What did you keto today? Part VI...The son of the cousin of the wife of the GMO crop of the inbred corn crop, whilst the siblings sat on their behinds drinking soda pop



Tonight I decided to go back to my old favourite to mark the start of Jubilee double bank holiday weekend:
Fried sliced lamb’s liver with sautéed (after steaming) shredded savoy cabbage, with sautéed onion, garlic, peppers, butter and smoked lardons. Liver was slightly overdone for me, as they were thinner slices than I usually get, but still nice.

I have enough of the cabbage, onion, garlic, pappers and smoked lardon mixture left over to combine with some sort of meat cut tomorrow…although to be fair, it’s almost a meal in itself.

(Jane) #202

Boneless pork chops with riced cauliflower medley from the frozen section. I added onion, garlic, garden peas and one of my hen eggs. Plus butter, cream and Parmesan cheese.


Looks very tasty and healthy- I’ll be copying that version of ‘egg fried rice.’


Got the ole ‘veg’ roll (it’s beef! With trace elements of dried onion and parsley) for brunch (broke fast at 13:30).

Cooked in oven for 20 mins then added to melted cheddar cheese, spring onion with a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce and smoked paprika to taste.


Found these at half price, so got 4 packs for a batch cook tonight.
Irish beef meatballs prepared with South African seasoning.
I’ll do all 4 packs at once and make up a sauce too. I’m not hungry after that brunch, so most will be packed up and frozen. Possible sauce ingredients:
I’m not so sure how much (if any) of the coconut milk I’ll combine in the sauce- I’ve never cooked with it before. I’ll probably roast some veg with pesto to accompany the meat balls, haven’t decided yet.

(Robin) #206



Why pay more when you can snatch a bargain, batch and freeze?
It’s like beating the system!


Batched up the South african style beef meatballs. (Forgot to take a note of the herbs/spices they used before I binned the packets.)
For the sauce- Was just a tomato/beef/garlic/soy&worcestorshire sauce combo.
I never used the coconut milk- anyone ideas what I could use that for?
I’ve never used it and it’s burning a hole in my larder.

I never bothered with the pesto roasted veg…would’ve been too much.
I simply had some pan fried baby stem broccoli instead; far more convenient.
Finished off with some butter (stole that idea from others on her, thanks!).

Plenty of meatballs and sauce leftover for the pup and I.
I don’t think I’ll bother freezing them, I’ll just seal them up and refrigerate.
They’ll scoffed over the weekend, only with different veg…save me cooking and maybe I’ll get a bit of work done.


I do the usual and bring what I already put into the carni thread…
This is too tiny for OMAD but I had TMAD so didn’t even eat it all (I had a little extra though, sour cream and coffee with whipped cream. no way I make a plate and don’t eat anything else…):

Pork chuck roast, eggs, gorgonzola. Very good meal! I sliced part of my roast and fried in the pan for a while though, that’s the problem with bigger pieces, too much inside that couldn’t browned!

I ate a bit of cheddar too, super flavorful and one of the tastiest things I ever ate! I immensely enjoy the rare days when I eat cheese and not even the boring Gouda we have at home all the time! :wink: It was nice in the past but not my fav and I got bored of it.
My favs are always better but after a cheese-less time? Even more enjoyable.

So I am very pleased with my food now.


I think I may go for some pork fillet soon…I haven’t had that in a while.


Right, enough of the bullet proof Matchas…time for some solid food as it’s been 24 hrs.
Already had the meatballs prepared as you know, sauce too. Just needed heated up.
Couldn’t be arsed making pesto roast veg again, so opted for another stir fry with shredded cabbage, onions, peppers and mushrooms.
Is it just me or does some cooked food taste even better after 24 hrs in the refrigerator?
The sauce certainly did anyway. Stir frying (cabbage was steamed first) with olive oil, butter and a little soy sauce:

Plated up ready for tipping down the hatch (I actually added more of the sauce later because I was ravenous):

Plenty left over for tomorrow, so will be an easy cooking day. Handy, this batch cooking :smiley:


I gave the pup a few of my meatballs, so I could leave some space for a few berries and creme fraiche. (Not much difference in taste compared to sour cream tbh.)

(Robin) #213

Everything tastes better in 24 hours, except coffee. But even that is still good.
BTW… I am a coffee hound. Drink 2 cups each morning, full caffeine as I hear it has some benefits in moderation.

Then throughout the day I drink decaf. I’ve grown to like it equally.


