What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop


(J) #241

One of the strips I grilled yesterday, buttered up and reheated, along with some air-fryer broccoli & cheese.

(Robin) #242

Air fryers… game changer!


That’s good stuff right there!

(Jane) #244

Fork-tender brisket smoked 9 hours in my electric smoker and squash from my garden

(Robin) #245

@Janie Ok. That’s it…. I’m putting on my shoes. Text me your address.
And keep that brisket warm.


Pretty brisket!
I totally would try another people’s brisket but I won’t buy it again. I just used the oven as I don’t have other ways to do it.
But it’s tasty. Way too lean (I can’t influence which parts I get, it was quite lean. there was some fat layer but very tiny) and chewy so I make meatballs from it today. But next time I just buy pork, not brisket. I keep my beef stews though :wink: Oh it was so many months ago I had that… Or a few but it seems ages to me.


I haven’t been posting much recently, been busy, but here are some foods/meals I’ve been ketoing recently.
Tried this stuff…it’s devine. Make sure it’s at room temperature before scoffing, as it can be too hard if refrigerated. But it is silky at room temperature. Pups and I just devoured the whole tub, from the tub, with nothing else added. It hit the spot, nice alternative to creme fraiche or sour cream, and a good treat especially as part of an OMAD meal:


Following that, I’ve been a bit ‘Lazy Keto’ recently, concocting such basic delights as (this first one is embarassing!):
Beef sausages, melted cheddar slices and paprika. (Yip, I can see the Michelin Star being posted through my letterbox now! lol.)

Some prime NI beefburgers, done in oven. Pretty good actually:


And one I prepared earlier…defrosted ground beef Bolognese (beef, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, tomato puree and seasoning), this time served with tomato and herb cauliflower rice. Loved it, very tasty:

Brunch today at 13:00, pork sausages, scrambled egg, spring onion, butter and seasoning:


And for tonight? Well, leftover buffalo chicken wings and chinese ribs from last night, which i’ll probably eat cold rather than tempt fate (even though they were covered and refrigerated). Ms ‘Professional Scrounger’ managed to photo bomb that shot yet again:
But, feeling a bit hunger pangs today, so I may cook these to supplement the above:

Pretty much carnivore today, apart from the dicing of spring onions. I had a couple of green teas as well this morning, which seems to help me with IF, 2MAD & OMAD.

(Jane) #251



That clotted cream sounds dangerous, if it’s sometimes I would enjoy (possible though I never met such a super fatty dairy except butter) I would sooo easily overeat fat (not like I don’t do it about all the time but even more)… Definitely only for OMAD when I happen to need the fat because I fancy lean meat on that day and satiation comes quickly. Or in moderation, very carefully!
I can’t imagine something fattier than mascarpone and still not butter… I would need to mix it with other stuff just like mascarpone (not like I couldn’t eat mascarpone mixed with my super fatty chocolate but it’s too dense and rich even for me).

But I brought a photo this time. Not pretty but nice lunch.
I really needed a carni day already, June is my big fruit season and that’s fine, I am healthy enough but my body still need a break, I suppose.

Yay, I actually eat THIS and that’s it. Plus a little pizza sauce on some of the meat crumbles (brisket, some pork and eggs). As it didn’t want to become meatballs and I was lazy and it’s nice either way…
Scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon, little pork, my only leftover sponge cake muffin and my eggy/buttery coffee. I usually drink it darker but it was nice. I already had plenty of dark coffees at that point but my tiny headache (still annoying when it lasts for many hours) is as stubborn as usual. The pill was even more useless than the coffees. But it’s not too bad.

Next time I will show my fruits. Today was the first day to pick some raspberries :slight_smile: It’s strawberry, mini strawberry, cherry and sour cherry season as well. And I didn’t eat any today. And mulberry though that’s a pretty useless fruit no one cares about. I eat a few sometimes for fun. Mostly sugary water. Some are better than others though. Making my fingers purple is a plus because I am such a kid. I have a single young tree in my garden, it’s white. But there are zillions nearby.


That meal looks fine to me…plenty of variation, taste, and nutrition.


It was quite nice and satiating to me :slight_smile:
And now it’s 7:30pm and I am still completely satiated. It’s a bit odd but I don’t complain.
(I am just curious about my macros but I have no way to even vaguely guess. Oh well.)


@Shinita That clotted cream sounds dangerous, if it’s sometimes I would enjoy (possible though I never met such a super fatty dairy except butter)

It’s a very small tub, so not so dangerous if you have once in a while.

The English (and British) mainly use this product with scones and jam on ‘Cream Tea’ breaks, especially in South West England (counties Devon & Cornwall).


Plus it is 60g fat per 100g fat.

How does this compare to eatin suet, tallow or lard?

(Jane) #257

Zucchini boats stuffed with my homemade sausage. Egg bites.

From my garden: zucchini, an onion and purple basil. Eggs compliments of my hens.


Normally (when I eat fatty meat) I try to avoid eating any added fat as I can’t afford so much fat. So I wouldn’t eat those either. Except a tiny lard in my scrambled eggs.
And 60% is super high. I probably couldn’t even eat much of it but I met some charming super fatty exceptional items… Like smoked cooked pork jowl. 76% fat or something, in weight. I can eat a lot (compared to its calorie density, at least) all alone. It actually comes handy in rare circumstances but normally I should avoid it.
But I probably could eat a bucketful of sour cream as well, maybe not now that I trained myself to treat sour cream as other fatty but non protein-rich items, carefully but before? Sour cream is amazing, at least the right kind. I have my favs.

I still would try the clotted cream, I always get a tad envious when reading about extra fatty things in other countries. We only have 20-25% sour cream (the 25% one is very rare), 30% cream and 40% mascarpone and that’s it. For real fattiness I need to buy meat (or fat when it’s pure fat tissue but I don’t like that), our dairy have limits.
But at least we barely have super low-fat dairy here. Always denied their existence or at least edibility. And that’s a bit odd as I do like quark and it’s very low-fat (no problem, I mix sour cream or mascarpone into it). And that’s the normal, “half-fat” version (there is no full-fat but it’s fine, we always have sour cream and it’s quite cheap), not the really low-fat one.

Mmm, dairy. I doubt I ever will give them up :slight_smile: Why would I? I already eat very little of them… Usually. Not now when I have my mascarpone phase. Pricy stuff but super good and I don’t overdo it.




(J) #260

Scored 4 thick chops for $8 at the grocer today.