(Lorraine) #622

I am on day 6 of my fast and hanging in there. The weight loss is helping to keep me motivated, even though the hunger is a drag. I have lost 13 lbs so far and it would have taken 6 weeks to lose that on keto. It is a shame I resisted trying fasting. Ironically, I started my keto journey with a 72 hour fast, but could never psych myself up enough to try to again. Had I tried it sooner, I probably would not have gone off the deep end and gained back 30 lbs. Anyway, I am glad I tackled this and I am going to research ADF for the future.

(Tamela Robinette) #623

13 pounds! Wow! Great job! I’m in awe of anyone who can go past 72 hours lol. I don’t have much more to lose myself and find the hunger too intense for me lately past 20 hours, I’m just weak hahaha. My weight is still trending down following an 18/6 pattern and switching to carnivore so I’m just going with that for now. I have sprinkled in some 20/4 days simply because I was busy and not hungry. I still like to follow the extended fasters for motivation. I tell myself if people can go 7 days, 3 weeks, a month then 20 hours is nothing! Congrats on the weight loss and stay strong!

(Jane) #624

Congratulations! You will gain some back when re-feeding. Filling up the food pipeline, some water regain but you won’t gain any fat back as long as you stick to keto.

Unfortunately the scale measures it all.

Be gentle on yourself when you break your fast.

Fasting is a great tool. I broke a 3-month stall with it last year and so glad I finally took the plunge.


Now that I’m finally starting to get over this illness I’ve had, I think I may indeed try to get in some fasting this week coming. … Haven’t been hungry, as usual, but while under the weather, I was making sure to get in at least OMAD to help with the healing. May start after tonight’s meal and see where it leads. :slight_smile:

(Herb Martin) #626

Excellent – 6 days is an accomplishment.

As others have noted, you likely will gain back a lot of the (water) weight but you can expect the actual fat you lose to stay off if your diet is good on refeeding.

That’s happened to me but my clothes are ‘larger’ and my fat percentage shown on my body composition scale keeps going down.

I encourage you to continue measuring your fast in “days” rather than “hours” – psychologically it’s easier to maintain for most people.

We (my wife and I) are starting a new fast again tonight after supper.

Probably a week, but I’ve felt so much better while fasting the last 2 months that it could be longer if my comfort improves so radically again.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #627

Hey all. Just had dinner and I am starting a 48 hr fast. Thursday I fly to Cleveland for a conference and will return on Monday.

I’m going to do one 36+ hr fast during the conference and will fly home fasted Monday to start a 60 to 72 hr fast.

I fly to Boston the following Friday to drive with my college age girl home to Richmond, VA USA. Will probably fast Friday and into Saturday till we get home. I’m calling these two weeks my patch quilt of fasts coming up.

I still like to eat. But I do miss fasting as well. I’m really enjoying the weight loss and the energy bump from fasting.

(Lorraine) #628

So I broke my fast with bone broth at 2:00, which was delicious, but only held me over for about an hour. I had one of my go to keto meals at 4:30 and now feel like I don’t need to eat for another week. I feel full to the tippy top, but not uncomfortable and best of all, I’m not hungry anymore. So I lasted 5 hours short of 6 days. I feel pretty good about that.

Now, I need to plan what I am doing next week. Any suggestions? Regular keto, intermittent fasting or more EF? I’m interested in the 5/2, but need some resources on it. I think that is 5 fasting says with 2 feasting days per week. Has anyone done that?

Edited to add: I looked up 5/2 diet and it’s eating regularly for 5 days and OMAD 2 days. So, that’s not what I was looking for. I’ll keep looking.


Yeah, that’s been me, while being under the weather. Just ate a couple hours ago myself, and plan to Fast now, since I do indeed miss it, but not sure for how long? Being I’ve been medicated most of this time, I want to just see how it goes. Told V it might be for a day or so, or longer? Will let her know. :slight_smile:

(Carol) #630

Just popping in to see how everyone is doing. Looks like lots of successes and new plans. I’m also gathering some motivation from your posts. I’ll be from home on Wednesday so thought I would fast and look! It’s the 1st of May so I think it’s a great way to start the month off. Will not be setting a time line for this one but it is tempting to do my monthly 5 day fast right off the get-go.

