What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


(Robin) #281

Keep on keeping on!


That meal above cost £3…it would normally cosy about £8.

What if people, unlike some, don’t know how to do what some do?

We need to to educate, lobby, persuade (gently), and provide evidence.



(Jane) #284

I’m glad I raised my 2 boys to be frugal, even though we could afford better sometimes.

My youngest is especially tight with his money and is serving him well in these tough times. One year he needed a green button-down shirt for a choir performance (as opposed to their normal tux attire). I knew he would never wear it again so I took him to Goodwill and bought one. He was amazed at the prices on some clothes that looked almost new.

A week later he came in holding up a pair of khaki shorts and proudly exclaimed “MOM! Cargo shorts for $5!!! :grin:

(J) #285

Not quite sure what to call it:

Not sure what to call it. It involves whisked-egg, seasoned beef, cheese, & jalapeno-stuffed poblanos, covered in diced sweet peppers and grated cheese. Kind of rolled up into a casserole-like dish? Stuffed Poblano Casserole?


Looks absolutely brilliant and tasty.

(Robin) #287

I know what I would call it. Gone.


This was Friday night’s meal…I just wanted to not bother too much after the week I had.
BBQ spare ribs (home cooked) always hit the spot.

Then I had that lambs liver, smoked pancetta, mushrooms and red cabbage dish that I do, over Saturday and this morning.
I never took a pic- you know that ot looks like already, and I hope make it and taste it sometime.


I’m going to devour these, with my pup, this evening. Chestnut mushrooms, lamb steak.
Toying with the idea of adding English mustard and spring onions in some way- not for the pup of course.


Hit the spot.chestnut mushrooms steamed first. I added balsamic vinegar to the water- it really worked out well. Kept the red cabbagge colour also.

Then add to fying pan with lamb steaks, butter, garlic, and seasoninbg…



Picked up another 1/2 price meat bargain today- I’m going to do these 2 nice thick Chinese pork chops, plus a bit of a veg stirfry, a sprinkling of grated cheddar…then maybe some cream, blueberries and walnuts.
It’s 16:40 and i still haven’t eaten today yet apart from 1 thin slice of cooked ham with mayonaise about 1/2 hpour ago.
I’ll probably not bother cooking this until about 21:00 as I’ve a few slimline gins to get through first. This OMAD isn’t too difficult. Not every day, but most days.

(Bob M) #292

Goodwill is about to get a lot of stuff I’m now too small for, most of which is basically brand new. Maybe worn once.

The Croissant Diet made me buy new (bigger) clothes, but those were short lived. Getting back to higher protein, lower fat keto has helped.


Change of plan. Getting sleepy under that gin.

Rather than actively slave over a stove, I just chopped everything up and am going to casserole it for an hour in the oven with, would you believe, with a lamb hot pot schet solution, amongst other seasoning.


That’s pupper pretending the cooking scents aren’t driving a bit ravenous.



I just mixed up wiht a spoon, then added extra mins. No biggy.

Absolutely gorgeous amd delicious. Silky.


The big fat riinds help and they melt to help the casserole.


(J) #297

Just bacon, butta, eggs, salt, pepper, cheese & Texas Pete’s hot sauce this evenin’.

(Robin) #298

Heaven in a plate…


Jebus!!! Your ‘hybrid work at home workstation’ looks remarkably like mine!

I think the earth’s polarity has maybe flipped…


Couldn’t do OMAD today…and why force it everyday, if you don’t feel like it?

It’s 17:38 and I haven’t had a 2nd meal yet, but brunch was at around 12:30…which is even earlier than usual for me if doing 2MAD. It was the smell of the beef sausages that did it.
Of course, I got a couple of packs 1/2 price just before lunch/brunch time.
2 different suppliers for each pack, and one pack had a couple mishappen (but still fine) bangers.
So I batched up, sealed and stuck in the fridge. Spend more up front to spend less.


But the cooking smell drove me nuts. So I went for a low carb heated protein wrap, with butter, no added sugar ketchup, cheddar cheese, spring onion and 4 of those beef sausages. Yip, pretty good. I gave the pup some too- not from the wrap though.