What did you NOT eat today?



Toes are better than Burek? :slight_smile:


They are :slight_smile:
I just hope my bosnian friends wont read this :sweat_smile:


I have been avoiding movie theaters because of the popcorn, which has one of those tantalizing aromas like coffee and bacon. Can’t remember ever going to a movie and not having it. Last night I went to my first movie and sat next to a huge tub of the stuff for 3 hours of ads and trailers and movie and didn’t have a single kernel. After the first hour :drooling_face:, I didn’t even notice it anymore.:woozy_face:
Feels like a milestone.:smiley:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #814

Maybe this reframing helps too, if others are struggling:

I learned to appreciate the smell of it, without connecting it to eating.
(like you would enjoy the sent of a flower or so)

I remind myself it tastes like cardboard and the only yummy thing about it is butter and salt. which actually are keto.


Great job, @jeanbar!

Yeah, it was kind of a hard break for me too, but I eventually got there.

That’s some deep thinking there. :+1:

:metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:


That’s why you’re called Hardrock Keto Chick!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #816

Thank you :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I think I got the main idea from a “try this at home tipp” from gretchen rubins podcast “happier”. I just try to adapt it to all the keto ways


Excellent suggestion!


Today, as well as yesterday, Friday, Thursday, I did not eat cookies. We have them at work, but we are only 6 teachers sharing that office. One anti-wheat pescatarian, one diabetic (type 1, I believe), one ketoer, and one who’s on a different (sustainable) low carb low meat diet. Those cookies are lasting long with only two people to eat them… (a vegetarian and a part-time naturalist or whatever I should call it, who have not yet decided to quit the sugar). It’s a great environment for following any sustainable woe. Supporting each other in not eating what we choose to abstain from.

That’s what I do, with candy smells. Take it in at the grocery store, then walk past. But I’m somewhat lucky to be too lazy to even get a real addiction. My “carb addiction” was really more of a convenience thing, even when it went on for years. I have also smoked, without getting the will to continue, and I have alcohol in my house which I can’t be bothered to drink…


Just throw them away and pretend someone ate them. :smile:


Nuh, they’re good to have when the janitor drops by. He’s the most important person at my workplace, together with the cleaners. Being o friendly terms with them is paramount.


I can believe this.

I’m a bookkeeper, and I always say to be sure and pay your lawyer and accountant.

Some people just have higher priority than others. :slight_smile:


Had a very frustrating phone call.

A few weeks ago I would have gotten all stressed out, then hit the biscuits/ chocolate/ popcorn or even all 3.
Today, I was frustrated, but not stressed, and I did not resort to comfort eating!


(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #824

Quick tipp:

I found that really helpful
There Are longer talks of Mel Robbins with the how, why, science behind it. But this is just the short essence of things.

Long version

I did not eat that last square of 90% emergency chocolate in my drawer… (5,4,3,2,1 …go)


Thanks to all the information I read, while those colors are gorgeous… all I see are drugs! :joy:

I had AWFUL leg pain the last five nights. I thought at 2:30am hey maybe I should have some Mac & cheese. Maybe some carbs would help. I didn’t. But I wanted to… really no craving… just to get rid of the pain :pensive:


How are your electrolytes?

Maybe a bath in Epsom salt?


Thank you. I am trying that tonight. I’m on day 5 of this (started 3 weeks ago & have had no issues except this) and not sleeping is killing me softly.

I am taking a mag supplement with mag, calcium D & zinc. My potassium powder arrives today & I am naturally a salt eater but I have been adding more. I tried bone broth for the first time yesterday and last night was one of the worst nights and I went to bed with newly swollen fingers. I’m positive sodium isn’t the issue. How do people normally get magnesium?


A lot of people around here make what we call ketoaide, heres the recipe:

Some use this:

Which I’ve tried myself, but I just ordered this to try, because the absorption is supposed to be really good.


Thank you!


I had some odd pain in a muscle. Salted my burgers with potassium salt last night, and my water today, and it’s gone. Might just be that it got enough rest though.

This is the best thing about keto. I can get frustrated, angry, a little put off. But stressed, anxious, worrisome? Not a chance. Not enough carbs to fuel negativity for more than a couple minutes.