What did you NOT eat today?



This may be a little bit silly, but I was thinking about the “What did you Keto today?” thread, and considered posting this picture. But instead of posting a picture of a wonderful, delicious, keto healthy meal, I’d post something I was confronted with, yet managed to avoid the temptation of eating.

You see, every second Thursday of the month, we have a safety meeting at work. We meet about 30 mins. early, and the company provides donuts. Donuts used to be a huge temptation for me, and there have been a few times I’ve given in and eaten one, since going keto. Ironically, every time has been regrettable, because I got sick to my stomach, and was left with a horrible taste in my mouth. (I’ve got another story about coconut cream pie. Another time.)

So today, I took a picture and thought I’d post here, sort of like holding myself accountable, but more like bragging of what I avoided.

I don’t know, maybe someone else would like to share they’re successful avoidance story.

Trigger Warning: Avoid viewing this picture of donuts if you find it too tempting. (You’ve been warned.)

I'm PISSed. Mentally and physically
Stuck in a Keto craving rut!
Why can’t I search for a topic?
Posting on here to keep myself from eating sugar
(Lonnie Hedley) #2

We often have donuts too. “One won’t hurt you”. Yep, one shot of heroin probably won’t hurt either but…

(Marian Diaz) #3

I did not eat a muffin from the tray sitting out at work - even though it was a cinnamon swirl… phew!

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #4

The other night we had a complex party for one of the kids birthdays.
I told his mother I’d bring a plate to share before the pizza arrived.
I bought kabana and cheese and dip and crackers and a few other bits and pieces, cut it up nicely and put it downstairs and invited everyone else to enjoy it.
I didn’t touch it, once!
I was fasting.
The next day we had a morning tea at work with all the things - cake, chips, donuts, dip etc
Avoided that too!
I feel like my willpower is getting so much stronger. I love it.


Not today… but the monthy Costco birthday cake is hard to say no to.

(Lorraine) #6

I did not eat the puffed caramel corn that my daughter got at Oceola Cheese yesterday.


Fresh baked bread. My health food store bakes their own breads, pastries etc, and when I walked in this morning I could smell the freshly baked ciabatta! The olive ciabatta is SO good! But not good for my BS! :cry:


I am partial to crumb donuts as well as the maple frosted ones. :roll_eyes:


My work usually has Colossal Donuts during our monthly meetings as well, (some of the biggest damn donuts I’ve seen!) … but I didn’t usually partake in eating them even back before Keto. Was never big on breakfast, especially at work. Weekends occasionally, and of course, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc.

But here’s something that kind of fits this thread? Something I didn’t eat today, …but will tomorrow! :smile:

The Cheesecake I made 2 days ago. Since I give my CC’s 3 days to set up before cutting into them. Makes them extremely creamy as they tighten up nicely. :slight_smile:


That looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I never thought I would crave cheesecake, because so many of the commercial ones are meh, but my mom made delicious cheesecakes. She made them using a pie tin, and usually made 2 at a time. She and I were the only ones in my family who liked cheesecake, so we would devour them, one to each. :smiley:


I’ve been making cheesecakes for around 20 years now. :slight_smile:


I did not buy the ginger mango cheese that I was going to. The carbs are much higher obviously because of the mango in it.

The universe rewarded me by helping me spot the halloumi cheese that was hidden in plain sight.

(Kerin ) #13

I am so sick of them nice happened gifts of sweet treat! I feel guilty about not taking one because I know my boss is just doing the best as know how.
I’m wishing and willing to make helium balloons and homemade cards the brand new and improved sweet treat of 2018!

(Troy) #14

I will play for today😁
I rarely go out to eat, I’m boring

Went To a pizza/buffet
Shakeys Pizza here SoCal

Just Like any buffet salad bar, always carby stuff!!
Stuck w salad, bacon bits, olives, vinegar, cucumbers
And some baked chicken legs n thighs

So I did NOT eat pizza and the ever so good famous mojo potatoes :cry::grin:


Hubby has been tucking into salted caramel icecream the last few nights- smells so good! Resisted, just!


Hang in there, Jules! Salted caramel ice cream, that’s tough.


I’ve had pizza several time, but I scrape off the toppings and throw away the crust.

It’s not always the best, but it’s better than eating all that bread. :grin:


I avoided a plate of French fries and a chocolate glazed donut that was offered to me at lunch time.


Way to go, Fred!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #20

I did not sneak one of my husband’s egg rolls when he got Chinese food today.