What's your favorite kitchen tool?

(Alix Hayden) #21

My fancy avocado slicer. Bought them as a joke, one for me and one for my mom. Love.

(Polly Bennett) #22

I have two:

  1. My Nutribullet Pro
  2. My Instant Pot

(Michal Ciechan) #23

I am the laziest person you will come across so:

  1. Egg Cooker
  2. Low Fat Fryer (for quick meals)
  3. Personal Blender

(David K) #24


(torie) #25

Spiralizer and food processor. But having JUST discovered that KitchenAid has a spiralizer attachment, I might be able to keep that beautiful machine on the counter soon…!


Aeropress coffee maker. I use it multiple times every day.
Various blending, grinding and chopping devices come in second.

(Guardian of the bacon) #27

I like the 90 second garlic cheddar muffins toasted. They make a really good breakfast sammy.

(Mark) #28

Never heard of those will have to look them up thanks for the tip

(Guardian of the bacon) #29

I’ve found doing them in a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup works well. They can overflow a standard coffee mug.

(Mark) #30

Thanks man much appreciated

(Guardian of the bacon) #31

I’d give out her name but she reads the forum and might not be in the best interest of my health.

In all seriousness her name is Kitchen-Aid

(Arlene) #32
  1. cast iron pans, all shapes and sizes.
  2. Cuisinart ice cream maker - I have my own milk cow, so I know I am greatly spoiled but I make my own keto ice cream with heavy cream, egg yolks, salt, stevia, and vanilla extract. To that base, I add a little finely-chopped, 85% dark chocolate. It’s unbelievably decadent and delicious. It never bumps me out of ketosis. It’s a treat when I’m having nostalgic thoughts of the old carb-heavy days. Of course I did use my Kitchen Aid food processor to grind that dark chocolate. :smile:


Induction Burners - They’re cheap, portable and heat up food faster than anything else. No guess work either, as they let you set food to exact temperatures. Deep fry; set to 375, Boil; set to 212, etc. Single burners can also be moved around if your kitchen get’s crammed, can be placed right on the table (i got one of these pot/grill for mine) table, used for fondue, use to just keep food warm on table, can even use outside. Also i’m not talking about radiant (glass top) burners, induction is totally different technology.

(Carol E. ) #34

Good to know. Bro gave me one for a gift but I haven’t been convinced that I needed it as I barely talk to Siri :joy:.

(Polly Bennett) #35

Ha Ha!

(AnnaLeeThal) #36

Lately my Sous-Vide has been very handy.

(jim schafer) #37

it’s one of these or…maybe it’s the crockpot/slow cooker ? those are the 3 that get used the most !!!

(jim schafer) #38

…also silicone molds for fat bombs (and broth ice cubes)

(Patsy Morgan) #39

Great recipe for ice cream. Must try it. I suppose l could also make raspberry ripple if l just blast some rasberries in the microwave and when soft and cooled gently stir in to keep the ripple effect. Great for sumner

(Tom) #41

My brain. Close second would be my stick blender/whisk.