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Looking to create a list of video lectures, etc about keto
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Free for Diet Doctor members (first month free):

  • The Perfect Human Diet
  • Carb-Loaded, A Culture Dying to Eat
  • Cereal Killers I
  • Cereal Killers II, Run on Fat
  • $tatin Nation
  • $tatin Nation II
  • my big FAT DIET (Canadian First Nation Study)
  • FAT Head, Director’s Cut



Keto Short

Dedicated Channel

Informative Blogs

  • Tuit Nutrition - Keto-friendly deep dives into various nutritional topics, by Amy Berger


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Favourite Introduction to Keto Movies / Videos
10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going Keto
If you were to recommend one link to information
Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg
Good questions for LCHF, Keto diet - Low Carb USA - West Palm Beach 2017 - Keto Panel Q&A
Low Carb Vail 2016 - all the talks online!
Keto Intro YouTube Playlist
Scared to try Keto
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Following on from the other thread, here are some information resources which you can watch:
Fat Head:
Fed Up:
Bitter Truth about Sugar:
Cereal Killers:

The Magic Pill

I just love Dr. Lustig’s Bitter Truth! So good. Cereal Killers was also amazing. has tons of videos to watch, although I think most of them require a monthly membership.

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Yes, Diet Doctor website is free for the first month and then has a $10/month subscription!

(Meeping up the Science!) #6

don’t forget Sugar Coated!

(jketoscribe) #7

There are some videos available for free, it is not necessary to join for the basic information.

(Mark) #8

I like Eric Berg on YouTube he has been living keto for many years and has a great way of conveying the ketogenic lifestyle and he and his wife share some good recipes


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Think I fixed it.


See Movie - First do no harm. About keto diet used to treat childhood Epilepsey when all else had failed.

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #13

Fixing Dad: - this it’s a great documentary on how two sons reversed their dad’s diabetes through a low carb diet.

It’s a good movie to share - especially with families battling T2D. I have and I know it has made an impact - especially when people were being hard headed :slight_smile:

(Mark) #14

Just listened to a good video on YouTube and interview at the primal edge health keto channel with Tyler Cartwright who was 505 pounds and lost 288 pounds eating keto ,it was a long interview but I listen to YouTube and podcasts while I drive,makes the California traffic a little more bearable, the primal edge health channel has been a wealth of information for me ,hope it helps you too


Thanks for the recommendation. I watched this last night and it was great. I’m battling with my own stubborn parents at the moment and am hoping that if I can get them to watch this it might change their thinking.

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #16

Added That Sugar Film to the list. A good, entertaining, film about the effect of sugar.

(Howie Levy) #17

Here is my list of the TOP 41 so far.

I watch this one over and over to motivate me

(Nathan Hall) #18

I just watched “carbloaded”. I definitely recommend it as an introductory video for anyone exploring any variation of a “Low Carb, High Fat Diet” or a more detailed introduction of the concept to someone else. It covers so much of what we discuss in this forum. :thumbsup:
It also contains interviews with many people you will recognize if you’ve been here more than a few days.

Update: Hopped on Amazon Prime and watched “That Sugar Film”. It should be eye opening and disturbing for almost anyone. I have to say one thing that was possibly more disturbing than seeing a young man having his teeth removed, was the dance number at the end… I’m not going to sleep for days… :flushed:


What…are you saying you’re not into sugar rap?!! :joy:


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Keto Short
Dedicated Channel