What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop



They look good!


Last night, just had leftover pork chops and roasted veg (with extra butter).

For brunch today, pork sausages, baby plum tomatoes, scrambled eggs with grated mature cheddar cheese and butter combined; salt & pepper, dash of Worcestershire sauce, no sugar ketchup and brown sauce.

(Robin) #483

Janie, I am fairly certain we are supposed to be neighbors. You would take pity on me and share.


I might do that sirloin tonight…




Ended up not eating last night after all. Well, had a few berries.

Brunch this afternoon; sardines in tomato sauce (tinned).

40 pence!

(Allie) #487

That’s the one… :grin:


Yeah- might ween myself onto them as opposed to the mackerel (80 pence) or red salmon (£3).



I defrosted this overnight, for tonight. Bargain again. The sirloin can wait up until the 10th anyway.

Probably just have it with mushrooms and/or bell peppers…some sort of sauce.

(Allie) #490

It’s a considerable saving, especially if you’re aiming to consume most days as I am.


40 pence?

Surely the cost of the metallic tin is worth about half that price alone…and the fish tastes good.
Must be little demand for them, and a prolific supply.

Not complaining though- brunch on!


Remembered to dig this out of the carb larder stash for tonight- I probably need to get rid of these before the carni experiment.


Our tinned fish is way more expensive… And it’s not very substantial… I just use it as emergency food when I really, really am bored with everything else.
I am not fancy with it, no plate, I just eat it from the tin in no time! I usually eat herring as that is the cheapest I like. Mackerel is my fav but 1. more expensive but for emergency? I rarely eat it so it’s not that big of a problem 2. not so much available without some very sugary sauce or a lot of rapeseed/sunflower oil. I only can get tuna in brine.
Herring has sugary sauce too but I buy the kind that is still very low-carb and most of the sugar must come from the tomato. Last time I quickly ate 2 tins so it was easy to compare them. One had 5% sugar, the other 2.7? The former was overly sweet, the latter was okay to me.

It’s harder and harder to buy processed stuff, I can’t handle much salt either. 2% is troublesome. 1% is what I seem to like. I tend to eat almost anything all alone… The richest, fattiest, most flavorful items can get away being a bit saltier as I eat them with sponge cakes (I baked a batch again).

Sorry, no photos, I had nothing interesting today. Boiled eggs, ugly deviled eggs, sponge cakes with cheese and sausage, pork belly… Okay, the pork belly is not what I usually have and it’s pretty with its different colored stripes but I still didn’t do a photo yet.


You’re OK!

I’m going to cook early and get an early night.She’s spoilt!


This will be brief! Tired. Carly is good.

Yeah, not at carni just yet, working through stock and issues. Soon!
Stroganof!!! Delicious.

2 meals. (1 for tonight).


Has been chinned. Going to bed early xo.


Are you and Carly ok?

(Allie) #498

Homemade burgers, very light sprinkling of grated cheese, two eggs from my hens, and homemade mayo which I think I put too much mustard in - that’ll teach me to follow a recipe, will do it my own way next time.

(Robin) #499

Was this breakfast? Or later in the day? just curious. I would eat that any time!

(Allie) #500

Lunch :grin:

Breakfast was just four eggs with home made mayo.