What did you Keto today?

(Davi) #1958

This is what I’ve been snacking on after work when I get home. Twice fried pork belly. In Brazil, we call them torresmo. Bite sized awesomeness

(Davi) #1959

And the last one to share. Made these Sunday.
Carl’s carnitas. Literally THE BEST pork I’ve ever eaten!!!


I had leftover pulled pork tonight. Yummers. that twice cooked belly looks amazeballs.

(Dustin Cade) #1961

I should’ve dried them in the oven first though I did fry them twice…

(matt ) #1962

another pie in the question for perfection


(IDM Educator) #1963

Dinner with my brother Burl Zorn. I love him so much!
My famous keto meatloaf and Jules sweet and sour red cabbage, farmers market fare for the salad, and local gem strawberries, just picked, added heavy cream on them for dessert!

(What The Fast?!) #1964

Ohmigod…why did I come here 27 hours into a fast…I must be a masochist. What kind of crust did you use??


Nice - what are they? They look great.

Yeah - doh! Don’t do that!


Oooops, I shouldn’t be here too! Later!

(Nick) #1967

Likewise, I’m 36 hours fasted and find myself inexplicably drawn to this thread. Every single dish looks amazing!


To be fair, it is exactly what I do while fasting too! There is something to be said for planning what you are going to eat afterwards and really savouring the thought I think. Although it does sometimes feel like I am unnecessarily beating myself with a stick!

(Lauren) #1969

Also here while fasting haha! Just torturing myself until I break it tonight at 48 hours, or maybe tomorrow morning at 60.

(matt ) #1970

It’s Carlshead basically. But I add baking powder psyllium husk powder and xanthum gum. There’s a thread about it. Search for Mattshead. :smiley:

(matt ) #1971

That 73/27 beef rocks!

(Dustin Cade) #1972

These are jicima fries, my local Kroger had some already chopped into sticks so we bought some and made fries from them… I fried them twice though I think I might try baking them first to dry them out some and then frying them… They are sorta sweet like sweet potato…


You can also spread them out on a tray and leave to chill overnight in the fridge - that dries them out well too. I have done that with celeriac fries.

(Arlene) #1974

I never thought of that. The refrigerator is so drying to foods. I’ve always considered it a downside. Great idea.


I learnt this when making triple cooked chips back in the carb burner days! You can speed the process by putting them in a freezer for less time.

(Danielle) #1976

Angus burger. Carmelized onions and mushrooms.

(Ernest) #1977

Chicken liver and eggs.