What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


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Lol you’re cute. You’re all good. I’m not the triggering/triggered type.


Afterwards, had a small amount of bluberries and soured cream (my standard fare, but not everyday).


I bring these here too as usual… I so rarely make a photo but then I put them into the carnivore thread and here too - unless it’s obviously not carnivore :slight_smile: Maybe later this week before I try to go for more than 2 weeks carnivore-ish. It may or may not happen but the first half of August is the only time in summer when I have no raging fruit season…

I made biscuits. Well, I called these like that. I seriously consider Crunchy Bliss for the foreground ones next time when I will make them even thinner. Egg yolks (most of them as powder, I made them myself from hard-boiled yolks), cheese, smoked paprika, salt.

@coopdawg: Sometimes I wonder about your soured cream. I never lived in another country and I know sour cream is essential in Hungarian cuisine but what about elsewhere? Do you there only have it in such tiny packages? What about variety? We have multiple brands in the tinies village shop and they can be pretty different. I would never use any if I couldn’t buy my fav or at least one of my tolerated ones. And now my fav got actually really sour while keeping its creaminess. Wonderful. I dropped my previous fav as it lose its creaminess, it’s a tad too hard so mixing it into a food makes lumps.
It’s similar for quark, there are multiple kinds, not even brands, kinds everywhere. There are dry crumbles and creamier, smoother things alike. I go for the latter.

By the way, I totally adored onions. It changed. It’s still essential for certain dishes like stews so I use it on my carnivore-ish when needed (it’s very rare) but the amount is super tiny.
Similar thing happened to my beloved tomatoes.
I was lucky to lose interest in most vegs when I tried carnivore so I can’t miss the others, I just find eating some crunchy juicy raw vegs nice and see zero reason to keep myself from that. Hence my carnivore-ISH. Much better. I could stop eating vegs but I don’t see the point to force the issue, I am very satisfied with my carnivore-ish on/off but challenges are needed so I actually try harder sometimes.
But even with this relaxed attitude, I changed a lot. IDK if it will happen to you and if yes, how quickly but people can change a lot, I know that now.
But some of us need their little extras here and there.


Hi Shinita.
The dairy industry/agriculture here in Northern Ireland/Ireland is fairly big and important to the economy- we seem to have the perfect climate for lush green grass to feed the cattle/dairy cows, and as such local dairy produce will be all types of milk, creams and cheeses (admittedly, mainly cheddar as that is our favourite). I seem to go for one of only two types of soured cream, and they are both lovely and sound like how you described yours.

I also eat creme fraiche and clotted cream as alternatives…for a change.
I’ll buy some and send a pic. Clotted cream is delicious at room temperature, but a bit hard directly from refrigeration.


Easy brunch today- leftovers from yesterday. Pan fried sea bass, the stir fried mushroom & veg with sauce…but also added some of those fridge nibble thick pork sausages as I was hungry (shared them with pupper anyway).


Optional ingredients for tonight…don’t think I’ll use all of them of course.
I think I might just do something with the smoked pancetta, leak, pepper and mushrooms…with a sauce (here we go! Another stir fry!)…witha sprinkiling of grated cheddar and hard cheese.

Mightn’t need much sauce what with the flavour of the smoked pancetta.


Hi Shinita. some of the local produce:
Cream | Farmview Dairies | Belfast
I litre supply containers, to answer your question, if required:
Northern Irish dairy unveils clotted cream brand - Dairy Industries International
“The Irish Clotted Cream is currently being produced in one litre tubs for foodservice, but the company is considering developing a retail version in 25g containers.”

And this is what our so called government advises on dairy consumption (I’ll still have my soured cream!):
Milk and dairy products | nidirect


OK, bit of a weird concoction, but it is tasty.
Went for this :Smoked pancetta, red & yellow pepper, a leek, sauce ingredients as previous (although not as much as there was plenty of plavour from the pancetta and leek, a sprinkling of mixed nuts (when almost cooked, for flavour and texture), then a dusting of hard cheese and a sprinkling of grated cheddar, melt and serve (myself) with some for fridge nibbles left over.
Veg in the pan with olive oil.

