What did you NOT eat today?



@Regina That’s awesome!

I’m thankful Lisa and I eat the same stuff, because I don’t know if I could handle that. :thinking:

But my son doesn’t eat keto, and he’s always buying cookies and candy and baking things. He usually offers some to us. He’s being so sweet, trying to share, but I have to turn him down, and it makes me feel sad. :cry:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #22

I have the same problem - my husband and son have a rough idea of my diet, but they still politely offer me popcorn and such. Guess they figure I’ll wake up one morning and say: “I know, starches…” :rofl:


I went into Tim Hortons and only got an iced coffee even though I was hungry. I’ve also been avoiding all the work chocolate.

Usually it doesn’t bother me but today I’m a little peckish


I was in line to buy some powdered psyllium, and saw a rack of pastries w/ fruit centers. My mouth didn’t water but I sure felt like buying some. And then I thought, no. go home and make your keto mug bread, now that you have the ground psyllium.


Great job, Ann!

Yeah, those pastries were always hard for me to pass up too, but I’m proud you did.

Way to show those peddlers of cheap, sweet carbage.


Now that’s dedication!
I usually have to quarantine myself, when fasting. :laughing:

(A Tabitha Ann Swanks) #27

My family ate Little Caesars pizza with Krispy Kreme birthday cake Donuts and sherbet ice cream along with diet dr. Pepper and Diet Coke. I did not


I don’t think I could resist!! Awesome job!



I’m lovin’ this thread. It makes me so happy!


Holy crap! That is massive carbage! At this point in my keto WoE, I would have major GI issues necessitating frequent trips to the bathroom AND very high BS! :scream::scream::scream:

Sometimes it’s easy to resist when you know what the side effects will be.


I had MY REVENGE on my family yesterday! Made some keto brownies- they smelt so good, the family walked into the kitchen ‘ooh brownies’, I told them they were keto ones, they looked so sad… my son did try one but didn’t like the flavour of almond flour in them, so wouldn’t eat any more, I get to eat them all, while they are disappointed for a change! :smile:


Yep, found that out on holiday after a flapjack!


Oh, bummer! :anguished:

(A Tabitha Ann Swanks) #34

The big help for me has been seeing the scale. I weigh once a week. First week I lost 6 lb. And yesterday I had lost 11. This will be day 14 in the morning.

(A Tabitha Ann Swanks) #35

The first two days I was in it my mother in law (lives with us) bought a bunch of sweets. They all went through them pretty fast and they are all to lazy to bake. Since I started I have made chocolate lava cake, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. I will not let anyone but the two year old have any. :smiling_imp: They just look longingly and say "oh that looks good. And no i don’t feel bad because they have no issue with continually buying “the good stuff” and eating it next to me.

(Brad) #36

What a cool question! Donuts are so hard to pass up. Today I passed up my favorite, Mocha Chip Ice Cream! I had zoodles instead of pasta with my chicken. I passed on pretzels, cheese puffs, pop tarts, Coke and pizza. Man, it gets hard when the kids “help” shop for groceries.

(Troy) #37

Tasty yes, I was able to eat a bowl by themselves b4

Family member made the soup
Really good btw
Just had the broth and some Veges ( and added some kerrygold :heart_eyes:)

Side note , rant.
“ oh. You can just peel the outside layer and eat the inside if you want “
Even that’s too much work for me😂
“ sure . pass the scalpel and tweezers. Let me start start to dissect these thinly wrapped ravioli wanna be’s”

I digress


I’ll bet you felt better than they did, after it was all said and done. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At least they have a basic understanding of the diet :joy:


Fortunately my kids are old enough they do their own shopping, So, Lisa and I just get what we want. Whew…