What did you Keto today?

(Mike W.) #2485

Keto deep dish pizza.

(bulkbiker) #2486

Recipe needed… that looks amazeballs…

(Mike W.) #2487

Crust recipe. I think the cast iron pan we used was key for crispness.

(bulkbiker) #2488

thanks for that… spookily I already had the bagel recipe and was going to try it this week…
have you put a tomato sauce and sausage filling under the cheese?


Local pasture raised hot italian sausage and spiralized green and yellow squash. Sauce is HWC, cumin, curry powder, and chili powder w/ butter. Used my new Lodge cast iron wok. DANDY.

(Mike W.) #2490

You will want to make the dough, press it into the cast iron pan and up the sides and poke some holes with a fork to minimize the big bubbles forming. Bake this at 350 for about 15 mins until lightly golden brown. Next we layered crumbled bacon, pepperoni sautéed onion/garlic, green olives and cheese. Then add a layer of sauce on that (we reduced our on the stove for a bit so it was thicker. Then top with more cheese! Bake again for about 25-30 mins and enjoy!

(Marie) #2492

BK, I was a pizza addict. I haven’t had any for two months now. So today, I attempted my first ever KF pizza, using a chicken crust I saw someone rave about in a FB post. I was so proud when I took it out of the oven then laughed so hard when I realized I’d forgotten to add the sauce! :laughing: So I warmed some up and dipped my pizza, but I still didn’t really enjoy this crust. I think my next attempt will be the Fathead version.

(Marie) #2493

Love it. I do this all the time. Buy one a week, do the same you, and chicken salad for lunches. Sweet.

(Marie) #2494

Does the Walden’s syrup have sorbitol in it? I notice Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar free does, and I understand that can spike sugar. That looks yummy!

(Marie) #2495

That strip of fat! :heart_eyes:

(Ernest) #2496

Scallops and shrimp with curry coconut cream sauce

(Ren) #2497

Spaghetti squash with Italian Sausage, grape tomatoes, and mixed greens w/ zuchinni spears.


Coho Salmon Tacos


I got really constipated eating the coconut flour crust (which is unknown to me on this diet), probably because it’s so compacted and fiberous. I would be careful of how much coconut flour you use.

Using Cronometer app, it’s telling me 100g of coconut flour have 36gram of fiber, and only 11gram for same amount of almond flour. Of course, too much almonds offset your omega3:6 ratio, and you should get blanched almond flour for reduce lectin.

For me, I’m going to use my 4lbs bag of coconut flour as fertilizer for my plants. Side note, I didn’t feel good with erythratol either and now using it as ant poison in my garden, I switched to stevia extract.


I finally got around to the bacon wrapped onion rings. Super easy and tasty! The cat also enjoyed stealing bits of bacon, it’s her favorite. Never leave bacon weaves on the counter unattended…

I had them with BBQ mayo dip - mayo, BBQ sauce, garlic, splash of Worcestershire sauce, pepper


Lunch: Spicy fermented cabbage, anchovies, chicken liver, shirataki noodle and sesame seeds.

Imagine the smell.

(roxanna) #2502

That’s my dream meal.

(matt ) #2503

There’s no coconut flour in Fathead unless that’s a substitution you made in the recipe.

(Jase) #2504


lemon curd in Laura and Veronica child’s chipotle cracker (swapped out chilli with cinnamon and ginger) bases with whipped cream- lovely! Made by my lovely wife- I can’t take credit!!!

(Marie) #2505

Those look divine!