(Eric - New Hat Day!) #642

24 hours in and at 200.0lbs which is the lowest 24 hr weight ever. Had some rolling hunger today but water and green tea helped. I suck on salt periodically through the day also. I was a little tired at 11 am because of disrupted sleep last night. The washing machine turned on spontaneously. What was that movie by Stephen King, Christine?

A 20 minute nap at my desk helped so much.

Anyway I pushed through. Today was 58F so a bit chilly for 20 minutes in the sun. Tomorrow will be 88F so I will be getting some Vitamin D tomorrow.

Fast on team ketoforum!


Well, after feeling crummy all day, mine ended up turning into a 24 hr. OMAD. Was going to Fast, but started feeling wonky as soon as I got to work this morning, and just got more miserable as the day went by. So was speaking with the Wife at 4:30pm, half way home on my drive home, and by 5pm, she had made some food in hopes it would help me some. :slight_smile: … Wasn’t hungry, but either the pollen really got to me, or still being on the meds? Either way, ate something and will see if I can reset tomorrow? Would still like to Fast sometime this week, but just wasn’t feeling it the way I was feeling today.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #644

Dave some days you just have to bail. I hope tomorrow is better than today for you.

(Tamela Robinette) #645

I made it 24 hours with OMAD too Dave. I’m sorry you still aren’t back to 100% and I hope it passes soon.

@daddyoh I think you may consistently be in onderland soon!!! Wooo hooooo!

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #646

Tamela - I learned a new word today. Onerland. Yup that is my goal. Then <197 and I will no longer be obese.

(Paul H) #647

Heyy I am liking this fasting stuff! I made it through the day fine for my first fast past 24 hours… Frankly I was tempted to keep going…but… enjoy in moderation got me dang it…lol yea right…I have had some salami, salad with fatty dressing, 2 pickles, some pork rinds, and a piece of cheese. Can I order Domino’s now? j/k :slight_smile:

(Mame) #648

So true! hoping you feel better Dave and
Eric congrats on pushing through
and Tamela 24 hours is still good yes?

I am at 24 hours, GKI = .83, got home from work super-late and feeling cruddy all of a sudden. Pretty sure it is all stress related.
Even though I find fasting hard emotionally/mentallyit is rare that I feel sick at all - hopefully it will pass. I made my electrolyte drink and I am sipping. I am finding it pretty motivating to attempt to get 3 weeks in a row of 3dayADF and my tummy does not want food.

Hang in there fasters!

(Herb Martin) #649

Back to fasting (with my wife) who is doing her 3rd extended fast of the month of April.

I was actually miserable while eating though I am not sure that food was the reason.

It was a week off fasting, eating permissive carnivore – though the sardines were packed in olive oil.

Already my pain (arthritis, tendonitis, etc) is so much relieved and we’re only 1 full day into this fast.

My growing suspicion is that fasting may not be JUST anti-inflammatory but also might even be highly analgesic.

IF so and this isn’t a coincidence or caused by something else, then my estimate is that a LONG extended fast may be worth 2 x 10mg OR MORE more of oxycodone every 4 hours.

This is based on my experience with oxy for recovering from 2 hip replacements and a double knee replacement.

Or it could just be more ‘placebo effect’ :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Virginia ) #650

Wtg Eric!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, not much notice with everything being frozen. Hope you feel better today.:kissing_heart:

Wtg Tamela!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wtg Paul!! :slight_smile:

Onederland is such a GREAT WORD…you got this Eric. :slight_smile: Two visits ago, my doctor told me that I’m officially no longer obese. :slight_smile: I went from 45 BMI to 27 BMI in just 34+ weeks and -87 pounds since Keto, still have a little way to go, but I am getting there. Good luck to you. :slight_smile:

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #651

Yea Virginia. Much progress. I’m almost not obese. Happy dance when that day arrives.

I miss-spelled Onederland but that is my nature. It is my word of the day.

@DoggieMom @Digital_Dave you two have a great day.


Yep, so far so good. :+1: The meal was fine indeed, but not sure it was the issue. I don’t like taking meds in general, and I only have another day to finish them. But again, I think it’s the pollen more than anything. Really bad presently, and it does affect me each year. … But hoping it’s not as bothersome today and can get a few days in. Presently coming up on 14 hrs.

Thanks, and yep, you’re doing fantastic. :wink: :kissing_heart:

You as well, Sir. :+1: … And enjoy the better weather they are calling for too. :slight_smile:

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #653

Going to Cleveland for a conference Thursday and then Boston in a week to retrieve my college girl. So I’m still on flonase because the pollen will be bad for me the next two weeks. Its going to be like time travel. But I can fast at conferences without any social pressure. In fact the gent that is going with me is keto as well.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #654

7h in. My body wants to fast, my brain wants to eat. job is being hell.

I do not need it. My body will soon feel better without. I had to get a non food item from the store and managed to stay away from ALL food isles.

52h or so would be cool. I have no spare time to eat anyway

(Jane) #655

Great job, Paul!

Some people are more suggestive to the mention of food so we ask folks to please blur any mention of food on fasting support threads.

It’s ok to talk about what foods you break you fast with as that is an important part of the process - just blur it.

I’m one of those who hangs out on the food open thread when fasting :rofl: I’m ok as long as I don’t smell food so my sous vide is perfect to use if I want to cook something and trying not to eat. As long as it isn’t done before I break my fast :wink:

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #656

You’ve got this. On to 52h.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #657

Someday for me.

(traci simpson) #658

I’m back from my weekend away. Yesterday I made it 19 hours. Today I hope to do a few more.
Question: We can count sleeping hours in the total number right?

(Jane) #659

Absolutely! Those are the easist fasting hours :grin:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #660

of course, just because you “don’t actively struggle through them” doesn’t mean they don’t count. you are still not eating…

(traci simpson) #661

Good to know.