What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop



Salmon and keto freindly veg stir fried tonight :slight_smile:



Nice ‘light’ meal, very tasty.



Salmon fillets, with sir fried (in garlic infused olive oil) red pepper, mushrooms, tender stem broccooli and English asparagus.

(J) #104

Salad, Ny Strip, Asparagus, and smoked bacon-wrapped jalapeños with the fam tonight.

(Robin) #105

Lordy, that’s a good lookin’ date on a plate!


I prefer that to my salmon, any day of the week!

Well, salmon is also tasty :blush:

(Jane) #107

Pulled pork green chili enchiladas with low carb wraps


Every time I smoke a pork butt I make these.

(Bob M) #109

Good idea.

Bacon wrapped jalapenos (or other peppers) are great, but for me, I have to limit the number of times per year I make them. For me, they are like bacon and nuts: I can eat them and eat them and eat them…

(Jane) #110

Chick roast sous vide at 135 F for 40 hrs then thrown on the grill to brown the outside. Fork tender.

Asparagus and the first radishes from the garden- coated with olive oil and roasted.


I ate 30g bacon today. I could eat a tad more but that’s it :smiley:
But I had various nice things. The sauce on the meat (a pound of pork chop. I realized a pound of meat is a cute amount for me for my first meal but this time I ate too early and couldn’t finish it) isn’t carnivore but probably soon will be… Or almost. Vegs just don’t add much to it. The original has way more carrots, onions, even a bit flour and sweetener, it’s a very common sauce but exotic to me as Mom never did and I ate it very rarely in my life. And it requires meat, we tried it with mushrooms, nope. Alvaro always makes it with rabbit but pork cubes are better as I won’t need to eat a bony rabbit part dropping with sauce… And my ratios are more to my liking, less water, less carbs… This is a heavily sour cream and mustard based sauce (unless one overdo the carrots… I obviously don’t but I really will skip them next time. I planned that but IDK, they somehow find their way into it in a small amount. I am not in the mood to be very strict right now).

Meanwhile a day passed, I can be super lazy and forgetful if it’s about bringing the CF card of the camera upstairs.

I think this was the first meal yesterday except I only ate half of the dish in the bowl…
The yellow things are failed (not fluffy) sponge cake bottoms (basically omelet made in the oven) fried in lard. They were fine that way. They are horrible as “sponge cake”. As they aren’t sponge-y at all. I did an experiment and now I know what I should and shouldn’t do, no regrets.
The blackish one is fried chicken liver (with some onions this time, trying to make it more tempting. I don’t want to give up chicken liver, it adds variety… and I liked it for long).

Today I had bacon covered pork chops but I ate them up before a photo. Oh well, I have photos from the past and they are way prettier (those were pork thigh pieces though, I made it with pork chop first time).


A batch of both beef and pork butcher’s sausages, baked in the oven, for the fridge nibbles.
For brunch, I had 2 beef and 2 pork sausages, along with scrambled eggs with green jalepenos and spring onion mixed through. Sprinled with smoked paprika, salt & pepper, and the ketchup is no added sugar. Thanks for reminding me of jalepenos Bob! Spicy and sharp scrambled egg. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Robin) #113

My absolute fave fridge nibbles. (stealing that phrase, thanks.)


For tonight, picked up these ribeye steak burgers (no, I’ve never heard that before either!) for a bargain price (not the price on the packaging!), as the use by date is today. I’m going to combine with mushrooms and peppers in some form, perhaps within one or two of these low carb high protein tortilla wraps with butter or mayonaise. Or I have some curry paste…

(J) #115

Kept it simple tonight and just had scrambled eggs with cheese & heavy cream and some summer sausage.


So this is how last night’s ribeye steak burgers turned out…I ended up not currying and just went for a mixed peppers stir fry with garlic and soy sauce. I have to say, if I see them again I will be buying them, very tasty.

And this was brunch today:

Creamy butter scrambled egg, halved baby plum tomatoes, green jalopenos, spring onion and seasoning. I just blitz 2 large eggs in a Pyrex jug, scissor some spring onion into the egss, add some jalopenos from a jar, chop a few baby plum tomatoes and add along with a healthy knob of Irish butter and whatever seasoning. Put in microwave for 1 minute, remove, mix with a fork, put in for a further minute. Easy brunch! (Add chopped deli meets as you wish.)


So I cooked 6 of these this afternoon in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees celcius.
I already shared 1 with Carly, because they are so nice, the aroma and taste.
We call them veg rolls…but the main ingredient is prime beef and a fair bit of beef fat to be fair.
A unique taste I can tell you, what with the spices and veg involved.
Anyway, these are my latest fridge nibbles. Northern Irish Vegetable Rolls. Just slightly larger than black (or white) puddings):
I may combine 1 or 2 of them in tonight’s meal, which will be using (again) some of my fave ingredients, because I gorgot to buy the pancetta or lardons:


Veg Roll:

Black and white pudding:


So I have been joking with people recently that Veg Roll is 1 of my 5 a day.

(5 a day is the UK govt. campaign to get everyone to eat 5 pieces of veg and fruit each day.)

I don’t think they would approve of of NI Veg Roll lol.

(Robin) #120

Am I the only person who could, would, and have had the same dang thing every day for weeks? I don’t get bored with food I love.

This is my current addiction. Notice the ingredients.
I throw these in the air fryer (even though they’re pre-cooked) and fry till crispy.
I may or may not have eaten 2 packs in one day.