What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain


Sugar is addictive indeed! I’ll be monitoring how I respond to sweeteners and avoiding them for now


Hi, thanks for that post it’s better than reading the Keto diet books. I am new to the Keto diet having started in February. I didn’t lose any weight until almost the 3rd week and then it was only one pound. Up to date I have still only lost about 3 pounds give or take a gram or two. I really expected the weight to fall off as my diet was very different although I have avoided starchy carbs for a few years as I get reflux from bread and similar carbs. I stopped drinking alcohol and my normal was 2 beers, wine and gin and tonic every night. I got Keto flu with headaches and dizziness in the beginning too. I tried to work out the macros and thought I was eating too much protein and not enough carbs so I changed that but still didn’t lose weight. I was also drinking diet tonic water about 1 or more litres a night. I cut that out thinking that might be why I wasn’t losing and drank soda water instead. I have been enjoying bullet proof coffee sometimes for breakfast which takes me right through until late lunchtime.
I have read so much on google about the Keto diet. “While we should eat fat, don’t overdo it, don’t overdo the protein and make sure you eat enough carbs”. I also read we should eat 1- 2 avocados a day and Macadamia nuts, then I read one quarter avocado and not to eat too many nuts.
I was determined to stick to it as I really like this way of eating but I’m getting despondent. I keep reading of how people lose up to 2kgs in one week and wonder if it’s really true.
I’d love a bit of advice and inspiration to keep me on track and any tips would be good.

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Did you take measurements? Do you have non-stretchy clothes that are fitting easier? You may be losing inches and not pounds.

What is your starting point? How much to lose, metabolic syndrome or not?

The big initial weight loss on keto is water, not fat. Dont worry too much about the exact macros. Unless you are eating over 2-3 lbs of meat, you are not going to mess things up. There is no “minimum daily carb” requirement. 0 carbs is NOT too low.

Learn about keto way of eating from reliable sources, not random google noise.
Book: Obesity Code by Jason Fung
Podcasts: 2ketodudes (1st 13 episodes tell you all you need to know)
Web: dietdoctor.com, blog from idmprogram.com

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I needed this today!

How Often Do You Have Dessert and What?
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So true! remember the good old days where treats were for special occasions!

great advice, thanks!

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I did not take measurements at the start but I do feel my clothes are more comfy but not dramatically so,
I started at 63kgs and now 64.1. Not sure about the metabolic syndrome, how can you tell?
As I am just under 5 feet I think I need to lose about 10kgs all up, but as long as it comes off sometime that’s okay.
Is got so I don t want to weigh myself because I will be disappointed. It seems though, there a lot more in this forum who are having no weight loss.
Thanks for the reading recommendations. I’ll plod on and hope things improve.

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KCKO. Keep Calm and Keto On.
63 kilos at 60” is not morbidly obese. By staying keto, you are allowing your insulin levels to go lower and allow your body to access it’s fat stores. Once that happens, the fat will get used. Your hunger should reduce. Your body’s satiety signals should start working again. So you will eat when hungry, eat till full, and not overeat the CR@P called the standard American pyramid scheme diet!!!


What? Of course a cake made with almond flour magically becomes a health food.

Just like crumbs have no calories. Just break the cake into crumbs and it doesn’t count as anything.

Bon appetit

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I really like what you have put in this post!
Thank you!!

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I see quite a few beginners on this forum who complain they are not losing weight as they expected, and I have a friend dealing with this issue. While some people can simply switch their diet to keto and drop weight, obviously some of us need to be more conscientious in regard to two issues:

  1. Calories–I dropped from 185 lb to 165 lb in 10 weeks once I started tracking calories along with macros using MyFitness Pal. Some seem to interpret eating fat as a license to eat unlimited amounts, ignoring the body’s mandate to store excess calories as body fat.
  2. Intermittent Fasting. I began with an 18:6 schedule. I recently added a weekly 36-hour fast, beginning Sunday evening and ending Tuesday morning. I found that I sometimes become a bit lax about the diet on the weekends (a little red wine, a little chocolate, too many nuts), and the “meal-less Monday” gets me back on track for the week.

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Thank you

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It is the same with the samples they hand out at Costco and Trader Joe’s… zero calorie!!

Of course, since keto… I can’t overlook the carbs, dammit!

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i have had a struggle with addiction for ten years, and even if its food, drugs or alkohol its basically the same shit just a different toilet. One thing i learned in rehab that realy stuck with me is to remember to take one day at a time. Dont worry about summer time, or the vacation or freak out about the fact that you will never have a candybar again. just deside that today is gona be a good and keto friendly day and you will se that one day those one days turns into years. We are not the mistakes of our past, evrybody can wake up in the morning and deside to be the best version of themself evryday. thats my philosophy :smiley: great read tnx!

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REALLY good advice!

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I really like your thoughts on this!!
Thank you for sharing!!

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thank you <3

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Totally. The same applies to fasting.
I always say to people if it feels bad, then something isn’t right.
People are so used to having “diets” feel bad or miserable, they think it comes with the territory and assume they have to bear the misery to get the benefits. :frowning_face:

Thank you for the excellent post!

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I use stones as milestones too. Once I’ve reach the next stone down I then concentrate on the following and nothing else. Breaks it down and makes it seem like I can do this. Started off nearly 17st and now in my 14stone mark trying to get to 13stone. I actually forgot for a moment when I was saying something about my start weight that I was actually 1lp away from 17stone… For a moment at least .

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Great post!
Thank you stupidrobots, I will definitely be sharing this post with my husband who needs all the encouragement he can get!

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It’s hard but worth it! I see your struggle and I’ve been there!! I’m down 9 months and 60 lb. Keep going!!