What did you NOT eat today?


(Hermie) #831

I bought 20 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from my long-distance grand-daughters. 6 will go to my sister, 2 were given to my daughter, 2 were given to a friend (we did eat 2-3 thin mint cookies over 2 days), and the rest will be in the kitchen for other friends and relatives to consume on upcoming vacations. Sadly, the gluten-free toffee cookies have the most carbs!

(Troy) #832

I have the orange flavor Ultima @dlc96_darren
I got the 30 serving at a local wellness center
I really like it!!
as a change of pace or something different

For example, I just NOW mixed in a half serving in to my ACV evening concoction
I find a full scoop just too sweet lol
So, I can extend the container longer. A cost savings🙂

Yes. I will try another flavor next
Gonna even go for the 90 serving container like you bought

('Jackie P') #833

Has anyone tried oomi protein noodles? Made with fish proten.


Not yet, but I’ve just had a Tesco delivery with some in it.
I’ll let you know how it goes!


YAY!!! Stress-eating is such a HUGE hurdle to clear, and definitely one of the most difficult things to deal with!

I am so happy for you, and encouraged!!!


I had to work really late last night, so hubby had to handle dinner. That usually equates to pizza. And, last night was no different. I got home at 10:15, and there it was: pizza. I was hungry, and wanted to eat…but decided it would be best to stick to my 16:8or 18:6 IF, and just hide in my bedroom, until the pizza disappeared.
So glad I did!.. Another small victory!

(Diane) #837

You had a long day, got home hungry, and still avoided the pizza temptation. This is a BIG victory!


This is what I didn’t eat today! Visited a friend and these were out. Didn’t even have 1!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #839

A work buddy has is last one and is giving a little farewell toast.
I am fasting and going to work out after.

I won’t eat anything. Just make myself a nice tea and toast with that. I don’t care if people look at me funny…

The irony… they just made popcorn… I will follow my own advice… it’s a flower!


Blueberry PIe. I was cleaning out the upstairs freezer, and found a bag of them from last summer. I knew I’d have 4 kids and hubby here for dinner, so I decided—it would be fine and they’d eat it all. I was close to correct. There is 1 large piece left, and I’m not touching it!!! Not even a taste.

Instead, I am making my Keto meatloaf, which should be ready inside 30mins. Its too late to eat it, if I stick to my IF schedule…but it will be there tomorrow, and for days after!

(Ashley) #841

That’s what I do, I make 5-6 days worth of chili. Freeze it and defrost each day. One big bowl is enough for a day for me. Also makes it very budget friendly having a big batch of premade food and makes it easy when your lazy!


Taken out for a late lunch/ early dinner for mothers day.
I didn’t eat this

Or this

Or any other pudding on the menu.
I did have a look but all high sugar and it’s just not worth rocking the boat. I just doing so well.
I didn’t even have a spoonful of the icecream S left.
Not bad for a self confessed carb-aholic :grinning:


God @HelenM, I thought, “Wait, it’s Mother’s Day?” :astonished:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not bad at all! :+1:


It is the UK, not for everyone else though! :rofl::rofl:

(Christy) #845

My husband was trying to be sweet (?) this morning. He told me he was proud of me & I deserved a donut lol

… I politely declined.

(less is more, more or less) #846

Um … thanks and all … but …

(Christy) #847

Basically :joy: He meant well lol.

He’s still having a very hard time with the concept of NO SUGAR … none, zero, not even a little!

(less is more, more or less) #848

He is not alone. Hell, I was him, 3 years ago.

(Christy) #849

I am doing my best to persuade him but, he’s a total junky :woman_facepalming:t3: He is currently trying to gain 10 pounds. I told him to drop all the sugar & carbs & to let me help him. He says, “Sure!” as he reaches for his third glass of chocolate milk. It’s frustrating at times.

What finally made you see the light?!

(less is more, more or less) #850

Oh, of course “Mr. Wind Bag” (me, not your husband) has an entire blog which answers this question:

Because it’s a long answer, and I’ve had decades of endomorphic living.