What did you Keto today?

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #2444

My first keto cookies - peanut butter, egg, erythritol, and Lily’s Chocolate chips. I’ll make them again, and I’m happy I ate only 2 and didn’t binge eat them like I always did with pre-keto cookies.

(Jeremy Storie) #2445

How much of everything and how long and hot do they bake?

(Ren) #2446

Girarrosto - italian style rotisserie chicken.

Plenty left over to re-purpose this week.

(m) #2447

Waffles! Thanks @Brenda !! The recipe made me this one big waffle that I couldn’t even finish.


(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #2448

I created a recipe post :blush:

(Jeremy Storie) #2449

Thank you :blush:

(Ethan) #2450

Fasting for 4 days

(Doug) #2451

Looks to be quite high in fiber, though.


Weekend eats…

More scotch eggs went down - bird of choice this week - quail

Skillet tortilla pizza with two kinds of cheddar and pepperoni

The usual Sunday morning ribeye - sous vide and seared in a screaming cast iron.

Zevia root beer float

(KetoMarine) #2453

(Brenda Zorn) #2454

Your menu looks hideous.

How can anyone be expected to survive comfortably on that swill.

Keto is clearly torturous, restrictive, and deadly. Cease and desist this very moment! I implore you!

(deana leone) #2455

don’t judge. it was only 1/2 a tomato. :grimacing: eggs, mushrooms, cauliflower, asparagus, fresh basil, cheese crisps.

(Jill Bowman) #2456

Thanks for this Fiorella. I have friended a local butcher. I get cut offs from steaks now. 3 pounds for $1. I dice it, render it in a crock pot and strain the fat into a jar to store. The little chunks I fry up in cast iron for the BEST beef croutons ever!

(Jeremy Storie) #2457

I had Olive Garden tonight. I had them replace the pasta with Italian sausage with alfrado sauce over top :grin:


Caesar salad with blackened chicken

(roxanna) #2459

I did it this weekend in my instant pot - super easy!

(Ernest) #2460

Omelette head is back. This time I added some avocado and liverwurst… YEAH

Maybe some mixed peppercorns dust…

(Andrew Anderson) #2461

Ugly but delicious. Smoked Munster omelette with chocolate habanero sauce (0 carb) and bacon.

(Sjur Gjøstein Karevoll) #2463

Grilled herring with chives and lemon juice, cabbage and cauliflower salad with sour cream, grilled tomatoes with brie.


You and your road cuisine are off the hook amazing.