Veg near cooked in the sauce, add the mixed nuts (penuts, cashews, almonds, macadamia and pecan).

Add pancetta and stir fry.


Add two types of cheese and melt/serve.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good…my taste buds thought!

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So I harvested one beautiful bell pepper from my garden yesterday. Have lots of smaller mild and hot peppers but with our horrific heat wave (106 F again today) the peppers are small. I guess I should be glad we are getting ANYTHING from the garden with this heat.

Anyhoo - instead of stuffing peppers since I only have one large enough to do so I am going to attempt a “pepper casserole”. Slice the peppers and layer them in the bottom of a pan. Add my browned homemade sausage, drizzle some Rao Ariabatta sauce over it, layer of shredded cheese by and bake.

I picked up some Andouille sausage at the butcher’s this afternoon so might have that to go with it.


Forgot to add.
I had this as a treat last night to mark the rest of the week on holidays; had a small amount of bluberries, stawberries and soured cream. Some mixed nuts sprinkled over too. Pecans, macademias, peanuts, cashews and almonds. Gonna get some clotted cream tomorrow for a change (maybe just have with nuts? :thinking:) :


For brunch today, after the visit to the caves, we stopped off at a gastro pub just outside Enniskillen.

Not bad. The staff were understanding when i explained I don’t do carbs.
They let me adjust the meals to exclude carbs, and said they wouldn’t charge me for the chips/fries/spuds that I didn’t want- so I ordered an extra meaty starter to make up for it.

I had some spiced up chicken strips as a starter, which was almost like a main meal.
Then for main I had a version of steak sandwich- without the bread, kept the sauteed onions and broccoli, and there were a few prawns thrown in. Absolutely great, that.

Forgot to take a pic btw as I was with family and chewing the fat about other things distracted me.


I was going to do the dry rump steaks, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms and peppers tonight.

Then I bumped into this at the filling station when I got back from the caves. 600g of already cooked, ready to eat buffalo chicken wings…1/2 price of course.
I also picked up a couple packs of 1/2 price bacon for the freezer.

So the full price steaks and veg and mushrooms can hold off for a day, being in date, and I’ll devour these beauties tonight…with the leftover pancetta/stir fry veg mix from yesterday.

Ahhhh. :smiley:
I enjoy cooking…but occasionally it’s nice not to have to bother, like today. Day off today.
Day off tomorrow too, and not back until Monday…no cooking required…dog fed and walked…family seen and caught up with…OK, let’s have a gin or 2 Coop!



Bloody hell! That was close!

Turns out those Buffalo chicken wings aren’t cooked after all.
I just went to get one to share with the pup, rechecked the packaging…friggen raw as uncooked Salmonella its friggen self! Cold raw flesh when poked.

Phew!!! It’s now in the oven for 35 to 40…they’re lucky it wasn’t life without parole.



Thanks for the info!
I only knew that sour cream is very basic in Hungarian and French cuisine, surely in others but I don’t know about those… And of course it’s a known item in many countries but probably used less extensively. We always keep sour cream at home as it’s very much needed in many dishes. And I love it anyway.
We don’t have creme fraiche or clotted cream or general cream cheese (only mascarpone and philadelphia)… We don’t even have cream over 30% fat. I saw cottage cheese in the last several years, that appeared, I tried but didn’t see the point. But we have quark and that’s great.
Sour cream packages come in every size up to 850g, that’s still very easy to use up even if we use it very sparingly, I love that it doesn’t spoil easily (unlike quark, that’s the super quickly spoiling one. I think it’s the worst among all dairy except maybe not very much processed milk).

Mmmm, dairy. There are multiple reasons I only rarely do dairyless carnivore experiments. Now it got easier but I still don’t like to do it for long. 3 days is long.

I tried some sour cream with blackberries some days ago. I liked the creaminess and fat is always nice but it made a not sweet enough dessert. The fruit alone was a bit too sweet. I will try to mix a handful of blackberries with a tiny amount of sour cream next time. Maybe 10g would work but that is such a crazy ratio… Maybe I need to change my sweetness perception… Not like desserts must be sweet, I am fine without but it’s fruit, I automatically expect sweetness from it. Except the delightfully sour ones but I still don’t like unripe blackberries.
Season is still here so I will eat some before July is up. Then I go for carnivore, I actually feel I need it, I overeat way more often and way more seriously than normal.

The biggest course of my lunch today:

I fried 500g pork shoulders (all the fatty parts from 1300g so it was quite fatty) and ate it all (except the 75g lard I got from it. yay, I needed that). And a bunch of other things, it was a big (though a bit elongated) lunch, no doubt even if it’s impossible to figure out the macros. Fat is somewhere above 200g? I was hungry. I need to experiment with 200+ g fat in one sitting when I can guesstimate it somewhat better.
My eggs looked even less remarkable so this is it for now.

I bet it’s longer than my whole pepper plants… They are never really successful (sometimes I get a tiny pepper without crunch) but I make the soil better every year and one year it may be fine…
The tomato plants are very pretty though so I use most of my super tiny veggie patch to plant those.
The high temperature and lack of rain bothers the plants but they are still pretty most of the time, only really miserable before watering and not even all of them. The big plants full with fruit are really impressive :slight_smile:

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So I wanted stuffed peppers (minus the rice) but I only had one small bell pepper from my garden and the rest were jalapeños or Anaheim’s.

I decided to make a pepper casserole instead. Sliced and seeded the peppers and layered them in a pan

Then I browned my homemade sausage with some onions and added a bit of Rao sauce. Spooned that over the peppers and topped with a layer of shredded cheese. Forgot to take a pic before adding the cheese. Stopped took pic and added the rest.

Covered with foil and baked for 35 min. Uncovered and baked another 10 min. Was good!

(Jane) #416

My tomatoes are winding down but sure have enjoyed them. I save the prettiest ones for salads. Not getting any sandwich-size ones anymore.


I really like this!


I start to get hungry looking at these photos and I thought I ate enough for today… Mmmm.

By the way, I still don’t know peppers but while I wasn’t looking (it was 2 days???), many tomatoes turned red. Wow. So we ate one today, the 3rd one this year. It’s very early this year.

We only will have red ones :frowning: It’s fine but we had wonderful black tomatoes last year. They were some ugly color, some desaturated purple? Far from black. But they were good, tiny and there always were some on the plant for months… Insert proper word order, I have no idea this time.

And I got surprised as our Williams pears started their season. I thought I will have 3 weeks… Nevermind, I still go carnivore next Monday again! The fruit is super flavorful but way beyond my sweetness tolerance (unless it’s very little and very rarely happens).

No food photo from me as my fried pork and sponge cakes and boiled eggs looked like always.

(Jane) #419

Sone of my peppers turn red if I leave them on the plant long enough. Unlike tomatoes they taste fine green also. Some peppers do not turn and stay green.

One of our tomato varieties is called Black Strawberry, is slightly smaller than a golf ball, turns a beautiful dark purple and red and is sweet. Plant is absolutely loaded with fruit and still producing after 23 days over 100 F (38 C) in the last 2 months. Last year we had 2 days over 100 F as a comparison.

(Jane) #420

Jambalaya made with bacon, Andouille sausage and chicken thighs (subbed instead of shrimp because that is what I had on hand). Pressed all the water out of riced cauliflower and added a bit to remind me of rice LOL. I subbed a Pablano pepper from my garden for a bell pepper and the heat was just right. A bit of a bite but not too much.