I'm PISSed. Mentally and physically

(Bunny) #57

If you have a really good physicians scale you will see your weight fluctuate all day long simply by drinking water, urinating or eating!

(Jane) #59

Just restrict your carbs to as low as you can go and after 6-8 weeks your body should be running much more efficiently on ketones.

After a couple of days in ketosis you have used up your carbs stores but your body doesn’t know how to burn ketones very well. This is the period where a lot of folks feel like crap. Electrolytes help. Their wright stalls after the initial water loss.

You will know when you are fat-adapted. Your hunger and cravings will diminish. You will feel better. You may forget to eat and start skipping meals naturally.

(Ellie) #60

Not quite, eat fat to get fat adapted.

Once you start using your body fat for fuel you will naturally be less hungry and will end up eating less fat, less generally in fact.
Fasting is then possible because you have a source of fuel, you are just not eating it!

That is why the advice is to eat to satiety. The amount you need to eat to reach satiety should reduce naturally.

I understand your fear about eating way too much. On a carby diet I had no full signal and could eat a vast amount and then feel hungry a short time later. That doesnt happen to me on keto. I have refound my bodies natural mechanisms to tell me when it doesn’t need any more. I honestly never thought that would happen.

(Diane) #61

Thanks for sharing this link! Excellent summary of hormonal theory of weight management.

(Cynthia Anderson) #62

I haven’t seen the scale budge in 4 weeks.
However people keep telling me I’m losing weight.
I look skinnier and an skinnier. My fat clothes don’t fit anymore and clothes that used to be too small fit.

(Yvonne ) #63

This is why I quit jumping on the scale daily and weekly. I was getting frustrated on losing one day and gaining the next. I only weigh at the Dr office. Instead, I just keep watching my clothes get looser and looser. My next Dr. appointment is in weeks. Not weighing until then.

This weekend is going to be a challenge, 2 day family reunion in the country. I have to stay away from the homemade peach cobblers and made from scratch pound cakes.

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Me too, that’s why I track :slight_smile:

OP - Mate, I get that you like 1MAD, but if you can get past that in order to eat more so you can become fat-adapted, you’ll reap great benefits in the long-term. Yes, it’s counter-intuitive, but we’re not all saying to do it because we’re trolling :slight_smile:


Yvonne, if it helps, take a picture of the food you’re avoiding, and post them to the What did you NOT eat today? thread, and we’ll be there to cheer you on.


Can you expound union that? I like to do 1MAD also. So, maybe I should do it differently?

(Adriana) #67

I do bullet proof cocoa, its delicious :grin:


You should listen to the 2KD Megan Ramos podcast on mixing it up. She basically states that it is not best to do OMAD. That some days you should eat 2 , some 1 and others fast. It keeps.your body guessing. I found it informative.


But did you find it works?


When I first started that was my goal…to eat only once a day. But I find that I do not eat enough at that one meal and that by having 2 meals most days and throwing in one a day or sometimes fasting a day or three it does work better for fat loss. Everyone is different but the days I eat sooooo much food I see loss.


Good to know. I’ll go listen to the Podcast you mentioned.

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I wrote WAY too much for a reply in this thread, so I’m creating a thread which I will link to here in a minute. I’m also doing that so people can find it more easily and (most likely) disagree with me/correct me there rather than in here.

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Yeah, eat more like I did and gain weight


How do you make it?? What’s the carb count on that?

(Adriana) #76

@That_Fat_Guy In a cup of hot water I mix one tablespoon of cocoa (I like it strong :slightly_smiling_face:), one or two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of heavy cream, a little bit of vainilla, nutmeg and cinnamon, sometimes I add a few drops of stevia, sometimes I don’t. I think it must be like 2g of carbs per cup, and it’s super filling.

I also make bulletproof matcha, golden milk, black tea, etcetera, depending on what I have on hand and what I’m craving, the principle is the same: add fat to hot drinks :grin:


Thanks for sharing. I will be trying that out shortly since it’s getting colder here in Ohio