What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop



Looks good. I’ve ate f all apart form peanuts to today.

A steak coming up.


Steak with med veg in oven.

I forgot all about it until this morning (gin on holiday), but remembered, Carly and I ate it anyway.


What I remember LOL!

2 rump steaks.


Forgot making a photo but I made some great… sausage-frikadellers? So fried meaty stuff, ground pork shoulder (with almost no visible fat but the meat is still fatty enough) with sausage spice mix! Oh and a yolk. It was super good. I ate a tiny own tomato with it.
For some reason, I don’t like pork shoulders plain but with my fav spice mix (it changed now as I run out of my BBQ spice but I know the 4 main ingredients and I have those… but the ratio surely changed)… Really delicious!
I need pork shoulder for reasons: I need some fatty pork to render fat and pork shoulder often have irresistible price… And it is very much edible, just needs some plant matter to make it really good.

I only have leanish pork again and it’s boring so I planned a break with a vegetarian weekend but my SO came home with a young rabbit so it won’t happen :smiley: Yum. My weekend probably will be keto, I don’t see any reason why not but definitely not carnivore (the rabbit dish will contain carrots). That starts on Monday.

IDK if I should blur it out but let’s be safe.

I think I haven’t announced it here but our Williams pear season started earlier than I expected. It may or may not be interfere with my carnivore plans very much.
The tree is full with unripe fruits and huge wasps but some are half-riped and perfect, soft and suicy but not nearly as sugary as in a ripe state.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #425

It’s so interesting to me how much some people really desire fruit to the point that a specific one becomes available that it may cause dietary waves.

Me, on the other hand, if I never had any for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t think twice about it or miss it. Don’t like them very much. But if you said some fatty junk-filled cheeseburger with the bun, topped with onion rings and bbq sauce and mayo, then that would do it for me. I love the differences in people.


I find the need, or requirement, to blur text completly bizarre?

Are we not all grown ups ffs?


(Little Miss Scare-All) #427

I agree. It irks me because the idea of “triggering” is completely annoying to me. My opinion is that I wish we could go back in time to when that word wasn’t even used, and everyone had thicker skin. However, we’re in the Woke times, and people are easily offended at every last thing. I hate it, but it’s a concession I make out of respect for people with food struggles. Me, personally, am not triggered by anything and I have an eating disorder. But I’m just trying to be nice. Censoring myself does NOT come easy for me.


It’s crazy ffs!

Thanks. x

(Jane) #429

We have babied our own fruit trees (pre-keto) for 6 years and just now getting a decent harvest. The first year we got 3 apples from 3 trees that we spent $120 on. I sliced them up and handed my husband his $40 apple LOL.


I give up!
I’ll have to buy pork rinds separately


Good slab there!

Well done x

(Little Miss Scare-All) #432

I honestly like the burnt parts. Send them to me :joy:


I can’t think of how to ‘revive’ it other than butter it like toast?

You two are very kind!

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Cheese fixes everything.


I think we’re related!

Cheese and mayo, genius, thank you!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #436

Lol yesss! I hope you end up really liking it. Keto affords us to be able to rescue kitchen mishaps with foods other WOE won’t allow. :grin:




I rarely desire fruit, I just find them very delicious and I can’t really avoid eating them when I see them many times per day, pick them, peel them, cut them and pressure can them for weeks. In the most raging seasons and for certain kind, I easily can hold fruit in my hands 2 hours a day…
Half of the year is when I have ripe fruits in my garden. Sometimes 6 different kinds of my favorites.

I always adored fruits and as a newbie ketoer, I felt I physically needed it, I couldn’t not eat them, it caused problems for some reasons. More vegs helped but keto doesn’t allow much vegs. Not for past me, at least. And mentally I needed my banana :slight_smile: I had about 1-3g carbs for fruits, sometimes I went a bit higher but that reduced my already below minimal vegs and I needed a lot of carbs for other items… It wasn’t so hard to do my 40g net carbs vegetarian keto (I ate quite much sweets, that helped. I ended up getting bored of cakes for a long time. a few years now and maybe I stay like this) but it wasn’t the easiest either. 20g total carb carnivore-ish is way easier. Not like I can stuck to it for long but when I do it, it’s easy and enjoyable and I don’t miss anything.

Pretty weird indeed! I still am not comfortable with it myself. If everyone agrees here, I gladly wax poetics about my super high-sugar fruits without blur here :smiley: I need to write about them somewhere and Fangs doesn’t like it in the carni threads, understandably :smiley: And I am unable to stop there but try to be modest and definitely will keep blurring there, obviously.

But it’s a very valid problem for SOME people, it seems. I was asked to blur stuff multiple times on this forum.
I am nearly unable to trigger myself, at least not online. The only exception is watching pancake videos when I am not perfectly satiated… Okay, it happened only once…
IRL is different, I can’t resist freshly made pork, apparently, if I am not perfectly satiated. It’s true for other nice meat dishes as well.
Cooking is a two-edged sword but I consider it good on a fast as it gives me food joy without eating. Some people can’t imagine this :smiley:

I noticed that online, not in my own country (well I barely ever see humans… I still don’t think they are such a fragile lil souls here)… I think I tend to be pretty considerate but I like to use my own common sense and not catering to modern pc things… Some hurt MY feelings so they should understand :smiley: I won’t walk on eggshells all the time and even saying lies…

Btw sometimes I wonder if I can bring a plate with some fruits or whatever on it or it will bother someone… I will have pears and grapes in the next months, apples too. And quince and in December (but everything comes early this year, maybe late November too) medlar, my last fruit season. But those fit keto better.

The rabbit with mustard/sour cream (and carrots and even a tad xylitol, the one and only case when I tolerate added sweetness to a meat dish, weird) sauce isn’t pretty and I forgot so no photo but it’s VERY GOOD! Yum. I just tasted it today, tomorrow will be a very very nice day :wink:

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Do NOT give up!!! I would be thrilled with those results.

(Jane) #440

Mushroom Swiss burger patty and homemade cole slaw (ate half before I took the pic)