What did you NOT eat today?



I’d say that was more like a great big victory! Rejoice away my friend, rejoice away!

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I just watched this:

I really liked it, so now I want to comit to myself:


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Nice! Thanks for sharing the link to this video.

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I already failed😓
I can’t commit to watching any videos w/o being distracted

Interesting though
I “Don’t” eat after 8pm. So yes that is my policy and it has been for a long time
Sooo…I guess I did eventually complete the video



I do miss burek :slight_smile: with cold yogurt…
But then again, it is definitely not worth losing what I have now :slight_smile:

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Toes are better than Burek? :slight_smile:


They are :slight_smile:
I just hope my bosnian friends wont read this :sweat_smile:


I have been avoiding movie theaters because of the popcorn, which has one of those tantalizing aromas like coffee and bacon. Can’t remember ever going to a movie and not having it. Last night I went to my first movie and sat next to a huge tub of the stuff for 3 hours of ads and trailers and movie and didn’t have a single kernel. After the first hour :drooling_face:, I didn’t even notice it anymore.:woozy_face:
Feels like a milestone.:smiley:

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Maybe this reframing helps too, if others are struggling:

I learned to appreciate the smell of it, without connecting it to eating.
(like you would enjoy the sent of a flower or so)

I remind myself it tastes like cardboard and the only yummy thing about it is butter and salt. which actually are keto.

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Great job, @jeanbar!

Yeah, it was kind of a hard break for me too, but I eventually got there.

That’s some deep thinking there. :+1:

:metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:


That’s why you’re called Hardrock Keto Chick!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #816

Thank you :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I think I got the main idea from a “try this at home tipp” from gretchen rubins podcast “happier”. I just try to adapt it to all the keto ways


Excellent suggestion!


Today, as well as yesterday, Friday, Thursday, I did not eat cookies. We have them at work, but we are only 6 teachers sharing that office. One anti-wheat pescatarian, one diabetic (type 1, I believe), one ketoer, and one who’s on a different (sustainable) low carb low meat diet. Those cookies are lasting long with only two people to eat them… (a vegetarian and a part-time naturalist or whatever I should call it, who have not yet decided to quit the sugar). It’s a great environment for following any sustainable woe. Supporting each other in not eating what we choose to abstain from.

That’s what I do, with candy smells. Take it in at the grocery store, then walk past. But I’m somewhat lucky to be too lazy to even get a real addiction. My “carb addiction” was really more of a convenience thing, even when it went on for years. I have also smoked, without getting the will to continue, and I have alcohol in my house which I can’t be bothered to drink…

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Just throw them away and pretend someone ate them. :smile:


Nuh, they’re good to have when the janitor drops by. He’s the most important person at my workplace, together with the cleaners. Being o friendly terms with them is paramount.

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I can believe this.

I’m a bookkeeper, and I always say to be sure and pay your lawyer and accountant.

Some people just have higher priority than others. :slight_smile:


Had a very frustrating phone call.

A few weeks ago I would have gotten all stressed out, then hit the biscuits/ chocolate/ popcorn or even all 3.
Today, I was frustrated, but not stressed, and I did not resort to comfort eating!

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(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #824

Quick tipp:

I found that really helpful
There Are longer talks of Mel Robbins with the how, why, science behind it. But this is just the short essence of things.

Long version

I did not eat that last square of 90% emergency chocolate in my drawer… (5,4,3,2,1 …go)


Thanks to all the information I read, while those colors are gorgeous… all I see are drugs! :joy:

I had AWFUL leg pain the last five nights. I thought at 2:30am hey maybe I should have some Mac & cheese. Maybe some carbs would help. I didn’t. But I wanted to… really no craving… just to get rid of the pain :pensive: