Posting on here to keep myself from eating sugar


(Sue) #16

Thanks Kay. I have been sipping on some hot green tea. I’d love to connect and hear about your recovery from BED.

(Sue) #17

Great idea :smiley: I have hand lotion at my desk. I applied it on my hands and started smelling it.
The things we have to do!

You are so right about the nutrition value. It’s absolute crap and u should never offer it to anyone u cared for!

(Willow) #18

I know your feeling I recently had a family gathering where there was cheese cake. I love cheesecake. I stopped myself from eating it. My little nephew was sitting on my lap eating his and I had to hold back. I did it! I have been addicted to sugar for ever since I started drinking soda at like 7 years old. But I stopped myself. You have to tell yourself you don’t need it, because you don’t. Think about what it does to you! You made the first step to stop eating sugar; that muffin is evil! Stay strong listen to a motivational song, or go on a quick walk, or drink water. I sit at a desk all day too and believe me sometimes I think I am hungry when really I am just bored or thirsty. :brain: don’t listen to the addicted part of your brain !!! Keep up the good work!

(Sue) #19

TThanks so much for sharing this @ZombiePagan89. I think it is incidents like that where u know u succeeded over your addiction that slowly build up your resilience and belief in yourself. It’s also refreshing to hear people that speak about sugar addiction plainly. IRL I am surrounded by people who get defensive around me when I use that word and believe that u need to use will power

As a general update I survived last night. Came back home and ate chicken curried with coconut milk and tomato with a side of avocado. I am so grateful to everyone that kept my mind occupied last evening! Thanks a bundle!

(Shanda) #20

Great job @Sue_2018.
My son went to a birthday party last night. Staring me in the face was my absolute favorite pre-keto indulgence. Chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing. The temptation was real. But, I thought of you and your struggles at the office yesterday. Knowing the strength you showed by not giving in truly made saying no thank you so much easier. This community is a team helping each other every step and stumble along the way. Thanks for being my inspiration past this hurdle.

(Sue) #22

@Shanda I am so happy to hear that u were able to stay strong! Now I am going to have to remember this the next time the sugar demon strikes :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine u thinking of me as an inspiration. I really do not have my shit together! But I feel like doing keto is the only time I can take a step in the right direction. We should check in with each other when we r feeling weak in the face of temptation, if u r up for it!

(Shanda) #23

We got this. We can be strong together :grin:

(Sue) #24

Yes, we can! I am seriously thinking of carrying a sample size scented hand lotion or perfume oil on my person at all times, to ward off evil smells!


That’s why we invented Vapo-rub (well that and riding on public transportation) - just put a bit under your nose and problem solved.

(Running from stupidity) #26

Another good way to do this is to put a random term into the search for the site, then go off down that rabbit hole.


Whenever they bring out food at work, I always make sure I face them on a full belly.

I have an emergency supply of avocado, nuts, canned fish, cheese …

When I was ignorant, sugar and wheat all seemed “so natural” but now I know the body just cannot the industrially produced chemicals in huge supply so if all else fails I remind myself of this, I lose my appetite for it.

Also look forward to what we can have! We have the power of F on our side. F for fat, F for flavour. We can have amazing foods sugar-holics dare not touch.

(Jill F.) #28

I feel you. My son had his birthday party today and there is cake and cookies staring me down. I am very grateful I had bad keto flu for several days that deters me from indulging. I too think I had an addiction to sugar and tended to binge eat out of emotions rather than hunger. I plan ahead now, make sure I eat before temptation strikes. I am addicted to carbs and I know for me I can never eat like that again.

(Mary ) #29

Oh no, now I need to find keto cheesecake recipe. Bet there are a ton of them

(Running from stupidity) #30

No no, you WANT to find one. WANT. You NEED food. You WANT cheesecake.

(Mary ) #31

True. I need to make a keto cheesecake for when I want it! My current distraction is videos about how keto is helping me improve my health

(Willow) #32

There are these keto muffin cheesecake things I found on Pinterest and tried they have like 3 total carbs. Can’t find the recipe at the moment

(Alex ) #33


The struggle is very real, well done for avoiding :blush:

I’ve done a fair bit of reading up on cravings, the brain does many things at a psychological level to trip us up.

Usually, I find the 1 hour rule works pretty well with hunger and sugar cravings in general, and alcohol actually (for those of us that have multi addiction issues !) - so give yourself an hour, regardless of what it is, tell yourself at the time that you will reassess the situation after 60 minutes, if you still want it as bad have it.

Usually, for me anyway, the craving has passed and I’m over it.

Cravings are an emotional response, and emotions come and go in phases, if you can divert your attention for an hour, you should usually crack it.

(Sue) #34

I know exactly what you mean. I read somewhere that true physiological hunger is slow and builds up over hours. Cravings are triggered in the brain and are greedy and grabby and wreck havoc!
I think I will adopt the 1 hr rule for sugar and carb cravings - but slightly modified - eat something keto friendly and spend 1 hr on the keto forums and if I still want to indulge in the sugar treat after an hour, I can :+1::+1::+1:

(Alex ) #35

Yeah this forum is fantastic for accountability :heart_eyes:


Ah, the siren song of muffins.

Sue, this is EXACTLY why I made my “What did you NOT eat today?” thread.

Whenever you’re tempted, feel free to take a picture of the offending food, and post it there. We’ll be more than happy to cheer on your avoidance!