What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


(Ronnie) #41

It does a wee bit…she’s still a bit mad, very strong and very protective. But really people friendly.

(Jane) #42

Tri tip sous vide at 135 F for 7 hours then hubby threw it on the grill to finish the outside. Tender and delicious!

Steamed broccoli with @Aqua_chonk’s cheese sauce. Used bacon grease since I didn’t have beef tallow. Came out great!

(Ronnie) #43

So this is how ya can do it, during hard times.
It’s opportunist, so don’t rely on it.

But occasionally you get half price, perfectly fine and nutritious produce that is going ‘out of date’ the next day.

Ball ix.

Buy them, freeze them, or cook them that day (if meat) to be refrigerated for a day or two.
Be smart.

1 day frozen produce removed, and cooked to perfection:

Cooking in pan with olive oil and seasoning:

Nice evening meal. Two salmon fillets, pan fried with red pepper and sugar snap peas.
I near burnt my filters, but only on skin sides.

Tasty. Garlic, salt & pepper, wee bit of Worcestershire sauce

(Ronnie) #44
  • fillets, not filters

(Jane) #45

We always check out the meat sales and get some great deals for just feeding 2 people. Looking harder these days with gas prices so high.

(Ronnie) #46

I think everyone will be the same, no matter what their income,

Even in good times that would be good policy. These are bad times, unfortunately.

But with what’s happening now, can anyone not take contingency measures?
Everyone will be rationing.

(Robin) #47

That last one is a come hither pose!

(Sticking with mammoth) #48

Well done, young grasshopper. Your kung fu is strong.


Pretty meat I guess but I am too big of an artist (or at least art admirer) not to look at the plate most of the time… :smiley:

I just brought this here now, I made it, didn’t eat it, it’s for the high-carber. Mushroom with 6 eggs (it’s lunch and breakfast, with carbs and dessert, of course).
The mushroom was picked by me, herald of the winter. I liked it but I ate much or just carnivore happened and I am not interested anymore, at least this way. With some onions, another time, maybe…

(Ronnie) #50

Looks lovely to me.

(Ronnie) #51

Egg, mushrooms and onions…perfect combination.

If my pup wasn’t allergic to onions I would definitely use more of them.

(J) #52

Smoked Bacon-Wrapped, Seasoned-Beef & Cheese-Stuffed Jalapenos


To question number 1…Yes. Unless it contains cheese. Cheese- when mixed in or used as a topping on a cassarole- tastes best right out of the oven. It seems to take on a funky texture once refrigerated and re-heated.

To question number 2…Fast. Extended fasting, in particular. I saved a crap ton of money when I fasted for 7 days.

(Jane) #54

Salad with olive oil/lemon juice dressing made from a lemon off my neighbor’s tree.

Leftover smoked pork loin made into pork marsala.

(Ronnie) #55

Had to get some fish out of the freezer…glad I did.
The palate of everyone needs variation IMHO.

Sea bass and salmon fillets, baked with keto friendly veg (asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, and red/yellow bell peppers). I tend to use various mixes of spices and seasoning to change things up, but I just used my favourites because I knew the flavour of the fillets would infuse all anyway.

(Ronnie) #56

This looks dull! I admit it!

These are Mexican inspired meatballs, spiced and cheesed up believe it or not, served with spiced and garlic mushrooms.
(Don’t worry, I keep the pup away from the prohibited).

It was delicious- we wold3d it down. x


I show you… Well, not dull for me but simple :smiley:

My last roasts. (I mostly live on roasts and eggs. Still spend insane amount of time in the kitchen but I cook for a high-carber as well. But I can overcomplicate egg dishes for myself too, don’t worry. I like cooking and baking to some extent so no way I just do something simple and that’s it.)
Pork chuck and turkey. They are so great, only salt was added, perfection, I made even most of the turkey skin crispy enough, wow. (Fowl skin is problematic for me but I tried harder now.)

(Ronnie) #58

That all looks good and palatable.
Never give up and keep on enjoying your culinary excellence!

(Jane) #59

Chicken marsala and riced cauliflower w/butter, cream and Parmesan cheese

(J) #60

I made a southwestern-esque cheesy ground beef casserole.