What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


(Little Miss Scare-All) #341

You would legit hate going food shopping with me. I don’t look at prices, I just toss things into the cart. Half price things scare me because I’m afraid they’ve been sitting in on the floor in the employees-only bathroom for 17 weeks and then put into the manager’s special case so that I can bring it home, cook it, and get tiny worms that will grow in my intestines.


LOL! No I get the half price in a small local store which is actually a filling station, not a huge supermarket.

You can actually see the staff rotating the stock displayed, and labelling (with those yellow labels) half price when they have a day or two best before/use by date.

I don’t buy if they look off, and it seems to be that that when I visit (at lunchtime or after work) that I seem to be able to scoop the bargains. As long as you cook that evening, or freeze immediatley for later, it’s absolutely fine. The veg is still fresh, and the meat passes the Mark 1 Sniffer™ test every time- they build in buffer times with the dates.

I wouldn’t count on me not enjoying going shopping with you- as long as it was for food! I enjoy the food shop.
The big food shopping trips, for me, is a pleasurable experience- seeing what’s on offer with the produce/bargains, and it’s like a socialable experience; both with the people you don’t know and the people you may bump into that you do know and haven’t seen for ages.


The desert had dry roasted peanuts on top of sour cream and blueberries.

Not my normal choice…I usually choose walnuts.

(Jane) #344

Sweet baby bell peppers from my garden stuffed with cream cheese and shredded cheese and topped with bacon. Leftover tomato salad, tri tip sous vide at 135 F all day and finished on the grill.



Perfection on a plate!


Gonna treat myself today, combining these:


It’s holiday season over here (the 11th, 12th & 13th July), so I thought I’d get some’eats’ in.

When everybody else is munching crisps/chips…I’ll be munching these:


Smoked bacon lardons, Brussel sprouts, lamb’s liver.with English mustard.


(Jane) #350

Leftover tri tip roast in low carb wraps. Garden zucchini made into zoodles. Sautéed onion and garlic in butter, added the zoodles and sprinkled with yellow curry powder.

(Doug) #351

Chicken and Eggs - a satisfying plate.


Great dishes! You’re making me hungry.

I had these arrive today- my first time trying them.
I have to say, I love the taste…but I’m a pickle freak anyway (only usually the vinegar kind; this is new to me). When they are done I may try to produce some home made versions.



Skipped lunch/brunch today…but I had this late afternoon:

Blueberries, soured cream, grated dark chocolate (very low carb) 90% cocoa, plus a few broken bits of the cocoa. Delish!


Made in Manchester, England, UK, btw.


I have this in the oven right now.


That’s Brussel sprouts, celery, and button mushrooms.

This is after I have seasoned with salt, black pepper, garlic, worcestershire sauce, dark soy sauce, and balsmic vinegar.


Add Chinese marinated NI pork chops.
The cover with everything else.


Then invite a mate around, have a drink, and wait patiently (45-50 mins 180 degrees C).


Ready to serve.


(Robin) #357

That’s quite a statement. Ready to serve.
I got ll excited and started a list of chores for you.
Then I saw the photo. Drat!

Looks good. But a servant would have been nice.



I will serve with devotion!

I had my mad mate round for drinks, we had a chop each (him, Carly dog and I).
These are the biggest drinking days of the year over here…it’s a bit excessive. :relaxed:

(J) #359

Ribeye and eggs this evening. Egg yolk makes for a tasty sauce, it does.


Looks very appetising.