What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop



Eats today:
Coffee with HWC and MCT oil
2 pieces of cheese
2 burger patties
and an egg.
And, another coffee, or two. =)

(Ronnie) #62

Very good!
just basic. But keep 'er lit!


Your plate is still distracting to me, sooo pretty.
Nice food. No idea how you guys eat such a tiiiiiiiiiiiiny riced cauliflower, my absolute minimum was 1000g cauliflower (so it got immediate ban on keto)… I loved it so, so much. Probably not anymore, maybe I will try it on an off day. But I pretty much lost interest in vegs when I met the carnivore woe except some amazing ones like tomato. I don’t use much but it’s wonderful with eggs, wonderful with meat… :smiley:

The others brought pretty photos too as usual… Nice, colorful food :slight_smile:

I only eat my usual eggs and pork roasts and this and that, nothing new.
But I plan scotch eggs again, I want them being pretty (unlike last time) and a bit runny (that’s tricky). And then I try to make a glamour shot. I will use everything, sunshine and spring flowers :smiley:

(Jane) #64

Well quote function not working on my phone so will just reply.

Thanks - we love those plates and bought them at a grocery store, believe it or not. Bought a few, decided we really liked them and kept buying more every trip to the grocery until we had a set.

That portion of riced cauliflower is ok for me with all the added fats of cream and butter, but hubby will always have seconds.

(Jane) #65

The dog got the chicken leftovers but I saved the mushroom/wine sauce to just suck down on its own. May heat up and have tonight as a rare late night snack.

(Ronnie) #66

Ha! Success! Cheddar cheese on toast! (With sugar free ketchup under the melted cheese, paprika, pepper and garlic sprinkled over). That was breakfast earlier. Keto bread.

(Ronnie) #67

Normally have these toasted with tomato on them, or spring onion…but i was too eager to bother today.

(Ronnie) #68

The low carb keto ‘bread.’

(Ronnie) #69

Unfortunately, a bit expensive compared to ordinary bread…but the way prices are going these days the gap is closing, due to global wheat shortages.

(Ronnie) #70

Back to lazy keto tonight!
Ground beef chilli leftovers (without the kidney beans), and a selection of beef and pork sausages (of which plenty of sausages will be left over for tomorrow).


(Robin) #71

You had me at leftover sausages…

(Ronnie) #72

Leftover, refrigerated sausages. Carly may get the most of them now…I share most meals with her anyway.
Because I picked up this at the local service station earlier, which is typical. Half price due to last eat by date. I’ll combine with red pepper, mushrooms, and maybe even the cauliflower rice stash I keep forgetting I have.

I don’t know, as I’ve said before & don’t get me wrong, I’m not skint…but I just don’t like paying full inflated prices when perfectly palatable and safe food is about to go to waste.
How long do cooked sausages keep in refrigeration anyway I wonder? 2 or 3 days?
Any concerns over eating meat on it’s last ‘use by date.’?
I haven’t noticed any detriment, and I always use the Mark 1 Nose sniff test, even for produce with days to go before expiry.
Anyway, it’s opportune, but I wouldn’t have any qualms about buying reduced price food, as long as it’s good quality in the first instance…as long as it is eaten that day (or frozen immediately).

(Ronnie) #73

Yip, Carly and I shared the steak again.

Half price. With mushrooms and soya sauce.


Never tried but probably more. I imagine meat is good at this…?
Vegetables only last for 3-4 days as I experienced (usually 3 but interesting things happen. and of course if they cool forever in the kitchen and I forget to put it into the fridge late at night, that reduces the time).
But meat is better. Surely it depends on the dish. Roasts probably last for several days but I never could test it, it always got eaten in… Maybe 4 days? :smiley: I forgot about big soups sometimes so I ate them older. My soup has no veggies so it’s okay.

But I only cook one kind of sausage and I eat it immediately or in extreme cases the day after.
And I freeze meat too when I don’t know when I will eat it…

I often buy meat for half price, the only hypermarket where I do it never disappointed this far :slight_smile: I just know I should eat it very soon. And I do.

I just tasted ready to eat things after shopping, wasn’t hungry today (unbelievable but I ate sooo much and well yesterday, lots of pork chuck roast) but tomorrow I will bring photos!

(Ronnie) #75

Thanks! :blush:

(Ronnie) #76


This outstanding guy.

He will explain what I clumsily meant to say!

Great lectures online YouTube, Uni California and SF.
If you watch his lectures, you’ll understand my thinking, that’s all. This guy quite possibly saved me, or at least put me on the right track, for me.

That’s all! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to explain myself.

But yes, different strokes for different folks. Good luck!

(Ronnie) #77

Lazy keto tonight, but just what I was craving. I shared with the Carly bear of course.
6 prime beef burgers, that significantly reduced in size under the oven.

Forgot to take a photo at first (ketchup is no added sugar!!!):

(Ronnie) #78

But, here are the ingredients for tomorrow evening. Honestly my favourite meal or thereabouts.
I’d have this instead of Christmas dinner! Sure you’ve seen me at this before:


Probably hard to decipher, but it’s red cabbage, chestnut mushrooms, pointed peppers, onions (not in pic), and Northern Irish lambs’ liver. I’ll add a load of other ingredients like olive oil, garlic, butter, paprika etc.
But yeah, I haven’t had this for a couple of weeks, after hearing that liver overeating can effectively OD you on Vitamin A if you eat it too much. Because honestly, I would’ve eaten this every day if I could!
I just stumbled upon the article online.
Meh…more awareness required perhaps.

Yeah, looking forward to tomorrow night’s meal!

(Ronnie) #79

Dr. Stephen Phinney MD, PHD.

Just in case you thought that was random, it isn’t.
Good advice on keto, and all sorts of fasting!

Good luck everyone!

(Ronnie) #80

Forgot to mention this, for Ron…Later Ron!

The OMAD or 2MAD sweet treat for kings and queens alike:

So that portion is two days of reward with no comeback. Something to balance things out, without tipping the scales. Try- better than sugary dirt!