What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop



Lamb chops.

I thought they were enough to have simply by themselves, plenty of tasty fat and protein.

(Jane) #362

Made an olive oil/lemon juice/ garlic dressing. Will chop these beauties up and toss in that dressing for dinner to go along with grilled burger patties. The larger tomatoes with the dark tops are a variety called Black Strawberry and along with the orange cherry tomatoes called Sun Sugar are my two favorites this year.

(Jane) #363



(Jane) #365

Salsa made from garden tomatoes, onion and jalapeños. Had to buy cilantro as mine bolted in this heat.

Baking some chips out of Lavash bread

(Cathy) #366

Lobster rolls for lunch on Unbuns and brioche for those non low carbers.


Last night’s mish-mash concoction:
Prawns, bacon lardons, eggs, cheese and spring onion, all fried together in olive oil.



Brunch today (yip…I drank the vinegar pickle juice as well as eating the cockles- good electrolytes!).


Tonight’s ingredients- I got the salmon half priced sometime ago and had frozen them…defrosted in this heat wave for tonight. Roughly about a fiver if I remove the avocado, which I probaly will.



Ah…I had a couple friends come round yesterday evening to enjoy the heatwave and I ended up cooking the above for them.
Well, my mate and i had the salmon and for his girlfriend I defrosted some cooked prawns for her (she doesn’t like salmon much).

I fried the veg in the frying pan with infused olive oil and flavoured with a little soy sauce, some balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt & pepper and smoked paprika. Nice combination.

It hit the spot…but as we had few scoops (drinks) i totally forgot to take any pics I’m afraid.


These are some of the ingredients for tonight’s OMAD spread (Lamb’s liver, mushrooms, red peppers, aparagus spears, olive oil and Norn Irish butter, plus seasoning of course)(and red onion which isn’t in pic):
Then, maybe after, I’ll have some strawberries/blueberries and soured cream, with a sprinkling of dry roasted peanuts…depending on how hungry I am after the savoury element.

I’ll try to remember to take a pic this time…the meal is more or less what I’ve posted up before; but I’ll add some balsamic vinegar and English mustard this time.


And maybe a slimline G&T with ice or 2…I haven’t abstained (just…it’s the post though) yet!


Ended up not using half the ingredients last night; after having a G&T or 2.
Just went for sliced lamb’s liver, button mushrooms, red onion and a few baby plum tomatoes.
All fried in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with seasoning. Had a bit of leftovers for brunch today as well.



Got some cut price fridge nibbles for pupper and I (cheaper than actual pupper food! £1.36 total):



Off topic…pupper when she was younger- she’s a lot bigger these days.


Ingredient options for tonight. Got some half price deals again. I can use the asparagus later, and just use the tenderstem broccoli instead, Pork lardons always add a salty kick to any meal.


Oh, forgot to elaborate.

Lamb leg steaks, butter, button mushrooms, bacon lardons, red peppers, tenderstem broccoli, red onions an option also. Going to use Worcestershire sauce and dark Soy sauce to taste (I’ve ran out of balsamic vinegar).


Ended up not eating the lamb steaks and red peepers…just stuck with the bacon lardons, broccoli and mushrooms. Made the sauce with oilive oil, butter, Worcestershire sauce and dark Soy sauce.
Very tasty and simple.


Brunch today. Pork sausages and a couple fried eggs, salt & pepper (the brown sauce has no sugar).


Carly doberdor ate two of those sausages…professional beggar she is.