28 Day Challenge

(Kevin R) #1

I have tried the keto diet once and failed because I just could not get past the keto flu. I heard about this 28 day challenge thing… It seems like it would definitely help me out. Has anybody tried this??

(Full Metal Keto) #2

Keto flu comes from a sodium magnesium deficiency. We lose this quickly along with water without carbs to help keep them in. It’s the great whoosh of water weight loss flushing out the electrolytes from our bodies so you need to supplement them diligently along with extra water consumption. You may suffer little or none for the first few days as sugar withdrawal takes place with this.

As far as a 28 day plan I can do you one better that is a lifelong plan for success and good health through eating ketogenic for free!

And finally check out this thread to see wonderful examples of the multitude of ways to eat a ketogenic diet, make it sustainable and perfect for whatever your food needs are, cooking gourmet fancy meals, simple home style cooking or just plain simple lazy keto where there’s hardly any cooking necessary if that fits your lifestyle.

My best wishes for your success way beyond 28 days. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Raj Seth) #3

Look at bacon4free.com. At the great risk of getting bored by bacon, the bacon experiment is an assured way of getting into ketosis minus Keto flu

I must admit, I never had the courage to do the experiment, because the downside of getting “off” bacon was a fate worse than death. But then I have been Keto nearly 2 yrs and have had the luxury of never suffering “carb withdrawal “ flu :+1: