What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop



Fk me, am I hung over today? Jebus.I can’t wait to stop this.
Nice eggs:

Dug this out of the freezer, toast!!!:

A lot of butter…propper butter! and some salami.:

Plus two badly fried eggs! And some no sugar tomato ketchup.


I had this last night too, Bloody hell, I let my hair down on holidays. All in good faith though!
Raspberries and blueberries, soured cream.



For tonight:

(Jane) #444

What is in the bag that says Coleraine?


Grated mature cheddar cheese, produced in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.


(County Londonderry).

(Little Miss Scare-All) #447

Cool, when are you cooking me dinner?

(Jane) #448

Picked up a 5-lb pork roast for under $13 at Walmart

Sliced and browned in my IP and pressure cooking now for pulled pork. I will vacuum seal all but a lb in 4 bags for future meals. The lb I keep out will be pulled pork green chili enchiladas made with low carb wraps tomorrow night.


When ever you want, lol.:relaxed:


I’m sore

(Little Miss Scare-All) #451

I’m in the mood for some salmon. You seem to make pretty good fish. Crispy skin please n thanks


@Janie: Mmmm, never a boring meal with that plate… Not like it would be a boring meal otherwise, pretty and all, I just can’t not focus on this fabulous plate :smiley:

I wanted to include a photo of the rabbit organs but that took too much time, I am still not satisfied with the organs themselves (I don’t have expectations for the photo. for? feel free to correct my English any time, I want to get better. if it’s very blatant Grammar thing and not about tenses, that’s probably because I didn’t focus on it and I am worse without that but these things after verbs - Grammar words are my weakness even in my own language -, I am often unsure about them. I usually look it up but not always) so I will fry them a tad more and then we eat them :slight_smile:
So next time.

@coopdawg: Mmm, pretty berries! I eat no strawberries this year because we hadn’t any (except a few pitiful tiny blobs but my SO ate most of it). It’s super easy not to buy fruit, I eat them half of the year because they surround me. And because they are my wonderful no chemical fruits.
Yesterday we picked a ton of unripe Williams pear because the big wasps are very, very interested in it. They eat it with a bigger speed than we ever could and then we find several hollowed out partial shells under the tree (with ants)… We have a few blackberries left and that’s it for now. So it’s pretty good for some carnivore time.
We have quite a few tomatoes now but I already tasted them.
By the way, I am very curious how you will cook on carnivore. Your dishes were always so full with color and plants and often fungi too… It’s still the plan, you trying out carnivore, right?


So folks. Still alive!

And to celebrate, I picked up these chunky pork bargains on the way home from the appointment.
I think I will combine (for pup and I) with the mush & veg & (oddly) sausage caserole mix in a casserole. Minimum effort! But I will high heat sear the chops first.


Carly in her outside kennel.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #454

I should start celebrating existing. A party for every day I’m alive.


Veg prep.
Bit of seasoning.
High heat searing of chops.
More seasoning!
Added some balsamic vinegar. Seared both sides.
Add to veg and bung in the oven for about an hour a nd a quarter. Cover with tin foil for first part (which i just realised, I’ve forgotten to do lol).



(Little Miss Scare-All) #457

How did you install the ceiling stove. And anti gravity device. #goals


After a mistake into delving into pharmacolgy, physiology and biochemistry…I chose a path into engineering (electrical & process).

Which (apparrently) is a lot more ethical.

And the knowledge helps with home installation projects :sweat_smile:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #459

It’s certainly a massively useful project, upsidedown cooking.


That was close. Near burnt the meat there lol.

Still half hour to go, but covered with foil now- should be OK. LOL…alright, a wee bit charred, but i like it like that.