(Paul H) #631

Hoping to make it through the day and it will be 28 hours for my first fast other than OMAD since starting keto. With more and longer going forward. I work a 12 hour shift and provided they don’t kick my butt…I think the busy time help me… 72 hours in the next couple weeks would be freaky cool.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #632

Go Paul.


Happy Monday all! Starting my week with a fast, hoping to make it to Thursday night this week.
Good luck Paul, on your first try😀
@daddyoh fasting and traveling go nicely together. Less stops! Enjoy your road trip with your daughter :grinning:

(Tamela Robinette) #634

Good luck Paul. I believe you will find excellent benefits as you build your fasting muscle!

As for me, I’ve been practicing carnivore for a week and just eating when my body tells me to. I’ve lost about 3 pounds for the month of April, so my weight loss has slowed to a creep. Granted, I’m not complaining at all! I have decided to get back to some fasting this week to get this last bit of belly flab gone. I’m currently just over 14 hours. I am shooting for 36 hours. I need all the support I can get so I will be checking in frequently and cheering you guys on! You all inspire me! My wedding Anniversary is coming up May 22nd and I want to be at goal weight by then, which is around 7 to 8 pounds. It’s going to be tough but I believe it is doable. Let’s get this fasting party started!

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #635


You have this!

(KCKO, KCFO) #636

Congrats on the upcoming anniversary.

Make sure you keep your electrolytes and water in good shape, makes longer fasting much easier. You can do this.

Even if you don’t hit a number on the scale you want to see, remember how far you have come, you’re a big success story, so don’t short change yourself.

(Allie) #637

So I’m fasting today, just because I wanted to. I don’t know how many hours I’m at so far as I stopped tracking everything and am just being intuitive with both eating and not eating.

(Mame) #638

Happy Monday.

Wow, coming into the week and the work stress just got raised to orange level… ugh. Sometimes I think it’s not effecting me and then I notice how much I want to eat something. So much emotional management going on under the surface.

Planning MWF ADF for the third week in a row. I started my first fast last night (sunday) will go to sometime Tuesday eve (depends on that end of month deadline). I am feeling good about it. I want to hold myself to it without being mean to myself. I want to be self-accepting without being self-indulgent. So hard for me to balance on these lines sometimes.

…and to all here on the fasting thread, I believe in you all!! We can end April well.


Great work–and goals! I took a couple of months to work up to 65-hour fasts; I still haven’t made it to 72!

We’re going to cheer you on all the way. If you don’t get exactly there, you’re going to get super close!

Wow! You are really doing great.

Personally, I kept flunking ADF. :laughing: I’ve tried several times, but I’ve had better luck with extending my fasts longer. Today, I’m starting my fourth cycle of 2-day (65-hour) fasts and 2 days eating. Right now, I’m not planning on adding a third day, but my guess is that it might evolve that way naturally. I’ve been trying to follow the IDM recommendation of three fast days per week. They suggest either ADF or a 72-hour fast. Doing 2-on/2-off means that in a calendar week I either get 3 fast days or 4, so I figure that’s good.

(Mame) #640

thanks. I will enjoy the encouragement as I sometimes feel like I am holding on by my fingernails and will power which can take it only so far for so long.

I don’t find longer fasts easier, I can do them but basically no fasting is easy for me right now. I am hoping that I am one of those who might take up to a year to build a strong fasting muscle and switch over all my cells to be fully fat-adapted. I still hope that one day fasting will be easy. (I was so sure after my 9 day fast that doing 40 hours would be a breeze…) However progress not perfection is my goal. And persistence, so I am doing well on those fronts

Also my 7 day moving weight average has trended down the month of April so I happy with that. As long as it is down. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, none of them are easy for me either. I’m either actually hungry or mentally want food all the time, and it’s massively distracting. But with ADF around the second or third fast day, I can’t stop myself from eating. So far, I’ve only had luck with two full days of eating in between whatever I do.

I’m with you on the progress not perfection goal. I try not to beat myself up about unsuccessful fasts, and just keep tweaking until I can find something that feels like a reasonable pattern that I can mostly stick to. My weight trend is consistently down, too, so that’s a success.