What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


(Cathy) #161

That’s my preferred kind of meal. Nice photography!


Yeah- some tasty, quality produce right there!

looking forward to seeing the end result. Cheers.


I don’t know, but for some reason i seem to get lazt at the weekend cooking wise.
You know, flat out at work all week, and making efforts to cook good food, then at the weekend I just want to chill, have a few sips, and appreciate the downtime.
Confession time. I have a pickled onion addiction.
And I drink the vinegar solution…which has sugar.
In mitigation, I only do it very unregular, and in small doses, ha ha!
But I crave the taste. This is my fave:

I combined it in a low carb wrap snack, with cheddar cheese and turkey pieces. Lovely and lazy!

And on today’s menu? Well, this…and probably those Chinese pork chops. :slight_smile:


I liked pickled onions but they are way too sweet for me at this point. I liked pickles even more and that is less sweet but still too much. Nowadays I eat pickled eggs :slight_smile: I still face more than ideal sweetness as I use beetroot juice (at least no added sugar as it’s my own) but the color is great and with enough vinegar and salt, it’s fine.

Today’s food, among others but as this is already 1300 kcal or something (impossible to tell the fattiness but I made an educated guess. 70/30 pork that lost some fat during frying), it was a nice base for my lunch (I only had some turkey curry and eggs along with it):

45 minutes, I barely looked at it here and there (I used timer 3 times), great result. Just the fatty pork and salt. And then some soy sauce as it’s so great with fried stuff but it’s good without, of course. It’s delicious meat and even fatty and fried :smiley: One of my top favs.

(Jane) #165

Chuck roast cooked in my instant pot for an hour. Fork tender. Not shown: super thin mushroom gravy poured over.


Yip! You’re making me hungry, both of you!

Looks apetising.


Last night’s Chinese chops concoction, before and after cooking in oven.
Added mushrooms, onions, peppers along with a lamb’s caserole solution (from a sachet), and some other seasoning. Wasn’t bad, a bit of a taste change.

I covered with foil and bunged in an oven for an hour at 180 degrees C.

I have leftovers for tonight, which I’m sure Ms ‘Hungry Eyes’ will assist me in devouring.
The Chinese style marinated pork chops, absolutely lovely. Would put you in mind tastewise like barbecued pork ribs from the Chinese restaurant. Will do them again.

(Bob M) #168

Where do you live? I don’t see pickled onions much in the US.

I do make fermented red onions myself, and – reminder to self – I should do so soon.


I live in Northern Ireland, UK.

I recomend them Bob, but beware they can be addictive.

There are many varieties, some sweeter, or even spiced with chillies as well, but the traditional standard is ‘sharp’, or tangy, sliverskin mini pickled onions.

Us over here this side of the pond, we would even put them on the plate alongside a Christmas or roast dinner.

It’s the contrast between flavours.
I think even under keto, if you eat them in moderation, thery can make a pleasant treat and diversion, as long as you check the drained net weight versus the ‘soaked in vinegar’ weight.

But yeah, it’s probably not good for me (I’m not sure), but I confess to drinking pickle juice on occasions (this grosses out my workmates lol). It’s the sharpness of it I love.

(Bob M) #170

I drink pickle juice a lot. To me, it’s the best sodium replacement.

I’ll have to see if they have them in our “nicer” grocery store. Or I could find a recipe, as I already make pickled mushrooms.


I only saw that here in Hungary. It’s fine, I doubt I would have liked the other versions. Silverskins are adorable and very nice.

Drinking pickle juice was my thing or I said that already before? It’s way too sugary now. I can enjoy way sweeter things but those are fruits or sweets, not pickled veggies where I don’t want unnatural sweetness. I usually still can’t bring myself to throw it out so I add even more vinegar than normal and pickle eggs in the juice. That level is tolerable.

I never made them, maybe I should try…? I find many mushrooms on some years and I stopped eating them normally. But I like almost anything pickled :smiley:
But I am fine with canned tiny champignon mushrooms with generoushly added vinegar (white wine vinegar with tarragon, my favorite!). And some of my pickled veg attempts went bad and I never dared to try it with mushrooms. But maybe one day I will, who knows?


13:00 Brunch.

Another heated protein wrap, which i’m becoming quite fond of.
Smeared with garlic mayo, cheddar cheese, pickled onion and a couple slices of cooked crumbed ham.



After brunch ‘dessert’. Without the grated 95% Cocoa dark chocolate!
Yeah, just a half punnet of blueberries, a few halved strawberries, and half a tub of soured cream.
Hit the spot! Sctatched that itch without affecting ketosis.


Replenishing the ‘fridge nibbles’ for the pup and I cooked early this evening (I’m cooking cod fillets and stir fried veg later so not eating these tonight).
(I admit I have already munched a couple of ribs with Carly and donated a few sausages to her.)
A batch of pork sausages and a strip of barbecued pork ribs which is very succulent and tasty:


Tonight’s meal, and you make think this a bit odd. Just trying to vary tastes with the same usual ingredients.
Cod fillets in oven with peppers, baby stem brocolli and button mushrooms, seasoning, and (controversially) a solution of a lamb casserole sachet. I will of course report on the outcome taste.




Turned out alright.

All the best, people! xo


I just had another protein wrap for brunch today, with 4 of the fridge nibble sausages heated up ( time 13:00…I don’t do early breakfast anymore, and i mostly do 2MAD without even thinking about it).
‘Hungry Eyes’ Carly got the rest of the sausages after a succesful bout of emotional begging.
I had to get rid of them anyway, because had another pack of sausages needed cooked tonight as was going to expire, so the fridge nibbles have been replenished…but next time I’ll vary the type of nibbles. Nibbles I mean, to be used at brunch and if you are struggling within the 2MAD window you have set yourself.
Later tonight will be that second already cooked cod meal. So a bit boring tonight.
Maybe try to spice it up…add melted cheese…some worcestershire sauce perhaps?


Just a couple of the fridge nibble cooked sausages today for brunch, heated in the microwave with some grated melted cheddar. Forgot to take a pic.
Had this treat not long afterwards though. Handful of bluberries, handful of walnuts, and half a tub of soured cream.

Cooked tonight for eating tomorrow, because tomorrow night I will be relaxing with my spiritual friend, the gin. 3 prime butcher’s beef burgers, and two garlic marinaded chicken maryland breasts. I might only have a small nibble of the chicken, for taste, and donate the rest to Ms Hungry Eyes, because they do have some breadcrumbs. But they were half price, so…
Ms Carly Hungry Eyes managed to photo bomb one of those pics.

I’m just going to have a low carb wrap protein wrap tonight, not feeling hungry.
And maybe devour a jar of these (told you I was a pickle freak!) .


My sister is doing mostly carnivore and has been buying egg wraps to make wraps/sandwiches. I tried one and they are surprisingly good and not eggy tasting. Slightly different than a regular tortilla as far as texture, but not unpleasant at all.