What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

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I see what you did there!

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So the fifty grams of carbs right after a workout doesn’t throw you out of ketosis?

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Amen! Some of the best advice I’ve read

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For sure, it not even a common sense, it’s a wisdom out there, was really a pleasure to read this.
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FThis is the best post I have ever read! I have been Keto for almost a year and have also learned a lot and I wish I had read your post before starting. I fell into the trap of making “Keto” desserts almost daily for several months. It wasn’t until I started eating clean that my body was able to heal. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom!!

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That was great advice!!! Thank You


Assuming these items are hitting your macro goals, can you elaborate how almond flour, stevia or (home made) cakes in general should be considered as non-healthy?


I know for myself I can not stop at 1 or even 2…so I stay away from the desserts or fat bombs…taste too good!

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For me personally they trigger all sorts of food related addictions.
I made some vaguely bread like keto crackers out of flax seed coconut oil and butter. I could not eat just one and within about 12 hours the whole lot had gone. I have no control over things with that bready texture,… I will not have them again so for me they are not healthy.


Great write up. Interesting your highlight of tracking and “counting” calories. It’s something I avoid, but the way you have called for its use is logical. As a tool to get people on the right track with their nutrition, it’s invaluable. Thanks for your efforts and sharing!

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This is a fantastic share. Thank you so much!


good bullet points.

my challenge is variety, it can get boring having basically the same things week after week. I try and mix things up with finding keto recipes for international cuisines and experiment with spices. I used to eat out all the time, often chinese, and I just can’t do that anymore because when I do, I’m thrown out of whack and it takes me a week to get back into ketosis.

I’m so glad I can look at cakes and other carby things and not want them in the least. if I do get sweet cravings, I’ve found some substitutes that work, but I can feel how the artificial sweeteners affect me and remind myself that I don’t feel good afterwards.

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And how is this not improving health? And what makes you think a ketogenic diet isn’t whole foods based?

please show me the science?

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Why not?

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Vegan, no fat?? That doesn’t leave much in the way of nutrition. Are you taking B12?

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My understanding is it is really difficult to be vegan keto. One cup of quinoa, for instance, has 39 carbs. And fruit has a lot of carbs. Maybe you can tolerate that amount. But are you really doing keto?. You say fat is bad - are you talking about saturated fat, or all fat? If I were attempting vegan keto, I would definitely add avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, etc. Are you doing this?

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I don’t think the poster said anything about being keto. She joined the group fifteen minutes before providing her first post entreating all of us to stop eating fat. In a very long thread outlining someone else’s success with a LCHF diet.

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Why do people do that!

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