What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


(Jane) #181

Breaking a 45-hr fast with chorizo and eggs. Note for newbie fasters: some people have bathroom issues breaking a fast with eggs.

Pupper will be happy - she hates fasting days - no leftovers!


I love this type of meal. And you’re right, especially after any type of fasting and being under keto for so long- you’ll go for eggsactly this type of meal.

LOL. You see what I did there?

I’m here all week…



Brunch today. Because I hate wasting food- and I had the cooked sausage fridge nibbles…I went again for the sausage, sauted onion, and no added sugar tomato ketchup protein wrap. 4 sausages at midday.
The rest of the sausages didn’t go to waste, they went to Carly.

Normally that would do me fine for hours, but I got a craving for pâté that I knew I had in the fridge.
So I dug out that keto ‘bread’ I told you about before from the freezer. 3 (small) slices into the toaster, real Irish butter on, then smeared with this ‘Farmhouse Pâté’ I bought.
Lovely! Not just the way I remember warm pâté on proper bread toast (which I will never have again), but not too bad a substitite tbh! Carly and I knocked them back, with gusto.

Apart from that, I’ve the burgers and chicken fillets in the fridge for tonight, along with some mini peppers and mushrooms. I’ll scrape the breadcrumbs off the fillets. I can’t give them to Carly as they have garlic marinade. But they won’t be wasted. Also picked up more bangers for pup and I, for fridge nibbles, at half price.
Might as well cook them and use at least some of them- they would be going in the bin otherwise. :smile:

(Jane) #184

Peruvian chicken with tangy onions. Peas and asparagus from the garden.

The green sauce had a nice bite to it. If you don’t like spicy or just a little spice, add the jalapeños a little at a time and taste. You can always add more, but you can’t take it out!

(Jane) #185

Tamale Pie. Crust made with coconut and almond flour. It was ok - not great, but filling


Sirloin steak along with pan fried mushrooms, peppers and asparagus, with olive oil, butter, garlic, paprika and soy sauce.


So, that steak was last night. Tonight I just went for simple fried bacon, scrambled eggs and mushrooms. It looks like a lot of bacon…but i shared some with Carly the drooler.


It was a hungry day. I was a bit hungry but weak-ish at lunchtime but after I started to eat, I couldn’t stop easily.

The first sponge cake muffin represents 4, the second 2. So I ate 6 in total, it’s pretty normal.

Egg milk, egg salad, pork jowl… I think most of the items are obvious enough. My pickled egg contains some beetroot juice but it’s carnivore enough to me :smiley: I used condiments anyway especially mustard.

I stayed a bit hungry so eventually I ate a little more pork I fried in the meantime but only a few bites and it did the trick, yay! So it was almost OMAD.

(Jane) #189

Fourth attempt at nailing brisket in an electric smoker.

Nailed it!!! Took 8 hours but worth the wait. Moist, melt in your mouth goodness

(Robin) #190

Nailed it indeed. A good fatty brisket cooked superbly is my #1 food. Electric smoker, eh? Hmmmm…… in the house or outside? I may need to know more.


Batch cooking a version of ‘spaghetti bolognese’ tonight. Should make about 4 or 5 meals, especially if I eat it with the zero carb Konjac noodles, which i will.
Ingredients are ground/minced beef, smoked and unsmoked bacon lardons, assortment of peppers, button mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, tomato purée, onion, a spag bol recipe mix sachet, other seasonings including garlic, and a pack of Konjac zero carb noodles.


Plate up.

Finally melt some grated cheddar (I had no parmesan!).
Very tasty, especially with the smoky bacon/beef mix underlying all the other flavours.
After this meal I’ve enough for 4 more meals, so I’ll freeze them apart from one for the fridge for tomorrow. Those ‘noodles’…a bit crunchier than normal noodles, but what do you do?
I like al dente pasta anyway…


Actually, I accidentally lied there. I just scooped them into plastic containers for the fridge.
It made 3 large meals, or you could probably strech it out to 4 with some extra veg or mushrooms.


Quite ravenous this evening. Hopefully this ‘desert’ will do me until brunch tomorrow. My standard fare again:
Half tub sour cream, handful of blueberries and a handful of walnuts.

(Jane) #194

Outside, definitely. On my back deck. Took longer to cook so wasn’t ready in time for dinner so having it tonight.


Tasty one tonight, crustaceans and mollusks only. Some Pil Pil marinated King Prawns, plus garlic butter Scottish Mussels. Only took about 7 minutes each to cook.
Fried the King Prawns.

Mussels (already cooked) came in convenient bags along with the garlic butter sauce that you just put in pan of boiling water to heat up. Then just cut open the bags and it’s ready to eat. Quickest meal ever. :slight_smile:

2 bags worth of mussels:

Add the prawns:

Was delicious- so went for the other two bags as well. Garlic butter sauce was great compliment to the mussels.

(Bob M) #196

For the garlic-butter sauce, did you add that, or was it in the mussels? I’ve seen good sauce, with all real butter, and bad, with seed oils.


No, the sauce came with the mussels in the bags. Only 1.4g carb per 100g.

Mussels 88%, Garlic butter sauce 12% (Butter {cow’s milk) 33%, water, garlic puree (21%), Shallot, cornflour, parsley, black pepper.


Lovely keto/carnivore meal.


The Pil Pil prawns marinade, and I had to look this up:
A sauce of Basque origin made from olive oil, garlic and chili

So that marinade was keto compliant too.


(Bob M) #199

Those look good, though I’m not sure I’d characterize them as “carnivore”, depending on who the carnivore police are. Corn flour, garlic, and spices may be verboten.

I’ve found even cleaner versions at Costco. Basically butter and garlic.


Yeah, but still very low carb. I’m not a carnivore anyway- I just find I mainly eat meat/fish.

For example in work at breakfast we all had a cooked breakfast (as we are breaking for a 4 day long weekend to celibrate the Queen’s Jubilee)- we had the works…beef sausages, pork sausages, beef ‘veg’ roll (which has no veg/trace veg in it really), black pudding, bacon, eggs etc.
Everyone had a selection of fried bread (we call this an Ulster Fry) such as soda bread, potato bread and panckes to a long with it, as well as baked beans in tomato sauce and mushrooms.
Everyone except me that is.

I do eat mushrooms, just not today, and I do enjoy the 'keto friendly veg either roasted or stir fried.
But compared to other days, for me this has been a ‘mainly’ carnivore day.

Yeah, best way to get cleaner versions of the garlic butter would be to make your own- which I do do usually, but this sauce came with the cooked mussels in the bags already. I’ll not be losing any sleep over it. :slight_smile: