. I am not responsible and it is not my fault she doesn’t want my help. If she wants to eat herself to her grave, so be it)
Boundaries are so important. Especially within the family. The ones closest to you are the ones that can hurt you the most.


Morning all XD. As for the “not obese” numbers, I know not to pay too much attention to them. I just honestly didn’t realize how obese I was according to… I have always been a t-rex myself.(which by the way is my nickname that I have had since teenager). I chuckled when I saw that. I don’t have any idea how to measure muscle or anything nor care too and never had. I am strong and work very physically on our farm, plus hike for mushrooms in the season and work part time out of the house. I think I started gaining weight when my son got older, he’s 17, a couple years ago he started chopping our wood, which was my workout. I would do about 5 cords a year, I didnt notice. Then they started helping more… hay, fencing, moving cattle, and I didn’t realize how that’s what kept me moving. Then boom… all of a sudden I felt the weight, my knees hurt I got winded easily, just all around felt unhealthy, got on scale and it was 248…wtf. brought me to keto, But I never looked to see what obese was until I read it on thread yesterday… I was just surprised at how fat I was… I never felt that big. Lol. So now I am 40 lbs down and still have 24 to go before I am “not obese” then another 30 after that to get “healthy weight” according to… I actually lost track of why I started this rant. Lol.
Bwahaha oh well
Happy May Fasting.

(Tamela Robinette) #12

Oh wow we have the same Mom lol. I actually haven’t spoken to my mother in almost 10 months, not because of the weight comments, but a whole list of hurtful name calling and other bullshit. It’s been incredibly healing, sad but true. Anyway, thank you for the link to the scale! I’m going to research as the one I have is fairly inaccurate, it was pretty cheap.

(traci simpson) #13

Ok, I apologize in advance but does that mean you fast for 17 hours and then eat within a 7 hour period???

(Jody) #14

I’m going to join this thread on after bloodwork on Monday. I have to take a few days off fasting and it’s tough! I assume everyone does their own protocol?

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #15

Very much so. I am Currently on hour 32 of a “Fat fast” Water only was just not possible so adding something here and there when I need a pick me up.

(Herb Martin) #16

Welcome Jody2.

Yes, everyone here pretty much does their own thing, starts and stops and their own time, etc.

We just celebrate each other’s little victories and commiserate or try to help with problems while encouraging each other.

Speak up whenever you wish; there’s not even a requirement to actually fasting to participate though you might find us boring if you aren’t at least in the planning stages.

My update today:
2 1/2 days fasting from a week off doing carnivore and a decent starting ketone number (2-3.5 at start of fast)
BG 77 Ketones 5.2 DrBozRatio: 14.8 GKI: 0.82
Weight (water) fell away again since yesterday. (5+ lbs), but actual fat continues to evaporate SLOWLY. :slight_smile:

I read somewhere (unconfirmed) that fat cells may be giving up the lipid drop but then sucking up much of the water weight we see when we are see-sawing like this.

It hasn’t been bothering me except from a curiosity standpoint as it would be interesting to fully understand what happens.

The GKI of 0.82 and ketone number is really nice as it has previously taken me much longer to get to these numbers.

Already I feel better physically with less arthritis & tendonitis inflammation and annoyance.

Maybe it’s time for a highly restricted carnivore diet when I exit this fast.

(Jennifer) #17

There will always be someone out there who thinks you are the hottest thing ever, and someone who doesn’t. And I know plenty of people who value confidence over looks/size/whatever physical attribute any day.

(Jennifer) #18

OMAD starts again today. Actually, today will be a little longer. Usually (when I’m not futzing up), my eating window is anywhere from 1 - 4 hours a day. Today, I plan to fast all day… I ate in the middle of the night last night (and I’m feeling it), and open my window during lunch or dinner tomorrow.

(Allie) #19

Cut ties with mine in 2002, and the rest of her family.

(Kelly Silverman) #20

Hi Herb, you mention carnivore and that’s something that I’ve been considering. I also believe you mentioned doing two weeks of it before. So your fat begin to slowly come off?
So you must like it if your considering trying it again, Correct?

I’m really thinking about it… at least for two weeks.