What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


(Robin) #261

Wow! Score, indeed!

(Robin) #262

Josh, how are you doing?

(Jane) #263

In Houston on business. Chipotle’s

Carnitas with queso, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.

(Robin) #264

They are excellent in a pinch!

(J) #265

Doin’ great. “Weight” loss has slowed, but body comp continues to improve. Thankful and content.

(Robin) #266

Perfect. I loss the quickest and largest chunk of weight in the first few months. Then it was a slow cruise to my goal. But I remember being amazed at how my body was still visibly changing.
Glad you’ve got it figured out.




You are a maestro.

Looks very apetising that dish.


I’m doing steakburgers tonight.

I’ll post a pic…but it won’t be as good as those you all have posted above!


I didn’t bring pics either, I tried but my pic became blurry, I was lazy to use the right lense anyway, my focus was on flowers (so the carnivore thread got them. with some insects) and flowers require the wonderful macro lense I love! Sometimes we shot butterflies with the big 300mm one (if we meet the butterfly when our primary goal is birds at the nearby big pond, I still don’t have a heron photo…) but that’s problematic as we can’t get closer than 1.5m while the 100mm one has it as 30-something cm. Neat. I rarely want to go closer.

I ate pork stew today :slight_smile: And my usual eggs, cheese and quark with sour cream.
There are leftovers (the stew was made yesterday using 2.4kg pork, it is a small stew but we don’t eat it quickly now) so a photo still may happen.
My sponge cake muffins are beautiful, I had some with my stew.

(Jane) #271

Eating out at The Brisket House in Deer Park, TX.

1/2 lb brisket, 1/2 lb jalapeño sausage

Breakfast will be whatever is left over :smiley:

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(J) #273

Seven egg bacon jalapeno scramble this evening.




My photo isn’t pretty at all but at least I can show what I ate for lunch (I wasn’t hungry yet but I am still unable to wait until I need food). A small miracle happened and I ate exactly this (and a little milk in my coffee):

Eggs, cheese, pork stew (ours looks like that, not very wet :)), fried chicken liver (125g), tiny skinless crackling if that is a thing…
It was a quite small lunch again but I was satiated after the first half. But I easily finished it with a tiny break.

I had a little snack later (half a turkey drumstick) and pancakes and quark for dinner.

And it’s June so I had a little fruit during the day (cherries, sour cherries, mulberries but I stop with that, it’s like sugary water, raspberries and I think no strawberries today, it’s a bad year, we have close to none. My SO gets the vast majority of the fruit anyway as I don’t need them but no one can keep me from tasting them, they are mine too! :D). They were all very sweet, not ideal. I never felt raspberries sweet on my original keto… And now they are maybe too sweet alone… But good.

3MAD and IF 20/4. I have these insane combos but I get hungry quickly if I eat small meals.


Last while: Salmon fillets and mushrooms, baked. I know, not pretty but was tasty.

That’s those steak burgers I mentioned earlier. They were quality.

And a restock of beef & pork sausages…which I’m going to someting with tonight (I think omellette with peppers).
‘Mexican’ NI meat balls. Actually really good, half price and well prepared.
Even if it doesn’t look it…
Frying steak and mushrooms.


By the way- I buy most of my produce half price, at oportune times.



Sorry, forgot to post how that meal worked out.

i added a fried egg. I craved protein today.





To be clear, these are hard times.

I’ve been trying to get bargains everywhere, but I’ve also been mainly one or two meals a day.
I try to do this healthily, and my health has improved.