What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop



Not really hungry after brunch earlier, but I think I will (rather than eat more sausages) go for sirloin (only thing i have), mushrooms, a pepper and asparagus tonight.

One of those days tomorrow, so want to get it out of the way early and hopefully get a good sleep.



They wer the ngredients, here’s the prep. i.e. I fried the asparagus, mushrooms and 1 yellow pepper, firstly with olive oil, then finished off with butter and seasoning.
Next the sirloin (NY Strip) which didn’t take long.
Added a bit of cheddar for taste, because I can these days!
Salt, pepper, paprika and natural flavours.



Forgot to add:

That yellow stuff over the steak and to the side of it, is English mustard.
It’s rocket fuel and delicious at the same time.
Treat it with respect…but try it! It made this meal even better.


Simple brunch today.
I already had cooked beef sausages in the fridge, so I just munched a couple of them, with some grated cheese, melted in the microwave.
But it wasn’t enough, so I had a small tin of sardines in tomato sauce (of which the pup demanded her share).


For tonight? Pork chops again, because they were half price.
Not sure how yet though…potential ingredients (think I’ll keep the smoked salmon for brunch protein wraps or something though):


So, the red and (white?) onions, button mushrooms, and tenderstem brocolli went into high fry pan with olive oil. Butter will be added later.

When they were done, (6 mins), I used the pan for the 2 thick porkk chops.

At this stage, you’ll be saying to yourselves, ‘Why is this pr**k telling us how to suck eggs?’.
You’d be surprised people, how some even don’t know how to boil an egg…


So, with your prep and ‘light frying’ done:

Make sure the cuts are sealed at reasonably high temperature,.
Doesn’t really matter time wise- you’ll be able to judge it.


Oh yeh, this is what’s added.

And this:

We’ll see how it comes out later (1 hour casserole).



OK, I casseroled it with chopped tomatoes, a sauasge caserole mix.

It’ll take about a 1/2 hour (after the 1/2 hr already cooked).

This is mainly for Shinita, she always wonders how her pork chops could be more palatable for her. :slight_smile:


Just for clarity- no smolked salmon was used with this concoction!

Not yet anyway…



Just checked it- sticking it in for another 1/h hour.
The chops were not tender enough, so divided them up a bit.
Still stewing away- but the taste of the casserole was good.
i just wanted an early night tonight…

…but I’m sure it’ll be alright, taste wise. Pupper likes the smell anyway.


So, just plated up with grated cheddar, which is melting straight away. I followed it up with with a sprinkiling of dried cheese.
This tastes great- trust me! Try it.


Brunch today. Heated protein wrap, mayonaise, grated cheddar, spring onion and smoked salmon.



And left overs. x


Jack Daniels Rump Steak- eaten as is.




This is my favourite…although I did have a painful alimentary block for a while afterwards…no doubt cabbage!

Cabbage, onion, pancetta, tender stem brocolli, and lamb’s liver.


And brunch.

Protein wrap heated, butter, cheddar cheese, spring onion, cooked crumbed ham.



Brunch again.

Sloppy scrambled egg, very buttery!, and rashers of maple bacon.