What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Susan) #2652

@Jacqueline_Porter – I always thought if I was a nurse I would love to be in the nursery, with babies, as I am a baby maniac… had my 5 and 2 grandkids and can hardly wait to see how many I end up with in the end. I love babies. hehe.

(Jacqueline Porter) #2653

Aww! @Momof5 you would be wonderful at that! I am thinking Opthalmic theatre, breast cancer centre and Community Rehab! Spread myself out and then look for my niche :blush:
But let’s not get into trouble for hijacking the dinners thread again😁

(Deborah ) #2654

I feel your pain. I didn’t bring my lunch today and made do with a can of Vienna sausages and the remaining few pork rinds left in a bag, both stashed in my desk drawer.

(Karen) #2655

Lunch yesterday with my mom near grand lake. We went over the trail Ridge Road and looked at wild flowers. I had a bun less corn beef sandwich.

(Karen) #2656

Lunch with my friend. A mealime creation. Cobb salad with lettuce eggs goat cheese beets carrots and avocado. There is a Dijon mustard lemon poppyseed dressing with lots of parsley.
It was delicious but I’m an able to add a picture from my phone to this missive.

OK my phone is now working see the wonderful Cobb salad further down

(Deborah ) #2657

I’m in the Phoenix, Arizona, area and, while my Costco doesn’t have them, it looks like the Sprouts grocery stores in the area have them. I foresee a trip in my future!

(Diane) #2658

Here in Salt Lake City, it looks I can get these wraps at Sprouts and a couple of the Walmart’s that aren’t close to where I live (but NOT at all the Walmart’s).

(Heather Meyer) #2659

Breakfast and Lunch this morning… after having some really low calorie and low salt days, i think it was time to amp it up for a day. Well…i think i sure did… I may not eat anything else the rest of the day! 9 pieces of thick sliced bacon… works out to about 1800 calories of bacon. I think this should shock my system out of a fasting pattern.

In NO way am i suggesting ANYONE consume so many slices of thick cut Bacon at once!

I am 6 slices through and can i just say…after fasting so often…eating breakfast so early is like torture! I feel so bloated liek ive eaten thanksgiving turkey… maybe i will cut back on the amount next time!

(Heather Meyer) #2660

A delicious way to feeling awful lol

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #2661

Your crispy kale always looks so good. What do you do?

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2662

Puerto Rican roast pork shoulder (pernil) - @David_Stilley come grab a plate :wink:

And collards with oxtail :ok_hand:t4:

(Jane) #2663

Arby’s bacon cheddar brisket w/o the bun.

(Karen) #2664

(Full Metal Keto) #2665

Roast Chicken and Buttered Cauliflower


(Full Metal Keto) #2667

I thought those closed down, the one in Mesa where my folks live did and it was packed all the time. My mom and sister didn’t know why it closed. :cowboy_hat_face:


I just stopped at the only place in town that carries Rebel because I happened to be out that way. Picked up the Peanut Butter Fudge. It was really good! I only had a couple tastes. It was enough to satisfy me.

I don’t know that I really had a sweet tooth so much as I was tired of seeing everyone else eat ice cream in this summer weather and feeling like I was missing out. Ha! I’m a 6 year old at heart I guess.


Sometimes I have no idea what I want to eat. I just have to wait for inspiration to strike.

Bratwurst and Eggs with Cheese


None needed, I do this quite often! :+1: :slight_smile:

Tonight’s meal… A Burger with Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Cottage Cheese and some Greek Yogurt and 2 Squares of Lindt’s 90% Dark Chocolate. Also drank a Coconut Bai drink.

(Karen) #2671

Last night before bed I was awfully hungry and so I decided to take a tablespoon of EV00 let me tell you it burned the back of my throat. I had to go online to find out why EVOO would do that and was surprised to see that what I was experiencing is actually fairly common. I guess I have never heard of that, and I haven’t just taken a tablespoon before.

Who knew?


It’s one of the markers for EVOO quality :slight_smile: It also depends on the area where olive trees grow - I prefer northern croatia’s EVOO, the southern (especially from the islands) can be so “spicy” that it’s much too strong for me. Personal preferences…