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I’ve had a resurgenge for quick fire scrambled egg, whereas I used to be an omelete person.

To be fair, they taste quite the same, because I’m using same ingrediants.
One is in the pan and under the grill, probably looks better, the other takes very minutes less in the microwave.

I like both, tbh.


So tonight. A variation on my my old favourite theme, lambs’ liver dsh.
So, after steaming the red cabage, I bunged insome of that Veg Roll i’ve been on about, along with mushrooms, N Irish salted butter and various other prfeerable seasonings.

Let steam for a bit, while you get on with other things.
2 - 3 minutes each side of the lambs’ liver…you’re home in a boat, for a lovely, delicious, nutritious meal (once a week).

With leftovers for brunch! and more cabbage (not cooked) for next evening.

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And no pan to wash up! :+1:

(Jane) #124

Homemade pork sausage, Rao’s sauce (half) spaghetti sauce made from frozen garden tomatoes and tomato sauce (didn’t have enough Rao sauce) with angel hair cabbage. Topped with Mozzarella cheese.


I’m salivating here at the sound of that meal- I will copy at some stage for sure.

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It is delicious and in our regular rotation. I don’t use a recipe - just wing it.

Brown some sausage or hamburger, add enough Rao spaghetti sauce for a moist mixture.

Sprinkle the angel hair shredded cabbage on top - just enough to cover it (Walmart carries it in the produce section - plain shredded cabbage, not the cole slaw mix or you can shred your own). Mix it in the sauce and cook until wilted, about 5 minutes. I don’t like it too crunchy but would prefer a bit of crunch to mushy so taste it regularly to get the doneness you like.

Top with shredded mozzarella cheese and place under the broiler a few minutes to melt the cheese. Sprinkle with grated Parmesean.

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Panang curry w/ chicken thighs and asparagus from the garden.



Those are my kind of scrambled eggs! Looks delectable.


I’d like to try lamb’s liver. I’m not crazy about beef liver, but enjoy chicken livers.


You’ll never look back! Very affordable too.


That was to NinMD.


Brunch today…kept it simple and tasty:

Low carb high protein tortilla wrap, heated then smeared with garlic mayonaise, sprinkled with grated Irish cheddar cheese, add jalopenos and baby plum tomatoes, and top off with a pre cooked turkey sliced pieces marinated in tikka masala sauce (which was bought ready prepared). Hit the spot. Easy to prepare and eat.

I’ve also replenished the ‘Fridge Nibs.’ Early evening, after work, I picked up three packs of butcher’s prime beef sausages for half price due to last day use by date. Cool for carly and I.
I might not even cook on Friday night, just scramble a few eggs and have a few of these heated up. And a bottle of something. With the pup of course.
Pan fried salmon, asparagus, mushrooms and red cabbage. I’ll take a pic or two and post later.


That’s what I’ll cook tonight…forgot to add! :slight_smile:


That was red cabbage & asparagus, and a few other ingredients. :slight_smile:

Mushrooms quartered. Salmon fillets pan fried.

Fry the steamed veg for as long as yo want wit garlic and butter.Not too long!

A beautlul aimage nd tasty creation!


Sorry about the typos…some of my key board keys aren’t great. :slight_smile:

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Fajitas on low carb wraps from flat iron steak.

Underneath is sour cream, guacamole, grilled onions, cheese and salsa.


it’s late. I need to go to sleep.

All the best, thanks!


And, I forgot to add the butter mushrooms I had in the microwave for with this meal…found them this morning.
Absolutely gutted, had to bin them. I do that too often- too eager to get the main meal into me!


Brunch today. Some of the leftover asparagus and cabbage (the mushrooms were wasted unfortunately, a bit like how I intend getting tonight! Joking…(But I will imbibe lol).
Microwave heated up with a bit of seasoning and grated Irish cheddar cheese, along with the fridge reservoir of those butcher’s beef sausages, which are delicious.

I added a dollop of garlic mayonnaise but that’s not in the pic.


Don’t know what to do tonight.
I have marinaded prawns, salmon filets, cod fillets, and haddock fillets…but they are frozen and i don’t really like defrosting in the microwave (I prefer to defrost overnight in the fridge).

I have the cooked reserve of the beef sausages in the fridge (but they will keep), but also 3 Chinese pork chops and a pck of pork sausages as well.

I’m leaning towards the pork chops, as the cooked beef bangers can be used for brunch wraps, and the pork bangers have have plenty of use by date on them.
I’m not sure how I’ll cook them yet, I will wait to be gin inspired, but I will combine them with the rest of the red cabbage and asparagus, but maybe add onion and (fresh) mushrooms to the mix. With a spicy sachet of something perhaps…