What I've learned after 5 years, 80 pounds of fat loss and 20 pounds of muscle gain

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Mfp when I am tracking

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Nice! I started two months ago and needed the pep talk to keep me on track. I have been doing it very lazy keto, and regret not having taken measurements.
Yesterday for the first time I had some sugar free chocolates after reading a post and some peanut butter, net I am up 2 lbs. vs. yesterday yikes.

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If you are craving carbs try some cheese slices spread with butter.


I love cheese spread with butter! I get some strange looks when observed preparing and consuming this with great enjoyment, but yes, it is VERY satisfying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Glad to know I’m not the only weirdo on these forums! :cheese:

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most people would be down with having the two melted together atop some vegetables or something like that, so why not?

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Haha! I heard jimmy Moore suggest that once, and thought “YUK!” But I tried it and love it!!! Glad I’m not the only one!!


Thanks Stupidrobots, helped me understand how my belly fat is shrinking but scales showing no weight loss

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Thanks. That really helps. I have been doing things wrong all along. It is good to have help like yours.

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thank you for sharing your experience

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I like your number 5, so many people want to replace a donut with a keto donut.

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Hi! Thank you for this awesome post. I have been on Keto for 9 days. 2 days ago I started having right shoulder and right hip and upper thigh pain. I am tracking my macros doin 14g net carbs, 109g fat and 88g protein on average. I saw that right shoulder pain can be an indicator of liver/gallbladder issues. I woke up this morning without shoulder pain and my thigh/hip pain subsided too until after i ate.Tonight I feel the pain in all 3 areas and some pressure on the right side of my heart but not pain. I’m trying not to stress but feel a little freaked out about the possibility that my body might not be breaking down the fats. I am consuming himalayan pink salt, Dr. Berg’s electrolyte powder and Wheatgrass daily. I just ordered the Gallbladder support and hopefully it will be here tomorrow. Does anyone have any advise?

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Thanks for all the advice and tips!Really enjoyed reading this.

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Kathryn, I had chronic right shoulder pain until I started Keto. But on advice elsewhere when I first started, I concurrently started 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tsp lemon juice in a tall (12-16 oz) glass of water (sparkling in my case for taste) 3-4 times a day. Within 2 weeks my shoulder pain of ~15 years had cleared completely. I have since introduced bile salts once a day as well just in case.

I would talk to a nutritionist and your Dr. ASAP, but there is no harm in supplementing with this to validate if that is a gallbladder issue.

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Thank you!

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Brilliant post… totally what I needed to read today; thanking you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve given answers to some questions that I have been too scared to face let alone ask. Unfortunately I can’t throw out the carbs at home due to others in the home, but I am now better equipped just knowing that when the cravings hit, it’s normal, and I should possibly get out of the house and go eat my keto in the park or some place calm. I was also recently told by a friend who is very athletic that i am overthinking this, that I should do a keto “without fats besides nuts” (??) and that all this reading and weighing and measuring and tracking cms is a very rapid obcession that I have to stop - immediately. The friend was very forceful and it hurt my feelings but it also put me in doubt. Doubt was in part cleared by my morning weigh in and measurements because keto works, but my heart felt small. Your post has really given me peace of mind and i will come back to it frequently. I started this thinking I’ll do it for 2 months and hopefully drop some weight… but I’ve realised three days in that I am probably going to have a full lifestyle convergence, and I have to prepare for that emotionally (I’m a softie)

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KetoinAfrica, congratulations on making the right decisions in undertaking your quest. Your experience with your well meaning friend underscores why so many warn us to not tell folks when we are intentionally eating high fat foods, skipping breakfast, fasting and engaging in similar behaviors that fly in the face of “conventional wisdom” – at least until your body has changed so much that you are a walking billboard for this way of eating (WOE). I understand where they are coming from–I was once like them. I thought I was doing the right thing eating oats cooked with raisins and brown sugar every morning. Much of the time I was “slightly” overweight, but I could cut back on calories and up my exercise to drop 20 pounds any time I wanted to. Little did I know the damage I was doing to my organ systems. Apparently I was on my way to becoming what they call a “skinny diabetic.” Thank goodness you are here, among friends who know better.

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Love it. Frankly a little appalled at all the keto dessert recipes. Sugar is so addictive and if your brain is still reading it that way you still have an addiction problem.


Thank you. This forum is my daily support group.