What's your favorite kitchen tool?

(Jessica K) #42

Nutribullet. I use it at least once a day, if not more. So handy!

(Jane Reed) #43

Several tools would be hard to live without, but my favorite thing in the kitchen is a clean and cleared off countertop! I hate, hate, hate clutter on my countertops.

(Lisa F) #44

Wusthof knives
Cast Iron pan
Instant Pot

(Tracy Mason) #45

I’m getting an instant pot this week so I’m sure I’ll change my mind :grinning:

(Carol Motsinger) #46

I am loving my newest gadget, the SoyaPower milk maker. I can make almond milk, cashew milk and creamy soups. Much easier than a blender for hot liquids.

(Richard Morris) #47

I have a soylove - very similar to a soyapower.

(ryancrawcour) #48

do you have one with a built-in compressor, or the type where you have to freeze a bowl first and then put this frozen bowl in to the churner?

(Genevieve Biggs) #49

I freeze the bowl.

(Marie) #50

My gas grill on my porch (technically not in my kitchen). Close second, my Cuisinart electric pressure cooker - I can make a pot roast when I get home from work in 45 mins and it tastes much better than pot roast in the crock pot. It rocks and I use it several times a week.

(Jennifer) #51

Here is my favorite pan - a pampered chef jelly roll pan that has never seen a jelly roll! Just lots of bacon…

(Mike W.) #52

YES!!! I would be lost without mine…and be eating over cooked chicken!

(Mike W.) #53

Does my smoker count? Second that is nutribullet for BPC (yes, I know it can explode) and my set of $5 cast iron pans.

(Laura ) #54

Inexpensive is great. Just make sure your cast iron pans weren’t manufactured anywhere BUT the United States. I wouldn’t use a cast iron pan made in China even if it was a gift. :wink:

(Mike W.) #55

My two favorites are Taiwanese, but they’re also 40-50 years old.

(CharThorn) #56

My favorite kitchen tool is my Single-serve Blender. I usually use this for morning protein smoothie.


Immersion blender or dutch oven.

(Arlene) #58

Kitchen Aid food processor. This is especially useful for shredding full bricks of cheese.

(Sophie) #59

I can’t be parted with my egg cooker! At first I thought it was a frivolous purchase, but it is so easy to make flawless soft/hard boiled eggs.

(Sara) #60

Aero latte milk frother. Love it to whisk butter and HWC right in my coffee mug!

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #61

What are these brands/model numbers and would they do an amazing job of it for a coffee snob like me? :wink: