What did you Keto today?


How was it? Looks amazing…

(Ernest) #2466

Much appreciated @gatita

(matt ) #2467


Sous Vide then rolled in pork rinds and fried.

(Brenda Zorn) #2468

My portmeirion plates!

(Ernest) #2469

Road OMAD!
Almond flour tortillas smoked beef quesadilla.

(Susan) #2470

These sound delicious – and too easy! No butter or almond flour? I’m going try the recipe right now and see how they turn out, should be perfect for our camping trip. I promise I won’t complain if they don’t turn out the first time; all I have is granulated Swerve on hand but hopefully it won’t hurt the end product. Did you use creamy or crunchy peanut butter or does it matter?

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

I love portmeiron plates they’re so pretty!


First time ever making meat loaf , wish me well as it’s lunch.

Ready to go in the oven

The outcome


Those tortillas look so good! Recipe? When you’re not traveling :wink:


Spinach roulade with turkey, salami, cream cheese and super aged cheddar

(Andrew Anderson) #2475

Break a 30hr fast like a boss.


High in iron too. Lol


I had been staying away from Ranch dresssing because I had it filed under ‘bad’

I was checking labels and realised it was high fat not high carb (duh)

Keto just got even better :slight_smile:


Wow. Looks so classy … but I think I could do that :smile:



Bacon sandwich with tomatoes from our garden and avocado oil mayonnaise on almond-flour bread. I’m a (well-fed) creature of habit.

(Dustin Sherrill) #2480

Fancy enough to make my mouth water. I need a ribeye stat!

(James storie) #2481

Ultimate carivoreketo! Bacon, eggs, cheese, burger, with a side of salmon!

(Andrew Anderson) #2482

New member to my Keto Family today. Consider all holidays requiring gifts spent for a year. I got a Big Green Egg!

Tonight is my first attempt.


Homemade Keto chocolate ice cream with a square of 85% cocoa bar. #boringketo


Pickles, cream cheese, bacon