And, final round of the meatballs and stir fry with sauce.

Yes, definitely agree with you, the seasoned cooked food & sauces definitely improve in flavour after spending an overnight marinading in the refrigerator (sealed containers of course).
Plenty on the plate, but I’m doing OMAD (2MAD if you include cream & berries), and ‘Ms Queen of Hunger Begging Games’ will no doubt sting me for half the meatballs. :man_shrugging:

Got these half price earlier on…20 rashers of bacon. They are ‘in date’ until the 7th, but I might do that Pesto roast veg tonight, combined with these rashers, and then leave to marinade overnight, so I won’t have to cook tomorrow. Back to work tomorrow after the long bank holiday weekend, so saving time not having to cook will be a benefit.


You mean coffee is always awesome? :smiley:
(As long as it has cream in it. I had some great yolk+butter coffees but cream is the best…)

I don’t bring my food here today as I had an off day - and I rarely make photos anyway. Tomorrow it’s back to carni! (Except probably a few fruits here and there, cherry (red, yellow, mini black and mini yellow)/sour cherry/strawberry/mini strawberry (all non-frosty months, very tiny and super flavorful)/mulberry season started, many others come very soon. I don’t need fruits but no way I skip these. Not even the mulberry and it’s not a tasty fruit, no one is interested in it even when they own a tree (but some are okay and it’s fun to paint my fingers purple. I am a kid, I am aware). Now we do, it’s new and just happened upon us (but it’s white). Oh well, why not? Btw we got 2 walnut trees as well - after we bought a property with ZERO. Everyone has walnut trees and we didn’t. And we have ONE own walnut on one of our trees, how amazing is that? :D)

Oh I do have a photo, a few days old when we had very little fruit, my SO ate them all as I didn’t want them. Blurry pic, sorry. Sour cherry, half-ripe cherry, strawberry and mini strawberry. All are tiny, it’s a very very small tray/container. The sour cherry is small sour cherry sized. That’s why I can eat <1g strawberry, they are so so tiny! But flavorful, way more than normal ones.


I love my fruits, my pride and joy. Last year was bad, this isn’t so great either but it depends. Still zero apricots (it blooms very early and frost usually comes) and even less sour cherries than usually and it’s usually very little. Oh well. We will have a ton of blackberries (very resilient and thorny stuff, not one of my favs), pears (great but too sweet) and grapes (ditto).
But we will have tons of cherries as usual (but rain comes and makes them rot. we will pick them half-ripe. at least they won’t be super sweet. they are pretty great half-ripe).

All fruit is keto in the right amount if you ask me so I don’t blur, only in the future if you have a problem with them.


Cherries can be pretty sweet…but no problem if you are only having a small amount.


Going to batch up some pesto roast veg combined with smoked bacon, for tomoorow and onwards. Veg ingredients:

Prepare the veg (shredded cabbage, red/yellow/green bell pepper, onion, button mushrooms, broccoli and celery). I split between two roasting dishes (and selected a chilli based pesto for each batch).
Add the bacon (I used 10 slices for each roasting dish, cut up into bite size pieces).
Add a jar of the pesto to each roasting dish, and with clean hands get dug in to mix all the ingredients together. Try to have an even spread of the bacon pieces.
I covered with foil and put in fan oven at 180 degrees C for 50 minutes.
I never drizzled with olice oil this time- forgot, but probably not necessary with the pesto covering. We’ll see how it goes- might need to remove foli and mix up at 50 minutes, then put in for a short while again…dunno yet.


That’s quite a lot, so I’ll probably give one of the batches to my mother.

I would normally eat this as a side to a cut of meat or fish- but with the bacon it could probably be eaten as complete meal in itself…with a little butter or something.


OK, that’s 50 minutes up, just checked them. The Mark 1 taste test tells me thay are absolutely delicious, veg cooked perfectly, scrumy spicy flavour form the pesto and underlying smoked bacon taste as well. I’m pleased. The fiery chilli one is pretty spicy hot.
Glad I never added olive oil as the fat from the bacon was more than enough.
In fact, I’m removing the foil, stirring up the mixtures, and I’m going to roast them for a further 15 minutes to see if it crisps up the veg/bacon a bit.



Yip, the extra crisp time was required. Finished articles:
The veg has reduced quite a bit…so maybe mother won’t be getting a donation after all lol (only joking).
Tastes delicious- this would do well by itself, maybe with some cheddar cheese grated over it and melted under the grill/broiler.