What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


(J) #81

The latest was a smoked beef & roasted Anaheim & Poblano chili, with fresh serranos added at the end for heat. Turned out quite tasty.


(Robin) #82


(Jane) #83

Ribeye steak and the first asparagus from the garden. Yummy.

(Robin) #84

Heaven on a plate


Everything is pretty. I think this food compliments the plate and vice versa :slight_smile:

(UsedToBeT2D) #86

The nose knows. It’s built into our DNA.
I buy all my meat at clearance. Freeze or eat within a week.

(Ronnie) #87

That looks amazing! And hot as hell!

(Ronnie) #88

I try to do that too.

Waste not, want not! :smirk

(Ronnie) #89

I had sausages and scrambled egg, plus sausage in a low carb tortilla protein wrap earlier.
Yesterday, I just had sausages and the same wraps, although i combined the wraps with grated Irish cheddar, spring onions, no added sugar ketchup, mayonnaise and smoked salmon- lovely!
The day before I had this monstrosity:

A few or so that from a favourite glass. :slight_smile:
There’s actually six pork chops in there complete with fat, casseroled for just over an hour with various spices, mushrooms and a pork casserole sachet. Half price; last date. Fed me and Carly one night and also next morning. I get a kick out of getting half price bargains!
So tonight, after scoffing all the half price food, finally got round to cooking my favourite meal again. Such joy, lol.
Red cabbage, steamed, then sautéed along with an onion and a punnet of chestnut mushrooms with garlic infused olive oil & butter, add seasoning and garlic before setting aside, then 3 min each side shallow fry the sliced lamb’s liver. Serve up, and yip, you will enjoy! I’s have this everyday if it wasn’t for the risk of OD’ing on vit. A from the liver. Once a week is great though.


(Bob M) #90

The gin just straight? (Which is how I drink it, though I do add olives. And run it through some ice.)

(UsedToBeT2D) #91

Yea, I have enough frozen meat for 6 months.

(Ronnie) #92

Hello friend!

Nope, I mix it with with something called slimline Indian tonic water, by Schweppes.
TBH, not sure how healthy it is…has quinine and aspartame…but honestly sir it’s better than the sugary mixture I used to use that was gradually killing me.

(Ronnie) #93

This is becoming true for me, over time…despite liking vegetables (and mushrooms!), /I increasingly find that they aren’t as crucial, or essential as before.
I could eat meat/fish/poultry/game, perhaps along with mushrooms, and maybe have some blueberries and soured cream…I don’t know, I think I’d feel perfectly content.
Anyway, next few days’ main items (unless I pick up half price bargains!):

Rib eye steak, salmon fillets, and lamb leg steaks.

(J) #94

Just made some taco meat and had a cheese wrapped taco & a taco meat salad (with spinach & arugula, guacamole, hot sauce, and sliced sweet peppers).


(Ronnie) #95

Great pics! Ground beef is so versatile and tasty.

(Jane) #96

The other day I smoked a whole chicken. Saved the deboned carcass in the fridge and yesterday made bone broth from it. Has a nice smoky flavor!

(Jane) #97

Last of the smoked chicken leftovers with mushrooms, onion and garlic in an Alfredo sauce with shredded cabbage.

(Ronnie) #98

I think I need to up my game here, lol!


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH maybe that’s how pork chops can be made more than very borderline edible to me!
I can’t stand that super lean, dry meat but my SO loves it just roasted so it’s all his. But I like to know I have some meat to eat when we only have a huge slab of pork chop (once we bought a 3.5 kg piece… or was it 4.5?)… Sauces and extra fat helps with chicken breast (another thing I dislike very much), it mujst be the same with pork chop.

I always roast or fry my pork/beef, stews happen too but they require fatty meat (except rabbit stew, I don’t know why) so my meat dish ideas are very limited (I started to eat meat regularly again 2.5 years ago after I stopped at 17. and I am happy with my roasts 5 times a week)…

This looks good too :slight_smile:
I will look at various recipes before I decide on the spices. I don’t normally use spices on meat, my fried and roasted pork don’t need them… But I surely will have ideas :smiley:

I wish to try lamb liver one day. Livers of different animals are so different :smiley: Some I love, some I kinda like, some I dislike and some I won’t touch ever again, no matter what. Some are sweet, some are bitter and the rabbit liver last time smelled and a bit tasted apples… The rabbit was fed apples a lot, poor one but it died before it got some problems. Rabbits can’t handle sugar so well.
It was nice but very, very odd.

I already put it into the carni thread but I bring it here too. I managed to shot my whole meal - though I didn’t eat it all in the end.

I fried 510g pork chuck (the fattiest pieces) thinking it should be enough but I need my variety so my meal got carried away a wee bit…? At least for my carni OMAD satiation. (Appetite and hunger has something to do with my food consumption but satiation the most important there. I am not comfortable without it for long so I like to eat until I get satiated. I am not always successful but usually am. Vaguely. Perfect satiation often arrives later.)

The innocent looking tiny bowls have very fatty things and the egg milk is more serious than usual as well (2 yolks and who knows how much mascarpone, I used 40g for that and the thing in my fav coffee cup. I quit coffee, basically… Will drink here and there but not often. So I use it for other things. The handle got broken once but yay for super glue).
I tried “fattier first” (I need lots of protein even there so it’s not that effective :smiley: I couldn’t even eat the sausage alone, I needed some egg with it), eggs next then meat - and quark somewhere along the way. Of course I couldn’t and meat was eaten along with my eggs. I don’t know how people who can stray very far from the average fattiness work. I had a time when I needed around 65% fat in each and every course and even bite. I am not that far from it even now… I have 1-2 things I can eat without going for 60-70% (but usually very close to 65%) fat but they are rare and I only can eat a very little of them. Unless it’s some pink (on the inside), juicy pork thigh roast. Or turkey or rabbit. They are special. I can eat something way fattier afterwards.

(Ronnie) #100

I have sinned again. :sob:
I was caught out, returning from a work callout, refuelling my car…and I was hit with a craving after smelling wafts of fried food emanating from the Chinese takeaway beside the service station.
I had to have the ribs. Devoured them with gusto. I know, probably not great, cooking oil wise. But was tasty, and came with onions, green pepper, garlic and chilli.
Cooked these because I got them half price (last day of use by date), but I’ll use them to have a lazy brunch tomorrow, with some scrambled egg. (Have to cook the salmon tonight.) Just a couple of gammon steaks for the bargain price of £1.60.