What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Jane) #683

What is Scraple? I remember it on a breakfast menu in New Jersey years ago but didn’t order it since I didn’t know what it was.

(Full Metal Keto) #684

@Janie Pig offal stewed with corn meal.

(Jacqueline Porter) #685


(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #686

It’s gross and typically a southern NJ/PA thing. Up where I’m at, people don’t eat it. We do Pork Roll, which is far superior and greatest.

(Full Metal Keto) #687

@Jacqueline_Porter It’s not as bad as it sounds, a Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish classic, waste not want not. They used everything. You slice it and fry it crisp, doesn’t sound as gross as Black Pudding to me although it’s probably similar. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jacqueline Porter) #688

Mmm… I’m sure - I don’t like black pudding much to tell you the truth. I believe in eating all the animal, but I don’t want to be the one who does it! But I love liver and kidneys, cheeks and tongues. I’m not a total wimp😊

(Diane) #689

So, I was at Trader Joe’s today and they still carry frozen artichoke hearts, here in SLC they are $3.29 for 12 oz.

They also have fabulous “Oven Baked Cheese Bites” and “Just a Handful of Olives” individual packages which are great movie snacks.


Chia seeds under the microscope :nerd_face:

(Will knit for bacon. ) #691

A recipe the lovely beccs directed me to over here. I used a pound of ground beef, a pound of sausage, and some of my homemade roasted red pepper marinara stashed on my freezer. It’s delicious.

(Keto girl living in a carby world) #692

That looks yummy! :yum:

(Full Metal Keto) #693

Creole Shrimp and Two Kinds of Sauerkraut

I had some leftover Creole Sauce from yesterday and stretched it a little, added a bag of Shrimp rubbed with Creole Spices and sautéed in coconut oil. The sauerkraut is Lemon Thyme and Golden Sauerkraut. Homemade? You know it! :man_cook:t3:



I think I’ve roasted the perfect chicken! I got it on managers special this morning since the sell by date is tomorrow (huge 6 pound chicken for $5 :smiley:) I marinated it most of the day in a olive oil based vinaigrette, roasted wrong side up for 3/4 of the time, flipped it breast side up the rest, and it’s the juiciest chicken breast I’ve ever had. It’s comparable to dark meat. It’s huge and will give us lots of leftovers and treats for the dogs. Gotta love managers specials, lol. I also scored a 3 pound beef tenderloin for $6.50 (that one fits in the freezer)

Had it with avocado because I got a six pack of avocados at Aldi that are all ripe at the same time


Yep, it’s as David says, but I always thought it was basically in the name… scraps.

I also can’t speak on folks in PA, or the Amish that were mentioned, but here in Maryland, Scrapple is just as common as Bacon or Sausage. And it is good, like David mention it’s sliced and fried up crisp. My Mom used to dunk it in flour before frying, but of course I you don’t have to. But it is on the carby side, being around 4 carbs per ounce, so won’t be something I do regularly nowadays. :slight_smile:


Another all-day in the yard, and nice weather… Dinner… Cauliflower in Butter, Pickles, Olives, Deviled Eggs, Steak and Salmon. Also had a Coconut Bai and ate a few bites of Cottage Cheese, Greek Yogurt and ate some Salted Peanuts in the shell. (Haven’t been eating those either, but picked some up)

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #697

Either I’m making a four egg omelet, or fancy scrambled eggs. The final product is yet to be determined. :slight_smile:

I’m a little leery though, since I believe I used way too much butter.

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #698

Looks like we have an omelet!

At least I’m going to call this a successful omelet, since it’s literally my very first one!

I hope you’re proud @David_Stilley! I was thinking of you the whole time I was making it. :cowboy_hat_face:

Note to future self: Four eggs are WAY too many!

To Each Their Own
(Keto girl living in a carby world) #699


(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #700

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I know! I felt bad just saying it! :laughing:

(Graci) #701

Dave & Buster’s burger, first time I’ve had one…had plenty of bacon, but otherwise nothing special that I would seek out again, the extra I paid for the avocado on the side was pointless, it was so un-ripe I couldn’t even get the fork into it lol…so dinner and a show (at least for my kids watching with amusement).

(Jane) #702

Looks fantastic!

You KNOW you might lose your lazy keto badge by cooking an omelette, dontcha?